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Revamping Your Online Presence

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Revamping Your Online Presence. LACONI - Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois October 11 th , 2013 Scott F enstermaker. Agenda. Marketing Strategy Discussion Content Marketing Discussion Social Media Discussion Discussion on What You Can Do Immediately. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revamping Your Online PresenceLACONI - Library Administrators Conference of Northern IllinoisOctober 11th, 2013Scott FenstermakerAgendaMarketing Strategy DiscussionContent Marketing DiscussionSocial Media DiscussionDiscussion on What You Can Do Immediately

Marketing Strategy DiscussionCreating Value for Your Community in the Age of Digital MediaWhat Is Marketing?True marketing is a process of asking people what they want, then creating and delivering it, then asking people how well you did. - Kathy Dempsey Author, The Accidental Library MarketerLibrary Marketing: Initial ThoughtsNever been a more important time to be good at marketingLibrary marketing is an accidental disciplineBrand problem: perception of libraries is 15 years behindNot enough activity organized around consistent, long-term effortTop-of-mind is very important to this niche Libraries are NOT free to patrons. The price is the patrons cost to use your services instead of an alternative.Strategy comes first. Media choice comes last.The Biggest Things Librarians Get Wrong (When it Comes to Real Marketing)Librarians think they know what their customers want without asking them.Librarians send press releases and promote programs and call it marketing.Librarians dont separate people into different target markets and treat each group differently.Librarians dont study the people who make up their user bases.Librarians dont fully evaluate the results of programs and campaigns and then use that data to improve future efforts.

Source:The Accidental Library MarketerWhat is the value of a modern library?What is the modern meaning of a library to its patrons?In what value do libraries specialize? (e.g. family tree research)What is the current brand identity, and what should it be?Examples:Community meeting spaceChildhood reading program providerAlternative professional work spaceEtc.

What is the current state of your product?How would your library rate in the following categories (through the eyes of your patrons and potential patrons)?Your physical spacesYour online environmentYour printed materialsYour customer service environmentThe attitudes of customers and potential usersDoes your online environment appear at all dated?Remember, libraries have a serious brand problem. Dont reinforce it!How often do you make changes based on the feedback of your customers?Explicit Marketing GoalsWhat improvements would be a demonstrable success?More physical patron traffic? Expanded membership?Expanded use of research databases and online resources?Community prominence?

Market SegmentsWhich are your current best segments, that youd like to grow?Mothers of small children?Others?Which segments would find you valuable if you could reach them?What are the key demographics of your community?Remember: Dont forget about complete non-users!They are still potential customersThey have key information on why youre not valued as much as you should beFinding New PatronsHow do we expect that new patrons will find out about the library?Are they finding your website?Did they stumble upon the publicizing of an event?Did they hear about you by word of mouth?Did they find you first through social media?Etc.

Content (Inbound) Marketing DiscussionTraditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them. Doug Kessler

Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time. Worry less about sounding professional and worry more about creating remarkable content that other humans can relate to. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfsOutbound vs Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing vs AdvertisingContent MarketingFocused on increasing traffic and conversions while minimizing cost.Interactive and collaborativeExamples:BlogsVideoeNewslettersAdvertisingFocused on leveraging large budgets by purchasing trafficInterruptiveExamples:Direct mailCold callingGoogle PPC

Source:Andy CrestodinaOrbit MediaContent marketing is free, right?Free is a misnomer; the cost is time and talent to create interesting content.Must use time as efficiently as possibleStreamline marketing mixUse helpful scheduling utilitiesStart with the essential and then addCore Content: Website and eNewsletterConversion: Turning a casual visitor into a follower or patronYour homepage must encourage conversion (its your mousetrap)eNewsletter subscriptionFollow on FacebookThese must be prominentYour eNewsletter is the heartbeat of your contentGets in front of patrons regularlyContains blurbs must click through to website to read full contentWebsite UsabilitySite looks congruent with different browsersLibrary address and contact information visibleSite is free of lingoMultiple upcoming events are clearly visibleSite is easily searchableNavigation is not overly complicatedPages are generally uncluttered and make good use of spaceImportant info above the fold

More on eNewsletterseNewsletters have a dual purposeTo convert subscribers into patronsTo increase traffic to your website (blurbs)Use a professional eNewsletter vendor like ConstantContactYour eNewsletter will help you establish community partnershipsOffer to profile influential peopleOffer local businesses free publicity in exchange for servicesFlorist and caterers providing free displays/food for eventsConsultants who could instruct useful classesCommunity colleges to which you will conduct outreach

Survey!Use a free utility like SurveyMonkey to survey your email databaseAt least once every 6 monthsWell-crafted and well-tested surveyFocus on factors that will encourage visits and word-of-mouthThink about using an incentive for completionAsk one or two open-ended questionsRemember to ask demographic questions, to see who gives certain answersThis documentation will help you get buy-in from The Powers That Be.Also remember, you must commit to valuing and incorporating feedback!A Word About Search Engine OptimizationAre there search terms that make sense?[City Name] Summer Reading Programs[City Name] Visiting Authors[City Name] Resume Building Classes

If you want to rank on search terms like these:You must have web content that uses these termsAuthorities must link to your contentThis takes a looooooooong time.

