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  • St. Pius X Council #3848

    - -

    PIUS PAPERS St. Pius X Council #3848

    31555 Hoover Warren, Michigan 48093

    Instituted May 9, 1954


    Proudly serving the St. Martin de Porres Community since 2013 Recipient of Star Council Award for 2016-2017 July / Aug / Sept 2019 VOLUME 3 No. 1

    Dear Brother Knights and Families,

    We have ended our fraternal year on a

    successful note and look forward to fraternal

    year 2019-20.

    We look back on what we did the last

    quarter: Spring Euchre, M.I. Drive, Easter,

    First Holy Communion for our children and

    our biggest event, our May 4th Corporate

    Communion followed by our 65th Anniversary


    It was a wonderful evening. The State

    Deputy, William Chasse, State Secretary,

    Walter Winkle, Jr. and State Treasurer,

    Christopher Kolomjec, Sr and their wives

    enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, socialization

    and hospitality of the St. Pius X and St.

    Martin de Porres family. The evening was

    topped off with a wonderful meal catered by

    The Villa Restaurant in Eastpointe. Thank

    you to all who attended and I was sorry to not

    see those who did sign up and were unable to


    Thank you to the Council for allowing

    DGK Richard Del Papa and myself to attend

    the State Convention on Mackinac Island at

    the end of May. A lot of information was

    brought back.

    We had our elections in May. A couple

    of officers changed offices. Brother Stan

    Sobecki left his office of Treasurer and

    Brother Tony Virga has taken his place.

    Thank you, Stan, for your tireless work and

    welcome aboard, Tony. The list of new

    officers are listed in this issue of Pius Papers.

    Summer slows down a bit, check the

    Upcoming Events. We have our Ice Cream

    Social, Corporate Communion, September

    Euchre Night, helping with Clothing Drive

    and our Diaper Drive. Help us where and

    when you can. Our General Business Meetings are the second Thursday of the month at 7pm (Holy Rosary is recited at 6:30). If you come for the Rosary and we have begun, please enter Room #1 and join us.

    If you have not noticed, at the top of this

    newsletter, we have a new, fresh website. It



    Check it out for all the latest, up-to-date

    information that we put out after our

    printed quarterly newsletter is published.

    Our webmaster is Zora Dziurman.

    On behalf of Lady LeeAnn and my children,

    please have a Safe and Enjoyable Summer.

    Keep an eye on your elderly family and

    neighbors during the hot weather.

    Fraternally Yours,

    Kevin Labudde, Grand Knight

    http://www.knights-of-columbus3848.weebly.com http://www.knights-of-columbus3848.weebly.com

  • St. Pius X Council #3848

    - 2 -


    Fr. Nicholas Zukowski 586-264-7515


    Jerome Kunert

    GRAND KNIGHT Kevin Labudde 586-295-2812

    [email protected]

    DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT Richard Del Papa


    CHANCELLOR Ed Sobczak

    RECORDER John McLeod


    Tony Virga

    WARDEN Dave Druzynski


    John Steinberger 586-419-3450



    GUARDS Outer Guard

    Asmeth Canales

    Inner Guard Tom Doherty


    Michael Kostrzeba 586-977-9329

    [email protected]


    Larry DeMonaco, 2 yr. trustee Jerome Manofsky, 1 yr. trustee

    INSURANCE REP. Glain Guilmette 586-876-3974

    [email protected]

    EDITOR Zora Dziurman 586-482-6092

    [email protected]

    This weekend, we honor …..

    The Pope Pius X Knights of Columbus Council 3848 celebrate this month their 65th anniversary of Unity, Fraternity and Charity. As Chaplain of this local council, I congratulate and thank you brother Knights for your presence in our parish community. There are representatives from our District and from the State. As well as our current Grand Knight, Kevin Labudde and Past Grand Knight Jerome Kunert.

