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What comes to mind when you think of LCIF?

Before I begin, let me ask you what comes to mind when you think of LCIF?(see if people respond)Some people would say disaster reliefOthers might say saving sightWhile others would say supporting youth, or the Lions Quest programAnd, of course, measles vaccinations and meeting humanitarian needs

LCIF has programs to help Lions address very different needs.

Today well review these programs and grants to help you become more familiar with LCIF, what it does for you, and why we should support our foundation. But, first, lets share a bit of information about the foundation.

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Founded in 1968 - official foundation of Lions Clubs International, giving support to clubsProvides grant funding for large-scale projectsRelies on donationsMore than US$870 million in grants awarded to dateAt a glance, LCIF seems simple providing support for the efforts of clubs worldwide in serving their local and global community through grants. And, while it is true that the concept is simple, the results are life-changing for so many individuals throughout the world.

The Foundation provides grant funding for large-scale projects that clubs cant do on their own.

As a nonprofit, LCIF relies solely on donations from Lions and others who share our mission, which is why it is important for not only our clubs to support the Foundation but for us as individual Lions, too.

Since being founded in 1968, LCIF has given out more than US$870 million in grants! It is always impressive to hear that number, but it is even more impressive and touching when you think about the millions of lives that Lions changed through those grants.

Our Foundation changes lives around the world. It does this through four areas of service

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Four Areas of ServiceWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. Save SightProvide Disaster ReliefSupport YouthMeet Humanitarian Needs

LCIF completes many types of service but we like to summarize these into four areas of service:

SightDisaster ReliefYouthHumanitarian Needs

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Saving SightWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. Recognized leader in sight initiatives Recent sight projects include:Equip Lions sight centerExpansion of services for blind and low vision personsRiver blindness elimination programEstablish diabetic retinopathy treatment servicesCataract surgery program

Our foundation is a leader in supporting projects that prevent avoidable blindness and restore sight for people around the world. Additionally, LCIF supports initiatives that change the lives of those who are blind or visually impaired.

LCIFs sight programs range from vision screenings to providing sight-restoring surgeries and treatments to expanding low vision services for underserved populations.


Providing Disaster ReliefWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. LCIFs first grant awarded was for flood reliefGrants provide short and long term reliefOngoing disaster relief efforts: Philippines Japan Haiti New York New Jersey Joplin, USA

Lions are members of the community. Following a natural disaster, Lions are able to quickly respond to the most immediate needs. Funding from LCIF enables Lions to meet urgent needs, such as food, medicine and clothing. The Foundation also supports long-term efforts to rebuild communities through housing and social service facilities.


Support YouthWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. Building or equipping youth centers such as schools, orphanages or day care centersSupporting vocational training for youthProviding life skills through the Lions Quest program

All over the world, Lions are bettering the future for children through improved education and health. LCIF supports Lions projects like building or equipping youth centers and expanding the Lions Quest program.

Lions Quest teaches young people important skills so they can work together, develop positive behaviors and make good choices. For more than 25 years, Lions Quest has brought positive change to the lives of children, their families and entire communities.

In every constitutional area, on every continent where Lions are active, Lions Quest has been implemented.


Humanitarian NeedsWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.

Empowering those with disabilitiesSpecial Olympics Opening Eyes Partnership Affordable Hearing Aid ProgramPlaygrounds for handicapped childrenMicroenterpriseAddressing global health issuesMeasles vaccinationsDiabetes prevention

Humanitarian service is at the heart of LCIF and Lions service. Working together, Lions identify the most crucial needs, and LCIF supports them in projects that transform peoples lives around the world. We empower people with disabilities and are exploring the ways that we can make a difference through microenterprise. We also address global health issues such as measles, and diabetes prevention and education.

In 2010, Lions and LCIF recognized the importance of the fight against measles. Since becoming involved, Lions and our partners have helped to vaccinate more than 200 million children but the fight is not over.

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One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative330 children still die every day from measlesLions provide physical support through social mobilization and advocacy Partnership with the GAVI Alliance will raise US$30 million for measles vaccinations by 2017

Measles is one of the most contagious yet easily prevented diseases in the world. It is still very much a deadly threat to people in areas that lack access to vaccinations. In fact, measles is a leading cause of vaccine preventable deaths among children. 330 children still die every day from measles. And, for many children, even if they survive the disease, there can still be severe complications, including blindness.

Yet vaccines are inexpensive! For less than US$1, a child can be immunized against measles for life, making the vaccine potentially the most cost-effective health intervention available.

That is why we most recently partnered with the GAVI Alliance. Through our partnership, Lions will continue to provide financial support to deliver needed vaccinations, social mobilization and advocacy efforts in the fight against measles. By committing to raising US$30 million for measles by our centennial, we are helping families around the world to remain healthy and protected from this disease. Together, we are making measles history!

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How Does LCIF Help Lions? Helps Lions respond collectively to humanitarian concerns around the worldEnables Lions to help LionsFunds projects too big for districts/clubsDevelops grant-making initiatives to help Lions better serve communities

How does LCIF help us as Lions?

We respond collectively. We encourage Lions in one region to show their global friendship and help out Lions in another region during a time of calamity. We make possible what may be beyond the capacity of a single club or district. And, more and more often, we are giving service opportunities to Lions.


Types of GrantsWe Care. We Serve. We Accomplish. As you can see, the foundations grants are grouped into six categories. Standard Grants are the most common type of grant, awarded for large-scale Lions humanitarian projects. Grants must be for projects that serve a large number of people and are beyond the scope of a district or club to carry out alone.

Core 4 fund large-scale projects in specific areas related to Lions four core service commitments: preserving sight, combatting disability, promoting health, and serving youth.

International Assistance grants foster partnerships between Lions clubs in developed countries and those in less-developed regions. Grants can be used for projects such as medical missions, health care and clean water.

Emergency grants assist Lions in helping their community following a natural disaster. Funds must be used for immediate needs like food, water and clothing.

Major Catastrophe grants are awarded by the LCI President and the Chairperson of LCIF for major disasters. Lions do not apply for these grants.

SightFirst grants are awarded to fight preventable and reversible blindness. Grants can be used to build hospitals and clinics, train doctors, distribute medicine and raise awareness of eye-disease.

How many of you have been involved with a LCIF grant? (Lions raise hands)

Well, then some of you know already the great things we accomplish through the Foundation. Millions of people are served each year through a LCIF funded project. By supporting our Foundation our impact as Lions reaches beyond our own communities to our fellow Lions communities throughout the world. Your donation may help purchase vision screening equipment for your local eye screening project or it may support the expansion of a school in a community halfway around the world.

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Our Impact13

Our Impact

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Why Should Lions Support LCIF?LCIF is our FoundationSupports Lions humanitarian projects locally and throughout the worldHelp Lions carryout large-scale projects or initiativesPlay a unique role

As you can see from the video we just viewed, Lions and LCIF have had a significant impact around the world.

LCIF is our Foundation and supports our humanitarian projects in our communities and throughout the world

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