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  • September 13,


    Volume 1, Issue 35

    Parker’s Capers and Papers

    Dates to


    18th September

    Chesterfield Farm


    19th September

    Classroom Helpers

    21st September

    Footy Day/Hot Food

    Day. Orders due by

    19th Sept.

    Last Day of Term

    2.30pm dismissal

    October 8th

    First day of term 4

    Inside this issue:


    Hooptime Basketball 1

    Students of the

    Week 2

    Reading Awards 3



    Breakfast Club 5

    Be Sunsmart

    It’s time to hunt out your Sunsmart approved hat.

    We are a Sunsmart school and all members of our school community are required to wear a

    bucket or broad brimmed hat whenever participating in outdoor activities from the

    beginning of September until the end of May.

    To protect our students from sunburn, our school rule is, “No hat, No play!” Students are

    also encouraged to apply sunscreen and to wear sunglasses when outside.

    Thank you for your support in this matter.

    The Music Bus

    On Thursday 11 October The Music Bus will be visiting our school and children in all classes

    will have the opportunity to visit the bus. After the visit to the bus, the children will bring

    home information about lessons that are available.

    On a user pay system, The Music Bus offers modern and rock-style courses in Keyboard,

    Drums, Guitar, Singing, Ukulele and Rock Band, using well-known songs to engage students

    at all ability levels.

    Parents are invited to view The Music Bus before and after school and to chat with the

    teachers from The Music Bus.

    Bulla Hooptime Basketball Competition

    On Monday 3rd September, Cranbourne Park Primary School fielded 2 mixed

    teams in the Bulla Hooptime Basketball Competition. One of the teams

    finished on top of their division and made it through to the semi-finals.

    Unfortunately they come up against a more skilled Trinity Primary School. Both

    teams played a total of 5 games and 6 games respectively. The teamwork and

    intensity were a highlight from the day. The teams were an absolute pleasure

    to take and were great ambassadors for our school.

    I would like to congratulate every one of the representatives that participated

    for their passion and determination on the day.

    Well done Parkers!

    Mr Pearce

    Respect: For ourselves, our learning, our school and each other.

    ABSENCE HOTLINE: 5996 3018


  • Page 2 Parker’s Capers and Papers

    Students of the week 3rd September 2018

    Students of the week 10th September, 2018

    Jackson For writing all of his letters correctly on the solid line.

    Theo For adding a capital letter when editing his writing.

    Mia For using consistent spacing between her words when writing a sentence.

    Allison For re-reading her work to add full stops.

    Monique For settling well into her new classroom.

    Adam For independently planning an information report.

    Ranjraet For using fact families to solve subtraction problems.

    Summer For identifying the features of non-fiction texts.

    Kamil For identifying fact families for subtraction.

    Dakodah For representing the number ten in multiple ways.

    Michael For consistently putting his best effort into all work tasks.

    Mia For always being respectful to others!

    Lilyanah For writing and editing a great introduction to a report.

    Rhiannon & Karla For being helpful and supportive classmates.

    Mason For great work on his earthquake information report.

    Alexis For working hard to improve her report writing.

    Mason For helping his classmates with ICT.

    Kasie For confidently turning and talking about her picture during our integrated stud-

    ies unit.

    Piper For drawing a picture about feeling happy during our integrated studies unit.

    Denzel For actively participating in our integrated studies unit about “caring and shar-


    Naomi For expressing her emotions by labelling and drawing a picture in integrated


    Chelsea For settling well into her new classroom.

    Jamieson For calculating the total value of a small collection of coins.

    Eden For reading with expression.

    Lochlen For making better word choices in his information report.

    Lee For using illustrations to better understand the text.

    Inderbir For being a helpful and considerate class member.

    Charlotte For confidentially solving maths worded problems.

    Chloe For being able to write dot points when recording ideas.

    Connor For revising and editing his writing carefully.

    Mason For working on and greatly improving his reading.

    Alvina For always putting her best foot forward.

    Kaylee For peer teaching F04 during buddy reading.

    Ella For her beautiful art work.

    Jayden For always being a kind and helpful member of our class.

    Tamanna For always doing her best, both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Christopher For being a supportive team member at Taskworks.

  • Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 35

    Reading Awards Term 3, week 8

    Learning is so much fun!

    F01 F06 J02 J13

    25 NIGHTS Jacob 100 NIGHTS Alice , Ava

    100 NIGHTS Liam Finn Jackson Benjamin

    125 NIGHTS Hannah 150 NIGHTS Natahlia

    25 NIGHTS Sovathana 175 NIGHTS Violet, Harjas

    J18 M15 M16

    50 NIGHTS Steele Jini 125 NIGHTS Prish, Ellie,

    Abhinav, Kamil 150 & 175

    NIGHTS Emily

    25 NIGHTS Grace 50 NIGHTS Charlie, Ebad 125 NIGHTS Jenny

    50 NIGHTS Brody

  • F01 F03 J02 J12

    75 NIGHTS Maison 100 NIGHTS Drexel, Kaleb, Anuj,


    50 NIGHTS Asra, Lorcan

    200 NIGHTS Brody

    50 NIGHTS Agnes 100 NIGHTS Wajiha 125 NIGHTS Kalia, Justin,

    Siddharth, Lachie

    J18 M11 M14 M15

    100 NIGHTS Lee 125 NIGHTS Riley, Prish 150 NIGHTS Tania 200 NIGHTS Kevin

    25 NIGHTS Joshua

    100 NIGHTS Bomi

    75 NIGHTS Charlie 150 NIGHTS Jenny


    50 NIGHTS Jazmine 100 NIGHTS Christopher, Talia 125 NIGHTS Dua

    Reading Awards Term 3, week 9

  • Casey South Divisional Athletics

    Next Wednesday 19th September, Cranbourne Park PS have got 4 students who are

    participating in the Casey South Divisional Athletics carnival to be held at Casey Fields

    Athletics track. Jenny (200 m), Robert (100 m and Triple Jump), Jayden (Discus) and

    Maca (Shot Put) all qualified from the Cranbourne North District Carnival that was held

    in early term 2. We want to congratulate these students for this achievement and wish

    them the best of luck for next Wednesday.

    Cranbourne Park Primary School Breakfast Club (Klub Makan)

    Since joining the School Breakfast Clubs program, Cranbourne Park Primary School has received the following

    free, healthy, nutritious breakfast foods:

     Vita Brits = 362 kilograms

     Wholegrain Cheerios = 94 kilograms

     Milk = 3590 kilograms

     Oats = 215 kilograms

     Muesli = 50 kilograms

     Baked beans = 252 kilograms

     Canned fruit = 809 kilograms

     Fruit cups = 532 kilograms

     Apples = 900 kilograms

    That's an estimated 24496 healthy breakfasts for students!

    2018 Parent Opinion Survey

    Many thanks to the parents who participated in this year’s Parent Opinion Survey. We really appreciate this

    feedback and use it to help us guide the decision making in the school. Let’s hope that next year our response

    rate is even better!

  • Tucker Street, CRANBOURNE VIC 3977 Postal: PO Box 659, CRANBOURNE VIC 3977 Telephone: 03 5996 1142 Fax: 03 5996 9210

    We’re on the Web. Check us

    out at:


    Our new signage on the door to the General Office looks fabulous!


    Every day


    On Time

    Well done!

    Great conversation starters!

    Here are some interesting things to ask your children about their

    school day.


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