    The following history of the Council was prepared by Past Grand Knight Jerome Kunert on December 12th, 2016. St. Pius X Council #3848 was brought into existence in the mid 1950’s largely through the efforts of two individuals; Brother Knight Joe DeMuch and Father Frank Walsh, then-Pastor of St. Anne Parish. These two men, along with District Deputy Edwin Theut, a Warren businessman, were the driving force behind the formation of our Council. Joe and Father Walsh were men of vision and ambition. They had the foresight to realize that the City of Warren would be expanding enormously over the next ten to twenty years, and that there would be a need for more than one council in this area. Their charter was received on May 9, 1954 with a charter class numbering 60 men. As fate would have it, while Joe DeMuch was on Mackinac Island attending the annual K of C State Convention, the building which housed the council was completely demolished by fire, leaving the newly-elected Grand Knight with the formidable task of rebuilding and holding together its membership. Through the efforts of many men, they were able to build the K of C Hall which was dedicated in 1958. The Knights of Columbus are justifiably proud of the many civic, social, fraternal and religious activities which their council has sponsored over the past years. The Council declined over the years and was suppressed in 2010. In January of 2014 a group of men from St. Martin de Porres Parish in Warren met with District Deputy Harry Deneweth about restarting the council as a parish council at St. Martin de Porres. Most board positions were filled that night and the first business meeting was held on March 13, 2014 in the parish hall. I arrived three months later and was asked to become their Chaplain. This Council continues to be of service to me and to St. Martin de Porres Church.

    Excerpt from Fr. Nick Zukowski, K of C Chaplain, May 5, 2019 Homily

  • St. Pius X Council #3848

    - 3 -

  • St. Pius X Council #3848

    - 4 -

    Thursday, July 11 General Business Meeting* 7pm (Holy Rosary 6:30 pm)

    Sunday, July 28 Officer Installation

    St. Martin Parish Center, 4pm-8pm

    Saturday-Sunday, August 3-4 Ice Cream Social

    After all Holy Masses

    Thursday, August 8 General Business Meeting* 7pm (Holy Rosary 6:30 pm)

    Sunday, August 11

    Corporate Communion (Fr. McGivney Birthday)

    11am Holy Mass

    Saturday, September 7 Euchre Party

    Parish Center 6pm-12am

    Thursday, September 12 General Business Meeting* 7pm (Holy Rosary 6:30 pm)

    Saturday-Sunday, September 21-22

    Fall Clothing Drive After all Masses and drive to St. Dominic’s at


    Saturday-Sunday September 28-29 National Diaper Awareness Drive

    Playpen in back of Church

    * General Business Meetings are held in room #1 at the St. Martin de Porres Parish Center.


    April Knight of the Month

    Asmeth Canales

    April Family of the Month

    John & Meg Steinberger

    PROTOCOL Please remember, if you attend the Business Meeting and are late, after entering, come before the podium and address the Grand Knight with the vertical sign of the cross and he will address you with the horizontal arm of the cross. Repeat to Deputy Grand Knight.

    WE ASKED ABOUT THE ROSARY 6/28/2019 By Andrew Butler Every member of the Knights of Columbus is called on to carry a rosary. So we posted this photo from Council 12259 to our Twitter and Instagram: In the post we asked, “Are you carrying a rosary right now?” skert6481 “Right front pocket, my sword against evil. K.O.C. Council 12834 And Knights immediately came out in full force to share their devotion in the comments section. A couple of people have K of C rosaries that have been passed down for generations:

    There were some very inspiring stories in the Instagram comments, like this one:

    The Rosary Program is one of the Knights of Columbus’s signature programs. By encouraging devotion to Mary, the patroness of the Knights of Columbus, members emphasize the importance of prayer in their parishes, communities and families. www.kofc.org/news


  • St. Pius X Council #3848

    - 5 -

    All the good works we do are informed by our four core principles: Charity – Our Catholic faith teaches us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Members of the Knights of Columbus show love for their neighbors by conducting food drives and donating the food to local soup kitchens and food pantries, by volunteering at Special Olympics, and by supporting, both spiritually and materially, mothers who choose life for their babies. Knights recognize that our mission, and our faith in God, compels us to action. There is no better way to experience love and compassion than by helping those in need, a call we answer every day.

    Unity – Non

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