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  • 1. Research in Social Science

2. Research in Social Science Two types of research Empirical Laws Philosophy of Science (3 views) Research Wheel Stages in Research Ethics in research 3. Research in Social Science Two Types of Research 1.Quantitative Research 2.Qualitative Research 4. Research in Social Science

  • Qualities of Empirical (Scientific) Laws:
  • Universal
  • Based on Observation
  • CausalExplanations

5. Research in Social Science However there is a difference:Social Science cannot state causes with certainty, only with probability. 6. Logical Positivism Founded by the Vienna Circle 7. Logical Positivism Positivism: Positive (not speculative) knowledge is based on natural phenomena and their properties verified by empirical science Logical Positivism: a 20 thCentury philosophical movement that holds that meaningful statements about the natural world are trueonlyif verified by observation and experiment 8. Operationalism Founded byPercy Bridgeman 1882-1961 9. Pragmatism Founded byWilliam James 1842-1910 10. Research Wheel Deduction Induction Theory Experiment Data Hypothesis 11. Steps in Research

  • Choose a Topic
  • Define Important Terms
  • Research Background of Topic
  • Generate Hypotheses
  • Choose the Research Design
  • Analyze the Data
  • Report Results and Conclusion

12. Research Methods Descriptive Relational/Correlational Experimental 13. Research Methods Survey Observational Study Case Study Experiment Secondary data analysis 14. Research Methods Ethics in Research Institutional Review Board Major Ethical Rules 15. Ethical Rules Origins 16. Ethical Rules Voluntary Participation 17. Ethical Rules Informed Consent 18. Ethical Rules Anonymity 19. Ethical Rules No Harm 20. Ethical Rules Debriefing 21. Classic Study:Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment 22. Another Conformity Experiment 23. Classic Study 1962 Yale Univ Stanley Milgram Obedience to Authority Study Origination of idea Goal Ethical Problems 24. Stanley Milgram 1933-1984 25. Experiment Layout 26. Classic Study 1970 Southern Illinois Univ Laud Humphreys Tearoom Trade Origination of idea Goal Ethical Problems 27. Classic Study Laud Humphreys 1930-1988 28. Classic Study 1971 Stanford Univ Philip Zimbardo Prison Study Origination of idea Goal Ethical Problems 29. Classic Study Stanford Prison Experiment Philip Zimbardo b 1933 30. Classic Study Stanford Prison Experiment 31. Classic Studies Film 32. 1995 UCI Fertility Scandal

  • egg & embryo misuse
  • harvested eggs from women and transferred
  • embryos without consent
  • illegally billed insurance companies
  • cheated UCI out of money owed the university
  • at least 65 women were unknowingly involved
  • in illicit egg or embryo transfers
  • The doctors forged consent forms, stole human eggs from patients and gave them to other clinic patients without consent, then deliberately lied about the number of eggs they had harvested from each woman.
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