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School Selection Modified Menu Administrator’s Dashboard

Date post:23-Dec-2015
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  • School Selection
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  • Modified Menu
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  • Administrators Dashboard
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  • Teachers Dashboard
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  • Bottom of Both
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  • Click on a Frequently Referred
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  • Tardiness or Truancy Failure to Obey Rules/ Authority Disrespectful/ Inappropriate Conduct Legal Concerns Aggressive Conduct Illegal Drugs/ Substances Weapons
  • Slide 10
  • Alternative School Athletic Field Auditorium Bathroom/Restroom Bus Bus Loading Zone Bus Stop Cafeteria Classroom
  • Slide 11
  • Commons/ Common Areas Computer Lab CTE Center Gym Hall/Breeze Way Library Locker Room Off Campus Office
  • Slide 12
  • Parking Lot Playground Shop Area Special Event/ Assembly/ Field Trip Stairwell
  • Slide 13
  • Slide 14
  • Involved as non-offender or target of incident Cheating Deceit Disruptive/Disrespectful Conduct Failure to Serve Detention Falsifying Identity Inappropriate Appearance Inappropriate Display of Affection Inappropriate Language Possession of Inappropriate Personal Property
  • Slide 15
  • Skipping Class Tardiness Vehicle Parking Violation Gang Related Activity Habitual Violation of School Rules or Policies Insubordination Leaving School Without Permission Physical Fight Without Injury Possession of Imitation Weapon
  • Slide 16
  • Possession of Knife not meeting Dangerous Weapon Definition (West Virginia Code ?61- 7-2) Profane Language/ Obscene Gesture/ Indecent Act Toward An Employee or A Student Technology Misuse Battery Against a Student Defacing School Property/ Vandalism False Fire Alarm
  • Slide 17
  • Fraud/Forgery Gambling Harassment/Bullying/Intimidation Hazing Imitation Drugs: Possession, Use, Distribution or Sale Improper or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle Inhalant Abuse Larceny
  • Slide 18
  • Possession/Use of Substance Containing Tobacco and/or Nicotine Sexual Misconduct Threat of Injury Against An Employee or A Student Trespassing Verbal Assault Against a School Employee Verbal Assault Against a Student Battery Against a School Employee Felony
  • Slide 19
  • Illegal Substance Related Behaviors: Sale of a Narcotic Illegal Substance Related Behaviors: Use/Possession of Alcohol Illegal Substance Related Behaviors: Use/Possession of Illicit Drugs Possession and/or Use of Dangerous Weapon
  • Slide 20
  • Does not show for Teachers
  • Slide 21
  • No Action Warranted Warning Academic sanctions Administrator and teacher-parent/guardian conference Administrator/student conference or reprimand Behavioral contracts Confiscation of inappropriate item Counseling referrals and conference to support staff or agencies
  • Slide 22
  • Daily/weekly progress reports Denial of participation in class and/or school activities Detention Detention after school Detention before school Detention lunch Detention lunch (2 nd sitting) Detention lunch (3 rd sitting) Detention lunch (4 th sitting)
  • Slide 23
  • Immediate exclusion by teacher from the classroom Loss of Bus Privileges Referral to a tobacco cessation program Referral to medical or mental health services Referral to support staff or agencies for counseling or other therapeutic service Referral to IEP Team Restitution/restoration Revocation of privileges
  • Slide 24
  • School service assignment Teacher parent contact Teacher/student conference or reprimand Change in the students class schedule In-school suspension Law enforcement notification if warranted Out-of-school suspension Recommended Expulsion Removal of a student to an alternative education placement Removal of a student with a disability to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting by school personnel
  • Slide 25
  • Removal of a student with a disability to Interim Alternative Educational Setting (IAES) by a WVDE Due Process Hearing Officer Voluntary weekend detention Expulsion Expulsion Without Services
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  • Slide 27
  • Slide 28
  • You must place a checkmark in the Select box in addition to selecting a value from the drop down list in order to search on a category and for a specific value. * If you leave all check boxes un-marked, the search results will return everything you have entered into the system.
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  • Notice the Letter, View, Edit and Delete columns some options are not available. Teachers cannot Edit or Delete an incident in which action has been taken.
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  • You can run a report for who has any type of detention and for any date range. Detention types: After School, Before School, Lunch, Voluntary Weekend
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  • Slide 32
  • You can run a report for any/all behavior codes, with/without notes, get the summary data only, sorted in the order of your choice and for any date range.
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  • Screen 2 bottom
  • Slide 34
  • Detailed portion
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  • Summary portion
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