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Rausch Creek Off Roading Park By: Kyle Chester Rausch Creek Website

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Rausch Creek Off Roading ParkBy: Kyle Chester

Rausch Creek WebsiteClimateRausch Creek Park is in Tremont, Pennsylvania so it has cold winters and hot summers.It can rain a lot so many of the trails are very muddy and slickIn the winter they can get large amounts of snow and ice so that also makes for fun and challenging off roading.I will Be going in the spring so the average temperature is about 60-65 degreesHow to get To Rausch CreekRausch Creek is 217 miles away and will take about 3 and a half hours to drive to.I plan on driving to the park so that I can take my truck into the trails.My total fuel cost for the trip is $57.87 Hotels near Rausch CreekThere are a few Hotels near the park but I plan to stay in the parks campground. They offer camping for all people who are using the park

Mud HolesI will visit many of the mud holes in the park. They are very challenging to get through depending on how deep they are. I will attempt all of them because I like the challenge.Food and Dining at Rausch CreekMancinoAddressType of FoodPhoto ImageRachels Country Reasturant150 main Street, Tremont PABurgers, American FoodMancino Pizza & Resturant18 East Main StreetItalian, PizzaBehm's Family Restaurant 37 Branch streetdinerBuddy's Log Cabin97 Tremont Road, Pine Grove, PA American, Burgers and other diner food

What to pack for Rausch CreekYou will need a 4x4 truck or JeepPlenty of extra ClothesTools to make any repairs wile you are thereA tent and other camping gear if you plan on Camping in the parkPictures of Rausch Creek

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