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Puppet Camp Duesseldorf 2014: Luke Kanies - Puppet Keynote

Date post:10-Jun-2015
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n this presentation, we start by briefly talking about why configuration management and automation tools are becoming increasingly important along with our general approach and the community that supports it. We will also provide a comprehensive overview of the technologies used with Puppet, so expect to learn more about Puppet Enterprise, Puppet, PuppetDB, MCollective, Forge and more. Other programs that help people learn about Puppet, like training and certification programs are also included.
  • 1. Luke Kanies@puppetmasterdIRC: lakluke@puppetlabs.com

2. Polls 3. Theres a lot going on 4. Being a sysadmin is hardenough 5. More critical than ever 6. Must be faster, morefocused 7. All kinds of cloud 8. Immutable Infrastructure 9. Shadow IT 10. Define desired stateApply it 11. Simple code 12. Thousands of modules 13. Node cycle 14. Assign roles 15. Facter for inventory info 16. r10k for deployment 17. Razor for provisioning 18. mcollective for execution 19. PuppetDB for central data 20. Hiera for code/data separation 21. Next Gen Puppet ServerNext generation architecture to enable greaterscalability, more resiliency, greater insight and simplerintegration 22. ConfigurationManagementNodeManagementOperationalManagementApplicationManagement 23. Puppet Node ManagerRule-based classifier for managing a large volume offrequently-changing systems 24. Puppet Server ReportingA profiler & metrics service tracks key metricsassociated with Puppet Server health & performancePuppet Server Reporting using Grafana 25. InsightUnderstand the impact of a change in yourenvironment 26. So What? 27. The Impact of High PerformingDeploy code 30x more frequentlyWith 50% fewer failuresContribute to 50 % higher marketcap growth over three yearsSource: 2014 State of Devops Report 28. Fastest Growing Tech Skills 29. The Impact of High Performing 30. Next Steps 31. puppetlabs.com/communityPlug inLearn from othersAsk/Answer questionsask.puppetlabs.commailing listsIRCHelp with bug triageContribute codeContribute modules 32. In-Person Training &60% of IT managersC aree nrott siafitiscfiead tionwith the speed at which IT respondsto business needsLearn the right way to manage aninfrastructure.Practitioner3-day, advanced-level courseLearn why you should manage yourPuppet infrastructure the right way.Learn how to design your owninfrastructure and define your ownright way to implement Puppet.Fundamentals3-day courseArchitect2-day, advanced-level coursePublic and private training options available. 33. Online Learning & Docsdocs.puppetlabs.com puppetlabs.com/learn 34. Make Puppet Better 35. Were just getting started 36. Questions? 37. Thank You!!http://puppetlabs.comhttp://puppetlabs.com/communityhttp://puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-enterprise/

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