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Date post: 15-Jan-2016
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Nintendo commercial. By samuel. Demographics. Age: 14-18. Age:14-18. Gender: Male. Gender: Male. Ethnicity: Young white boys. Sexual preference: Young male boys teenagers. Location: In an empty room with just the console and TV. Lighting. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Nintendo commercial By samuel

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Nintendo commercialBy samuelDemographics

Age: 14-18Age:14-18Gender: MaleGender: MaleEthnicity: Young white boysLocation: In an empty room with just the console and TVSexual preference: Young male boys teenagersLighting

The lighting looks dull in the background when it switches to game the color's explodeYoung and rubicamNintendo ruled the gaming back in the 1990 days so Nintendo produced a new gaming console which all young kids would aspire to get

The target audience was generation y because young boys was ideal to to gaming

Young boys are into gaming than females because boys wouldnt care less about anything other than their gamingTarget audienceAdvert target audience are teenage boys Their NVC seems like they are fully concentrated into the gameThe only props u see are the TV and the controller to catch the audience attention to only the console and nothing else Also the bright light around the TV make it seem as if its a special and a fantasy or another world to enter and enjoy or experience

IconographyWhy did Nintendo advertising change?? Is it because of PS3 and Xbox 360??Yes the influence of ps1 made Nintendo change their advertising audience so their first console to target all audiences was GameCube. You see 2 boys teenager's for old commercials and families for present advertisement

Bibliographyhttp://www.adbrands.net/jp/nintendo_jp.htmattp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCG3dvmPpzo&fhttp://www.nintendos4u.co.uk/blog/nintendo-bundle/selected-nintendo-commercialshttp://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/75671-Nintendo-Hires-New-Ad-Agencyhttp://www.mcvuk.com/news/27056/Nintendos-advertising-agency-quitsQuantitive datahttp://www.straferight.com/photopost/data/500/wiisales.gif

Reliable sourcesfor my presentation and research I choose this website as my reliable source of information for sale figureshttp://www.straferight.com/photopost/data/500/wiisales.gifI also went to wikipedia for sale figures but I did not find it as reliable because we know that anyone could have put up the informationhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiiPurpose of my researchMy presentation is about the past adverts that Nintendo have done. I am analysing the past adverts(Generation yers) to the present advert (Generation xers).

I have used secondary research to research that Nintendo have used celebrity endorsement to do their advertising because they know its a family console, so they use a celebrity family playing the Wii together giving the impression of a happy family, other families would envy them and will try making their family the same by purchasing the Nintendo Wii.

I also used primary research by getting ideas and feedback from a focus group about how Nintendo use their advertising strategies and their target audience.LO2Secondary research on NintendoIn my presentation I used secondary research to find out the advertising production. Nintendo wii had the best selling figures over their rivals in 2008, I got this information from Google search. It was complex to find this information because different search engines gave me the amount shipped not the sold.

I will explain how the Nintendo consoles compares and compete with their rivals products which produced both qual and quant because there is differences in how the two companies marketed their products. The differences in how the 2 companies sold their product.

audience reception of the product was positive because they gave positive response to the new features which included the Wii motions and the new release of Wii fit selling 999,000. I got this information from google when I typed in *Nintendo sale figures* a lot of information came up with wikipedia link but there was one without it which was http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2009/01/king-of-the-hill-nintendo-dominates-final-2008-sales-charts.ars . This includes quant and quali data. The information provided is reliable because it shows graphs and charts to backup the information. Other sources used wikipedia and I know that anyone would have wrote their opinion on the sales.