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Selling Social Media - Social Media Breakfast

Date post:11-Nov-2014
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  • 1. Social Media Breakfast SELLING The Extreme Social Media Marketing October 25, 2012 Big Pitch! @giovanni1
  • 2. Creative Exercise Social Media Breakfast This will be dierent than any presentation Ive ever given. ...except for the last time I gave it... Today we are going to walk thru a creative brief for a campaign which involves multiple online marketing channels. Why? What if you dont sell social media? @giovanni2
  • 3. Assumptions Social Media Breakfast Our prospect will hereafter be referred to as The Client and their project will be The Campaign. The Client my be a third-party or someone within your own organization who is part of the decision-making process. This exercise is based upon getting youth involved in a campaign to raise awareness and funds re: combatting hunger in the Horn of Africa. The rm I am representing in this ctional pitch will be referred to as The Agency @giovanni3
  • 4. One More Thing Social Media Breakfast Weve been given 4 business days to pull this together. Notied in Dallas on Thursday - we have to present this on Wednesday in Seattle. @giovanni4
  • 5. Social Media Breakfast The Big Pitch! @giovanni5
  • 6. Setting Expectations Social Media Breakfast Passion If you are not passionate about what youre doing, stop. Im serious. Just stop. I have never had a job I was not passionate about. Kurt Podeszwa (Camp for All) Understanding the landscape We need to reset: Anyone who says social media is free and easy doesnt know squat about running an eective social media campaign. @giovanni6
  • 7. Restate What You Know Social Media Breakfast The Current State of the Proposed Campaign Ongoing decline in participation Ongoing decline in revenue Peak giving year $9 million - Last year giving $5 million The Agency believes that at least part of the decline of the campaign can be attributed to not being as relevant as it could be to this new generation of youth. @giovanni7
  • 8. Define Key Points Social Media Breakfast Our approach - We Have To Agree On These Things Determine the mission, value proposition, and objective: What is the message? Dene the context as it relates to the organization: What is the context? Decide on the voice(s) of the organization: Who is the messenger? Discover where your existing supporters already are: Where are your digital natives? Determine where your potential supporters might be: Who else might be interested? Decide which technologies could reach them: Where are they engaged? Listen to what is already taking place in the space: How receptive will they be? Figure out how you can add value to what they do: Do you have benecial content? Decide what your expected outcomes might be: What is the expected outcome? Train local group facilitators and leaders in social media: How can they participate? @giovanni8
  • 9. Identifying Your Target Social Media Breakfast Youth Profile - Building Our Persona Gen Z is constantly connected both digitally and emotionally to their social networks. Next to talking in person, the top two ways Gen Z stays connected is through text messaging and talking on social networks. 84% are on Facebook and 37% use Twitter. Pinterest, Foursquare and Instagram are growing rapidly in popularity. Gen Z is more willing to give up allowance, buying clothes and going to the movies than giving up their internet connection or mobile phone. Gen Z is concerned about today and tomorrow. @giovanni9
  • 10. Identifying Your Target Social Media Breakfast Youth Profile They are more socially responsible. They are more concerned about the economy than terrorism or wars. They are generally pessimistic about the future, believing the world will stay the same or get worse. Gen Z is closer to people who are distant geographically than previous generations, which makes them more globally oriented. Gen Z is, coming up in a world shaped by 9/11, Columbine and the War on Terror. They have a sense of social justice, philanthropy and maturity that comes with growing up during one of the most severe economic recessions in history. (howstuworks.com/culture) @giovanni10
  • 11. Mood Boards Social Media Breakfast @giovanni11
  • 12. Defining The Plan Social Media Breakfast The Plan What will a local group facilitator experience once they sign up for the Famine Event? It begins with The Agency-recommended messaging platform that is built o the Gen Z passion for social justice Its just not fair A positioning that is designed to appeal to Gen Zs sense of social justice. It expresses what Gen Z feels about those who they believe are victims of injustice. It implies that the individual empathizes with the person who is the subject of injustice. @giovanni12
  • 13. Defining The Plan Social Media Breakfast The Plan What will a local group facilitator experience once they sign up for the Famine Action Event? It continues with The Agency-recommended Famine Action Event repositioning to make the Famine event a challenge not just an event with a clearly stated national goal. A challenge that begins for the group the moment the local group facilitator signs up for the Famine A challenge that connects his/her group with like groups across the nation, groups they can not only connect with, but compete against to achieve the stated goal A challenge that is energized and catalyzed by Famine Central @giovanni13
  • 14. Eye Candy! Social Media Breakfast @giovanni14
  • 15. Sell Your Solution Social Media Breakfast The Top 10 Whys for Famine Central Connecting opportunities, informational and educational content. Enabling, participating, and encouraging that engagement. Driving attendance to Famine Action Event event Mobilize registered attendees to reach out to their social networks to invite their friends/peers Target the ideal digital natives based on their interests Allow digital natives to communicate and collaborate before and after the Famine Action Event Mobile applications = feeding frenzy Local Group Facilitators and pastors will be better prepared to tailor their message to their local audience Create evangelists, encourage press coverage, and answer critics of the Famine Action Event Reposition the Famine Action Event Drive Funding For The Famine Action Event @giovanni15
  • 16. Get the Client Level-Set Social Media Breakfast October, 2012 Facebook 1 Billion Google+200 Million Twitter +200 Million @giovanni16
  • 17. Introducing Search Social Media Breakfast Some very basic seo basics click thrus | humans k
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