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Mixology in project management

Date post:18-Jan-2015
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Humour with reason behind failure of projects. A learning for all.
  • 1. Mixology in Project ManagementMithu Deb05-April-2013

2. A Must lesson for everyone 3. Humour in Project Management 4. A Day in the life of Project ManagerEver find yourself in the battle you just cantwin? I face it everyday, hope I am not thebad PM Project Manger Face this reality everyday take a look at these alarming points forfailure and most probably you should beable to avoid it. 5. Project Failure Happens Often49% say they experience at least oneproject failure in a given year 33% of the time, project failure is due to the lack of involvement of senior ManagementAnother 33% of the time, project failure isdue to requirement changes 6. Projects are Prone to Failure in different ways58% of projects fail to deliver the benefits as set out in thebusiness case or approved proposal31% of projects fail to deliver on time31% of projects fail to deliver within budget Only 54% of required features and functions make it to release 7. The Ultimate value of Delivered Projects is oftenquestionable45% of the delivered features are never used. 8. Almost No One has figured out how to achieve consistentsuccess.. Only 2% of organizations achieve target benefits all the time 9. Thank You [email protected]: KPMG Global IT Project Management Survey A replicated survey of IT Software Project Failures. Ottawa University/University of Maryland PIPC Global Project Management Survey Standish CHAOS Report

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