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7 SIMPLE Ways to See More Results in 2015!

Keep Social Media Simple!

Housekeeping NotesBathroom breaks during workshop time Wireless Access code: speakerstinyurl.com/ebootcamp15 #NSAPHILLY eBoot Camp Coaches

If youre not generating results with social media, its just a hobby.

Fish Where the Fish Are

#1 Generate leadsGoogle Alerts Tweedeck Collect emails when speaking!

Will Your Website Survive the Hot Seat?!?!

5 Website PitfallsValue Prop Social Proof Color Pollution Mobile responsive Critical Keyword PhrasesCritical info not above the foldNo Opt-in box

#2a: Add a value proposition to your Site

ABCEFailure = When a prospect visits your Website and leaves without giving you their information.

#2: Make your site mobile responsive.

Create a tagline for your businessMost important phrase youll create on the webWho you are and what you do55 Characters including spaces

Take Action! Make that tagline the value proposition on your homepage. Change your title tag.Use it all over your social media sites.Fix other issues on your site.

#3: Numbers Matter

Nothing kills credibility faster than an untouched profile.

How to Build Your NumbersAttendees eMail Blast Promoted posts Website! eMail Signature Run contests

Take Action! Go take inventory of your company social media profiles Are you active? Are you gaining connections? Is your info updated? If not, I want you to get it fixed or delete the profile. We wont let our social media sites die on the vine.

#4: Be Proud of Your LinkedIn Profile

Add Video

Quality Recommendations

Will Your LinkedIn Profile Survive the Hot Seat?!?!

Take Action! Photos Social Proof Add video Quality recommendations Boost connections! Experience

LinkedIn Best Practices 5 Benefits to doing business with you 3 quality customers to ask for a recommendation from When will you get to 500+ connections?Whos going to update your profile daily? Connect your profile with the company

Stay Top of Mind with Clients and Prospects

What should you post?

#7: Syndicate to Keep Your Sanity

Take ActionWhat can you offer in return for a prospects contact info?Newsletter, white paper, discount, etc. What would be the topic or title? 7 Mistakes to Avoid when __________.

#6: Strengthen VIP Relationships on Facebook

Activity Please write down the names of three of your best clients Now write down each of their birthdays What distinctions do you know about these clients? Awards? Achievements, etc What are their hobbies? Favorite sports teams?What or who are they passionate about? Do you connect with them on a weekly basis? Multiple times a week?

Meet Mary Stevenson Her Birthday is May 11th She just celebrated her 10th year of being smoke free Shes a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan The Bible is her favorite book She just became a Grandma for the 1st time Mary and I interact with each other on a weekly basis Shes also one of my largest clients who paid me well over 5-figures last year.

#5: Use the Get Introduced Feature

Exercise: One takeaway from today Yellow - One thing I learned... Green - Im going to focus on...Blue - Im going to offer value by...Red - Once I do _____, Im taking a well deserved day off.

Keep it simple!!!

Thank you! [email protected] 248-388-9788See you in Austin!!