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  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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     This job aid is design to help you complete and understand the hiring and recruitment process for Staff positions (Support personal, OPS (other personnel services), administrative, managerial professional, etc.).

    Creating a Position:

    1. Type “Create Position” in search bar at the top left hand

    2. Select Create Position.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    3. Click within the empty box, then click on “Supervisory Org.”, select the organization and click ok.

    4. Select Position Request Reason as Budgeted or Replacement and enter the Job Posting Title which is the title of the position. Then, enter the number of positions that you wish to create.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    5. Select the availability and hire date. Please note – This should be the date that you are initiating the creation of the position in the system. (Please ensure that both dates match) • The No Job Restrictions checkbox should be left unchecked. The Qualifications Tab should always be left


    6. Select the Job Family field. This can be done by selecting “Job Families by Group”, then choosing the appropriate job family.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    7. Select the Job Profile that corresponds with the appropriate job family and position. Click on Job Profile, click on In This Organization, and then select the appropriate job profile of the position that you are hiring for.

    8. Enter the Job Description Summary and the Job Description. Select the location in which the position will be located. Select time type as either Fulltime (FT) or Part-time (PT) and Select the Worker Type as Employee.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    9. Select the Worker Sub Type, then Click Worker Types and select either regular or temporary. • Fields: Critical job and Difficulty to fill should be left blank.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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     Please note in the comments section, if these positions are to be linked to an Evergreen Requisition or posted individually and for how many days this recruitment should remain open.

     Job Requisitions must be posted for the required minimum of seven (7) days. Please indicate how many days/weeks/months you would like this job requisition posted. Please attach the original position description.

     Please let us know what cost center the position will report to, what budget it will be paid from if different from the reporting cost center and what grant it will be paid from (if grant related).

     If there is going to be a search committee please email this information to [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    10. Once complete, Click Submit. You will get a message that the position has been successfully submitted and now pending with HR to approve.

    Click on the gray arrow under Up Next to see the overall status of the process. Scroll down and click Remaining Process. This is where you will see the approval process for creating your position and you will be able to see individuals responsible for approving this business process.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    ***The individual who initiates the create position action will be able to see the entire Business Processes (BP) from start to finish. The individuals that have actions to approve within the create position BP can only see the process of the action which they approve.

    Please note that the business process for create position is a bit lengthy so please do not assume that the position will be posted by the end of the business day.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    Once the position has been successfully approved in Workday, Human Resources will create the job requisition and post per the request of the department.

    Once the position has been posted you will receive an email from Human Resources stating that the position has been posted on the Staff Careers website and we will provide the requisition number at that time.

    This is the end of Creating a Position in Workday.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    Recruiting & Hiring:

    To find the job requisition, type the supplied job req number in the search bar at the top left hand corner and hit enter. If the requisition does not appear please ensure that you have selected all of Workday under the categories listed on the left hand side of page. If the requisition still does not appear you will need to send a Workday support ticket to [email protected] to gain access to view job requisitions.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    Once the title of the job requisition appears select the job requisition.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    This will bring you to the main page of the requisition. This gives an overview of what stage each candidate is currently located within the candidate pipeline and how they heard about the position.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    When you click on the Candidates tab, it gives you a list of all active candidates which includes their contact information, questions, experience, eligibility, CV/Resume and any supporting documentation.

    The Details tab gives information regarding the position itself, any hiring documentation (i.e. copy of the position description) of this recruitment and the business process history.

    You can view where the jobs are posted by clicking on the Job Postings tab. You can also obtain the url for this job requisition under this tab should you need to email a direct link to an external posting site, possible candidate, etc.

    Once candidates begin applying for the position the recruiters will review to ensure that each candidate meets the required qualifications and then moves the qualified candidates to the screening stage.

    At this point, the hiring manager will be able to view the applications by clicking on the Screen stage of the candidate pipeline. Please do not view the inactive candidates as these individuals do not meet the required qualifications and have been declined.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    A minimum of 3 candidates must be interviewed before a selection can be made. Please provide the list of interviewed candidates to HR so that we can advance them to the Interview stage. The hiring manager will then receive an action item in their Workday Inbox to schedule an interview and enter the names on the interview team. Click submit.

    Each member of the hiring team and the hiring manager will receive an action item in their inbox to rate each candidate that was interviewed as either recommended or not recommended. You are also able to add comments about the

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    candidate that you interviewed on this same screen. Once all interviews are completed in Workday, interview notes will need to be provided to HR to be attached to the job requisition.

    Once you have made a selection please let HR know so that we can move the candidate to the reference check stage in the candidate pipeline.

    Human Resources will not move the selected candidate to the next stage of the candidate pipeline until the interview documents have been provided.

    After you have completed your interviews are ready to conduct reference checks on your final candidate. Please email your Recruiter the name of the individual you wish to advance to the Reference Check stage.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    You will receive three reference check action items in your Inbox. Two are mandatory and an optional third reference check. Once you have completed these items click Submit for further processing.

    The next stages of recruitment are the Offer and the Background Check. Human Resources will send the offer letter to the candidate for their acceptance by signature. Once the signed offer letter has been returned by prospective employee, we will conduct the Level I or Level II background check on the individual.

    Please be sure to check your Workday Inbox throughout the remainder of this process for action items that require the hiring department’s immediate attention. The following are some action items that you will receive:

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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    - Assign Organizations o You will receive an action in your inbox that requires you to approve the organization that the new

    employee’s position is assigned to, is correct. This is where the position will be located. This is not where the position will be paid from.

    - Hire o You will receive an action item in your inbox to review the hire in its entirety and approve.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Staff

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