Should we blog???Yes, but start small (events only)Blogs are you central repository for your interesting contentCrucial for search engine optimizationTedious resource-hogs unless handled properlyYou should use blog functionality to have a newsroll for eventsSearchers in your target market will be looking mostly for programsTied if possible to the main content area of the home pageIf not on the homepage, then absolutely within the same domainFront page features headline, one or two sentences, then Read MoreWritten using keyword research, with SEO in mindCardinal Rule: Write like an 8th grader.UnderstoodBooksArticlesNot UnderstoodDatabaseLibrary catalogEjournalsIndexInterlibrary loanPeriodical or SerialReferenceSource:The Accidental Library Marketer(citing jkup.net/terms.html)Cardinal Rule: Suggest ActionMeh HeadlinesCatalog Informational ProgramProgram on Preserving Family DocumentsAugust is Sign-up MonthScott Fenstermakers Book ReleaseBetter HeadlinesFind Your Research FasterLearn to Preserve Your Familys TreasuresThis is the Month to Come Join Us!Come meet Scott Fenstermaker on October 13th!For Further Reading:Copyblogger.comTesting with Google Analytics

Social Media DiscussionSome Social Media Facts69% of Americans are using Facebook, 9% are using TwitterAmericans spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other U.S. websiteSocial networks and blogs account for ~25% of total time spent on the InternetSocial networks and blogs reach nearly 80% of active U.S. Internet users and represent the majority of Americans time online (gaming is next). Twitter is as familiar to Americans as Facebook (92% and 93% familiarity)US Social Network users 2008-2014 (millions of Internet users) Source: eMarketerWhat does social media mean for you?Know you better, so they can like you better David AvrinInstant, actionable dialog and feedbackAvenue to grow your constituencyIf mismanaged, a complete and total waste of timeCommitted to too many media running out of time and resourcesContent is uninteresting to audienceAdvertising instead of conversing (speaking at me rather than to me)The Primary Value of Social MediaThe primary value of social media is benefiting from a two-way customer interaction so that you can improve and better sell your product.

Which social media should I care about?I should definitely care about:Yelp reviews can destroy youYouTube/Facebook FB has heaviest penetration, and videos help us like youI should probably care about:Pinterest some creative possibilities, if you have timeI shouldnt care as much about:Twitter libraries dont require constant trend analysis or instant feedbackLinkedIn libraries arent directly linked to professional advancementFlickr unless you have tons of unbeatable photographyUsing Social Media EffectivelyUse a dashboard like Hootsuite to manage publicationDoes not work without interaction!The ultimate goal is sharing (or retweeting, etc.)If people dont like or comment, your content diesDont try to game demographic splits with different SM networksBiggest demo difference is the Male/Female split on LinkedIn vs PinterestEveryone is on FB, watches YouTube, etc.

Where does the best content come from?Start with eventsTake a video camera to events and talk to peoplePost an announcement, a last-chance, and then content from the eventBreak-up video into very short snippets for FB, longer for YouTubeGive the impression of a welcoming, inviting group of friendsGather content involving staff members, regular patrons, community, etc.Also talk about current most popular items, new services, etc.Fill with news, cartoons, fun stuff, etc, but dont let that overwhelm!Atomize your content to make it go a long wayIdeas for Content TopicsKeyword researchWhat are other successful libraries posting?What news items are appearing for public libraries?ListeningWhat kinds of events and content are patrons requesting?What have patrons found interesting in the past?Q&A sitesWhat questions are people asking on sites like Quora?

Source:Quora.comFinal Thoughts on Social MediaYou have to be prepared to act on feedbackYour content must be valuable or interesting to your patronsi.e. must be remarkable (as per Seth Godin)Goal is to maximize user likes, comments and especially sharesYour content must be voiced with authenticity and be jargon-free

What You Can Do ImmediatelyThe Two Best Metrics for SuccessEmail list growth

Web traffic growth

Immediate Digital Marketing GoalsMake it easy and obvious for a visitor to immediately:Browse, find and sign-up for eventsSign up for your eNewsletterFollow you on Facebook and preview other SM contentBookmark your page as a research referenceEstablish Regular CommunicationSend an eNewsletter at least once a monthSurvey at least once every 6 monthsTest effectiveness with Google AnalyticsChecklistDeploy Google Analytics on your websiteClean up website and make it more usableMake your homepage a mousetrap (sign-up, follow, events, etc.)Begin creating content from events, staff ideas, profiles, regular patrons, etc.Research more content ideas based on keywords, listening, and Q&A sitesEstablish a vendor and an editorial calendar for your eNewsletterSend an eNewsletter at least once /mo. through a vendor like ConstantContactBegin gathering feedback, and surveying once every 6 monthsChoose events based on segmentation and feedbackStart recording video from events / learn video editingForm a mastermind group that meets at least every 6 monthsResources Books and BlogsBooks:Content Chemistry by Andy CrestodinaThe Accidental Library Marketer by Kathy DempseyBlogs:Walking Paper - http://www.walkingpaper.org/Librarian in Black - http://librarianinblack.netOrbit Media - http://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/Resources Web UtilitiesDomain Authority: Alexa Rankings alexa.comWeb Usability: Nielsen Norman Group nngroup.com/topic/web-usability/Headlines: "52 Headline Hacks boostblogtraffic.com/headlinehacks/Copywriting: Copyblogger copyblogger.comSM Publishing: HootSuite hootsuite.comInbound Links: Moz Open Site Explorer opensiteexplorer.comOthers Keywords: Spyfu spyfu.comKeyword Ideas: Google suggestKeyword Ideas: Ubersuggest ubersuggest.org Site Optimization: Google Analytics webmaster link google.com/webmasters/ Resources - VendorsVendors:eNewsletter Marketing: ConstantContactOnline Surveys: Survey Monkey (free)Web Analytics: Google Analytics (free)Social Media Publication Management: Hootsuite Basic (free)

Questions?Thank you very much!

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Revamping Your Online Presence LACONI - Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois October 11 th , 2013 Scott Fenstermaker
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