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Online Presence

Date post:19-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Online Presence Milan Stankovic http://milstan.net


  • the point of frequent messages is not information sharing; it is emotional connecting. They are ways of saying to one another, I am here, you are there
  • Emotional Design, Don Norman 2004


  • The real power of IM isnt the message (though that is a key attribute) but its the presence detection.
  • Emotional Design, Don Norman 2004

4. On the Social Web 5. The Feel of Presence

  • Status Message
  • Online Status ( Busy ,Available ,Away , )
  • Current Music, Activities
  • etc.

6. A Space of Felt Presence 7. 8. AConnectedSpace of Felt Presence 9. The Need for Semantics

  • i nteroperability
  • i ntegration
  • i nteraction

i 3 10. Interoperability g T a l k Facebook 11. Integration status messages online statuses location activities (context) an overall image of presence 12. Interaction

  • Adapting interaction to the state of presence

E-mail Call Chat notifications blocked 13. Online Presence Ontology 14. Online Presence Ontology 15. Online Presence Ontology 16. Online Presence Ontology 17.

  • Current Work

18. Faceted Presence cant wait to drink beer tonight working on a report business contacts personal friends 19. Presence Diamond 20. Sharing Space Sharing Space

  • different content
  • different availability
  • different access rights

21. Ways to define aSharing Space

  • relationship of the user with the group of people (sharing space : family members, high school friends, etc.)
  • belonging to the same organization
  • working on the same project
  • belonging to the same mailing list
  • user defined group of contacts
  • etc.

22. Context of Presence 23. 24. Rules

  • When working on a project
  • => Available for all contacts from the same project

myOnlinePresence workingOnProject OPO SharingSpace: OPOTeam OPO project 25. More Information

  • www.milanstankovic.org/opo/
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