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Oil And Gas Processing - John Zink Hamworthy ... Gas Processing + Glycol Dehydrators + Amine Gas...

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  • Superior Solutions Since 1991

    ETI, a division of John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

    (JZHC), combines custom engineering, leading

    technology and innovative thinking to deliver proven

    solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, gas transmission,

    utility and power industries. Clients turn to ETI for a

    broad range of services that span all phases of project

    development, including:

    + Conceptual Engineering

    + Process Design

    + Mechanical and Detail Design

    + Quality Assurance

    + Technical Field Services

    Design. Fabrication. Commissioning. ETI is a recognized leader in the design, fabrication and

    commissioning of oil and gas processing equipment.

    Known for reliability, our equipment is designed and manufactured

    in compliance with applicable industry standards including ASME,

    API, ANSI and NEC. We also maintain a thorough quality assurance

    program, including quality manuals and project-specific procedures

    to ensure our high standards of product safety and reliability. As

    part of JZHC, ETI engineers have access to incredible in-house

    resources. We use proprietary CFD analysis techniques to predict

    and improve performance and emissions, allowing us to optimize

    the equipment within your specific application before it is ever

    manufactured. In addition, our Research and Development Test

    Center is the largest and most advanced testing complex of its

    kind. This not only allows us to push innovation for future solutions,

    it enables us to test customer equipment in an industrial setting

    under specific, real-world conditions.

    ETI solutions have been installed worldwide, and are available to

    ship from our Tulsa manufacturing facilities via truck, rail or by ship

    using the nation’s most inland waterway, the Tulsa Port of Catoosa.

    Oil And Gas Processing

    Engineered With Experience

    • Gas Processing

    • Liquids Separation and Dehydration

    • Heat Transfer: Oil Fired, Gas Fired, Electric Heaters

    ETI multiple deck glycol regeneration assembly (above) with 5.0 mm BTU/

    HR forced draft glycol reboiler complete with flash tank, glycol pumps (85 gpm),

    charcoal filter and sock filters.

  • JZHC has locations all over the map, with thousands of employees worldwide.

    G L O B A L R E A C H

    ETI-18-73767©2018 John Zink Company LLC. For information on patents and trademarks, see johnzinkhamworthy.com/legal-notices

    Global Headquarters

    To locate an office in your region,

    visit johnzinkhamworthy.com/contacts/office-locator

    Tulsa, Oklahoma | United States


    +1 918 234 1800

    ETI Products and Services Gas Processing

    + Glycol Dehydrators

    + Amine Gas Sweetening Units

    + Mechanical Refrigeration Units

    + Fuel Gas Conditioning Units (Simple Cycle/

    Combined Cycle)

    + Solid Desiccant Dehydration(Mol Sieve,

    Silica Gel, Activated Alumina,

    + Calcium Chloride)

    + Gas Scrubbers

    + Filter Separators/Coalescers

    + Carbon Bed Filters

    + Desanders

    Liquids Separation and Dehydration

    + Oil and Gas Separators

    + Defoaming Separators

    + Metering Separators

    + Free Water Knockouts

    + Water Skimmers

    + Condensate Coalescers

    + Mechanical Treaters

    + Electrostatic Treaters

    + Crude Oil Desalters

    + Crude Oil Stabilizers

    Heat Transfer (Oil Fired, Gas Fired, Electric)

    + Water Bath Heaters

    + Steam Bath Heaters

    + Salt Bath Heaters

    + Helical Coil Heaters

    + Convective Heaters

    + Thermal Oxidizers

    + Thermal Fluid Heaters

    Desiccant NGL conditioning unit provided by ETI, rated at 10,600 barrels/day utilizing molecular

    sieve to remove water to less than 4 ppmw and decrease oxygenates to less than 1 ppmw.

    This system illustrates ETI’s modular design concept allowing the end user to minimize field

    constructed piping, thus reducing total construction time and overall construction costs.

    Multiple ETI waterbath heaters located at a major natural gas storage facility in California.

    These units heat natural gas as it is withdrawn from storage and prior to pressure regulation

    into an adjacent pipeline. These heaters are equipped with clean burn technology and in situ

    stack monitoring achieving less than 9 ppmv(d) NOx.

    Put ETI expertise to work for you.

    918.492.0508 or sales@ETIengineering.com

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