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SAINT PIUS X PRIORY Rosary SINGAPORE 24 Dec 24.12.2017¢  society of saint pius x -...

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  • Confessions: 30 min before Sunday Masses; on demand every day.

    Children’s Catechism on Saturday:

    First Communion 14:00-14:45

    Post First Communion 14:45- 15:30

    Older Group (13-18 years) 14:45 -15:30

    Mass Stipends: One Mass: $25 Novena: $250 Gregorian Masses: $1,000



    24 DECEMBER 2017



    SUN 24 Dec

    Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord 1st Class, violet

    7.30—Rosary 8.00—Low Mass

    9.30—Rosary 10.00— Sung Mass

    23.30—Christmas Carols

    MON 25 Dec


    1st Class, white Holy Day of Obligation

    0.00—Midnight Mass 10.00—Low Mass

    TUE 26 Dec

    Saint Stephen First Martyr 2nd Class, red

    11.30—Low Mass

    WED 27 Dec

    Saint John Apostle, 2nd Class, white

    11.30—Low Mass

    THU 28 Dec

    Holy Innocents Martyrs, 2nd Class, red

    11.30—Low Mass 18.20—Rosary & Benediction

    19.00—Low Mass


    29 Dec

    Within the Octave of Christmas 2nd Class, white

    11.30—Low Mass 18.20—Stations of the Cross

    19.00— Low Mass

    SAT 30 Dec

    Within the Octave of Christmas 2nd Class, white

    7.15—Low Mass 11.30—Low Mass

    SUN 31 Dec

    Sunday within the Octave of Christmas 2nd Class, white

    7.30—Rosary 8.00—Low Mass

    9.30—Rosary 10.00— Sung Mass

    SOCIETY OF SAINT PIUS X - DISTRICT OF ASIA 286 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574402

    +65 6459 0792 ~ fsspx.asia ~ sspxsingapore.org ~ districtoffice@fsspx.asia

    Rev. Fr. K. Stehlin (District Superior), Fr. B. Wailliez (Prior & District Assistant), Fr. F. Laisney (District Bursar)

    Donations to SSPX by cheque: make it payable to “Friends of the International Priestly Society of St. Pius X”


    Nominations. Fr. Etienne DEMORNEX has been assigned to

    Singapore to replace Fr. François LAISNEY as district bursar. He

    will however only arrive end of March.

    In the meantime and as a temporary replacement, Fr. Michael

    FORTIN will spend about two months in Singapore (from end of

    January on) in order to enable the apostolate (and the Sunday Mass

    circuits) to continue as usual.

    Banns of marriage. Mr. Ignatius Yeo and Miss Yee Yun Loke

    intend to get married on January 6, 2018. If you know any

    impediment to this wedding, contact Fr. Wailliez promptly.

    5 to 10 February 2018. An Ignatian Retreat for both men and

    women will take place in Penang, Malaysia. Kindly return the

    enrolment form as soon as possible.

    Children’s Catechism. Catechism classes will resume on 6 January.

    Sunday 21 January. AGM of Friends of the International Priestly

    Society of St. Pius X after the 10am Mass.

  • As people gather around crèches in their churches or

    homes, they would do well to know that St. Francis of

    Assisi created the first Nativity scene in the small

    town of Greccio, Italy, on Christmas Eve 1223. All the

    details are in a biography called First Life, Book

    One. It was written by Thomas of Celano, a friar of his

    order, in 1229 at the request of Pope Gregory IX.

    “Chiefly did the humility of the Incarnation and the

    charity of the Passion so occupy his memory that he

    would scarce ponder over anything else,” wrote


    Francis used his memories from his Holy Land trip to

    construct the crèche. He asked a friend to assemble the

    materials and explained, “For I would make memorial

    of that Child who was born in Bethlehem, and in some

    sort behold with bodily eyes his infant hardships, how

    he lay in a manger on the hay, with the ox and the ass

    standing by.”

    The friars and townspeople assembled around the

    scene, illuminating the night with candles. As Celano

    wrote, “There, Simplicity was honored, Poverty

    exalted, Humility commended; and of Greccio, there

    was made, as it were, a new Bethlehem.”

    Mass was said on the altar that was made over the

    manger. Francis, who was a deacon, read the Gospel

    and preached the sermon, calling Jesus “the Child of


    Then he picked up the image of Jesus asleep in the

    manger. The Baby awakened in his arms, according to


    “Nor was this vision incongruous; for the Child Jesus

    had been given over to forgetfulness in the hearts of

    many in whom, by the working of his grace, he was

    raised up again through his servant Francis and

    imprinted on a diligent memory.”

    In addition, more miracles happened. When sick

    animals in the region ate some of the hay, they were

    cured. “Moreover,” wrote Celano, “women in long and

    grievous labor were safely delivered by putting some

    of the hay on themselves, and a crowd of persons of

    either sex suffering from various ailments gained their

    long-wished-for health at that same place.”

    As a result, “over the manger, an altar was reared, and

    a church dedicated, to the end that … men might

    thenceforth, for the healing of soul and body, eat the

    flesh of the spotless and undefiled Lamb, our Lord

    Jesus Christ.”


    Father Karl Stehlin and Father Benoît Wailliez

    wish all the faithful, friends and benefactors of the Singapore Priory,

    a Holy and Happy Christmas Season and a Blessed New Year.

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