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Planning your ESR Demerge Andy Hamilton ESR Demerge Project Manager.

Date post:27-Dec-2015
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  • Planning your ESR DemergeAndy HamiltonESR Demerge Project Manager

  • AgendaBackgroundProject Planning How we did itKey Areas: Pre MergeWhat we found during the Demerge and things you need to start thinking about.Where are we now?What non-ESR stuff do I need to think about?Seriously.did it actually work?Questions

  • BackgroundTarget: NHS Foundation Trust approx 2700 staffSource: Provider Arm of PCT approx 800 staff (1000 assignments)Target: 3rd Party Payroll Provider (NHS Trust)Source: 3rd Party Payroll Provider (non-NHS Trust)Target: In House HR and RecruitmentSource: 3rd Party Outsourced HR and Recruitment (NHS Trust)Formal TUPE 1st AprilLate Entrants to Demerge: Oct 2010 (RA1)Only had 3 months to Project Manage Demerge.Demerge Event: 6th February 2011Requirement to operate Independently for 2 months (2 payrolls etc)Decision to move Payroll provision for DemergeAgreement to transition HR services 3 months post Merge.

  • Project Planning How we did itESR Demerge is Project of Projects....so technically a Programme!Project is more than just the Technical demergeExpectation is to manage overall deliverables and requirements for McKesson (RAs, DR)However, in order to achieve the above, input required from multiple areas so.....Broke it down into individual tranches or tributariesDedicated Lead within Source & Target for each areaDefined Tasks within each area(Task Lists)Split into Pre and Post Demerge ActivityWeekly Meetings for Demerge ProjectReported into TCS Project StructureESR Demerge Project Plan

  • Project Planning Who did itProject ManagerResponsible for Overall Project and achievement of DeadlinesKey contact with McKesson for all Demerge ActivityDedicated (2-3 days a week)Neutral & Unbiased Not afraid to chase, upset and demandDevolved Authority to sign off DemergeProject LeadResponsible for Tasks within AreaReported into Project Manager for all Demerge ActivityAble to make and take decisionsAttended all meeting or sent delegated representativeExecutive SponsorEnsured Project was unhinderedAttended all meetingsActed as point of Escalation for Risks/Issues

  • Key Areas: Pre MergeRecruitmentVacancy ManagementHR (Workstructures & Transactional)Demerging Node / StructureProcesses re sickness, timesheets, travel, responsibilitiesDual AssignmentsL&DCompetenciesCatalogueReportingPayrollReconciliationCommunications (Cut Off Dates, New Processes)Collating InputFinanceGL (Hub, Interface, Mappings, Entity Codes)

  • What we found...General DemergePeople Move....Everything else is Copied....and I mean everything!PayrollsOrganisationsPositionsLocations etcStart Running Archiving Reports NOWAbsenceTurnoverDashboard Metrics (Starters, Leavers, Stability)Previously Merged Records had missing informationConfirmation of Cut Off Dates (Dress Rehearsal & Demerge)User Accounts Copied, but retain old VPD prefixIT Engagement: IP Addresses, Multiple Sites, IT Support

  • What we found...HRStructure didnt come across as expected? Need to ensure you tell McKesson the right top and bottomPositions Numbers Change (as they are copied NOT moved)Local Contract Types (Salary Information doesnt work)L&DLimited Information Transferred (not full catalogue and not linked)Excel workarounds need to be put in place to link merged information with that of Target VPD (NHSLA Reporting needed to be revised)Competencies transferred but become 999|LOCAL|Health & Safety 1yr (May not be accurate)NLMS: User Accounts, Replication, Enrolments, Play Button

  • What we found...Payroll & PensionsDual Assignments / Aggregated Tax & NIPayment Methods: BACS (Defaulted)BACS User ID Numbers (BACS Failed)Reconciliation (Previous Payrolls)Mark Inactive All Legacy PayrollsQuality of Data (difference in Payroll processes)Pensions (Pensions Choice)FinanceNo ability to test in Dress RehearsalEntity Code didnt work in two VPDsCostings & GL Failed New Entity Code, GL Hub & Interface needed to be setup

  • Where are we nowPayroll now provided by Single ProviderMonth 11 payroll was processed successfully and has less than 10 queries from 800 staff (most of which were general queries)Payroll Reconciliation completed for Month 11 with separate PayrollsHR transactional work being shared by 2 providers until JuneConfidentiality agreement in place until TUPE and HR provision is brought back in house.GL interface completed and balanced for separate Payrolls within separate VPDs. (2 interface files)L&D working through Reporting requirements and updating competencies for new staffMonth 12 payroll Run and about to be BACsdPhase 2 of Demerge due to start post April 6th (Change of Payroll)

  • What non-Demerge stuff do I need to consider?Does the TCS Project understand the complexity and impact of the ESR demerge/move? Is there representation at the TCS meetings? (need to give regular updates on progress)Frequency of meetings / If something needs to be esculatedOrganisations - Losing / Gaining Staff? Sense of IdentityCommunications Bear in mind other communications around above TCS moves( need link into TCS Comms plan)Is the merge pre legal TUPE?Multiple Providers (Payroll / HR) Need to review SLAs, Contracts (Extraordinary Measures)Confidentiality Agreements (Single VPD)NLMS & Self Service (Smartcards)Establishment Control

  • Seriously...did it work?YES No barrier was unsurpassableNo problem was insurmountableWorkarounds were put in place were necessaryMcKesson will do all they can to help and the Demerge team are great.The Demerge guide will give you the basics, but has become outdated and is in need of a overhaul (recent meeting with FG)

  • Questions?

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