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Reality Check Guide to Blogger Outreach - Social Fresh Charlotte September 2011

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Why blogger outreach is different (and the same) as consumer and media outreach... and how you can learn to spot trends and influence communities through bloggers.
  • 1. The Reality Check Guide To Blogger Outreach
    Heidi Sullivan @hksully
    Vice President, Global Media Research
  • 2. Why Bloggers?
  • 3. The Conversation Shift
    The Public
    The Media
    Traditional Media Model
    Social Media Model
  • 4. If the news is that important, it will find me.
    college student quoted in New York Times, March 2008
    Bloggers and voices on social sites vie for influence directly with traditional media.
    Facebook now drives more traffic to PerezHilton and the Huffington Post than Google does.
    WebProNews, May 2009
  • 5. Case Study
    Goal increase beta users by 100K
    Method Targeted Blogger Outreach
  • 6. Case Study
    I saw your post a couple weeks ago, Think Before You Voicemail, so I know how you feel about voicemail, and I agree with you on all points. I try to avoid leaving people voicemails, at work and in my personal life, and would much rather send and receive emails or texts. But, as you mentioned, sometimes you need to use voicemail to convey tone or emotion, or because youre on the road and need to relay more information than you can type while driving or otherwise multi-tasking
    - Pitchto
  • 7. Case Study
    I work for a PR agency and have a client that just launched a new service today. I thought of you because this service has the potential to make the celeb dating scene a lot more interesting, if thats even possible! It even has a cool name slydial!
    If LC could leave Heidi a voicemail without the possibility of Heidi picking up the phone, what do you think she would say? What about Mario Lopez? He got caught cheating on his long-time girlfriend.
    - Pitchto
  • 8. Case Study
    Resulted in 381 Blog Posts in 1 Month (including TechCrunch and Perez Hilton)
    ROI:By hitting online consumers from all angles, the program helped boost slydials 5,000 private alpha users to more than 200,000 beta users in less than two weeks.
  • 9. The Niche Nature of Blogging
  • 10. Ive got blogs whose target audience is 100 people the right 100 people.
    Chris Anderson
    Author of The Long Tail and Free
  • 11. Using social data for long-range predictive analytics
    Acceleration of conversations on blogs often precedes both the manifestation of a trend and its news coverage
    By identifying new opportunities for investors, bloggers helped bring green tech investing out of its 2009 slump
    Green technology investment, blog discussion and news coverage
    Sources: Cision Media Research, Treehugger.com & Cleantech Group
    Solar-powered coffee maker
  • 12. Why are blogs ahead of the curve?
    Many blogs are focused on niche topics which news outlets tend to cover more sporadically and reactively
    Blogs are where industry tastemakers lay out their thoughts and predictions, which get re-circulated on Twitter and Facebook
    Influential blogs are updated constantly
    Photo courtesy Alan Levine via Flickr
  • 13. The devil is in the details
    About one quarter of bloggers tracked in Cisions media database cover one of 26 first tier general topics. The rest cover more specific topics.
    Source: Cision Media Research
  • 14. The Who, Why & How
  • 15. Blogger Outreach The Four Rs:
    Tailor to how we cover beauty. Demonstrate that you get our approach.
    Lesa Hannah, Beauty Director for FASHION
  • 16. Research
    Look at writing style, voice and tone
    Research past coverage (bylines, reports, posts)
    Know what they DONT cover
    Be aware what theyre looking for
    Update your lists
  • 17. Relationships
    Compliments never hurt!
    Follow them on Twitter/social networks
    Comment on blog posts
    Connect IRL
    It takes time, nurtureand maintain them
  • 18. Relevance
    Better to send out fewer, personalized messages
    Never send a pitch without some introduction
    Make it clear, keep it brief
    Only send material you know theyll read
  • 19. Respect
    Know their preferred method of contact
    Dont leave long voicemails or follow up via phone
    If you havent heard back, dont panic
    Know when to step back and when to push
    When in doubt, include an opt-out
    Keep your word!
  • 20. Do Bloggers Really Influence Opinions?
  • 21. of any population
    will be active content creators
    will be participants
    will simply "consume"
    that content online
    Data from:
  • 22. Anyone Can Be an Influencer
    It used to be that in order to have a powerfulvoice in the Momosphere, you had to do what I did: writefour books, appear ondozens of national morning shows, speak at parenting groups and more
    Now thanks to social media, moms have been able to - from the basement in their house in Iowa, to the deck in their backyard in San Diego - build an audience not by going to traditional media or writing a book, but gather audience based on the power of their voice, the clarity of what their expressing and the resonance it has with their audience.
    Stacey [email protected]
  • 23. Do bloggers truly influence the masses?
    Duncan Watts: Trends are Unpredictable
    A rare bunch of cool people just dont have that power. And when you test the way marketers say the world works, it falls apart.
    GladwellsLaw of the Few
    The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.
  • 24. Who is right: Watts or Gladwell?
    Both. Trends still begin with a small few and are spread by those with connections.
    Bloggers can change over time and anyone can become an influencer.
    However, a general rule of thumb is that bloggers and influencers tend to talk to each other.
    Immersing yourself in that community will help you spot trends as they emerge.
  • 25. Remember the 10%
    Regardless of whether or not bloggers truly influence, only 1 out of 10 people is truly sharing and creating content online.
    Spreading the word makes them influential.
    Know your community.
    Read, read, read!
    Identify whats new.
  • 26. Connect with me!
    Heidi Sullivan
    Vice President, Global Media Research
    Email: [email protected]
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