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Social Hope: Social Media in Disasters

Date post:10-May-2015
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presentation for the 2012 NTC with Red Cross, Feeding America, and HSUS.
  • 1.Social Hope:Social Media in timesof Disaster Relief#12NTCdisaster

2. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online using #12NTCdisaster at www.nten.org/ntc/eval 3. The PanelWendy Harman, American Red Cross @wharmanCarie Lewis, Humane Society of the United [email protected] Michel, Feeding [email protected] HopeSlide 2 4. Agenda Case Studies from 2011 Disaster Season Examples Learnings Future of providing service in times of disaster How does social play into that?Social Hope: #12NTCDisasterSlide 3 5. 2011 Disaster Season by the Numbers99 major declared disasters by FEMA73billion dollars worth of damages>500 deaths from just the Alabama & Joplin tornadoesSocial Hope: #12NTCDisasterSlide 4 6. Social Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 5 7. Feeding America Provide 3 billion pounds of food annually Serve 37 million people in U.S. each year Disaster is a part of what we do not primary missionDisaster Services provides our memberswith updates on disaster activity, resourcesfor preparedness, response and recoveryplanning, and guidance for best practices.Social Hope: #12NTCDisasterSlide 6 8. Where We Are 9. Volunteers on the Ground 10. FA 2011 Disaster EffortsDeployed national teams (including social media) to: Alabama, May Joplin, JuneSocial Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 9 11. What we did wellCommunicated the story of hopeCommunicated how people (outside the area) could do to helpBecame a participant into existing conversationsSocial Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 10 12. What we did wellRecognize and mobilize corporate support Social Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 11 13. What we could do betterUsed Social Media to help guide people to servicesConnecting people to local food bank/agenciesGet more pictures/facts up fasterContinued the story/check backSocial Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 12 14. Local EffortsOzarks Food HarvestSocial Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 13 15. Social Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 14 16. Connecting Victims/Providing Hope http://youtu.be/ERMQgqEF0yk Social Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 15 17. The Situation: Theres a hurricane coming. Its big. And strong. Its going to affect multiple states. We need to warn people. We need to save animals. Theres no central place for pet owners to get information aboutevacuation, resources, and shelters. Our disaster approach: Prepare > Respond > [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 18. What do we do? And how do we do it?1 Get the preparation and evacuation messages out identify the audience it affects Coordinate messaging with PR2 Tell our story and disseminate important information Put an internal comm infrastructure in place for info gathering Coordinate content with web, email, PR, program3 Tell people how they can help Develop a fundraising campaign Coordinate needs on a local level4 answer questions and needs from audience Step our monitoring game up5 - Close the loop What happened to the animals you saved? What did my money go [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 19. Getting The Message Out First: prepare, then: evacuate WITHyour pets Who is the audience? Who do wehave as resources in those areas? State directors and Care Center directors in affected areas Developed a list of Facebook page links and admin contact info We helped monitor, respond, and post to those pages since admins were out in the field Targeted posts to our HSUS Facebook fans living in the affected area Messages were taken from press releases and webpages (pre-approved content) and boiled down Made it engaging by asking people to send us a pic oftheir disaster kit that included their pets and we gavethem a window [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 20. Gathering and Disseminating Info Internal information gathering Put an internal communications infrastructure in place for web content and up-to-the-minute updates from the field What kind of content do we want in order to tell our story of what HSUS was doing? Bite sized info for Twitter, diaries for the web, as many photos as possible National level = Rescue Team coordinator > Web editor Local level = State Director > Community Manager Daily meeting to coordinate all content with web, email, social, PR Field responders marked content as external or internal use External information gathering We followed emergency management orgs like FEMA, Red Cross in each affected state on Twitter Made a list of animal shelters in hurricanes path and followed them for updates @cariegrls // #12NTCDisaster 21. The $64k question: what can I do? People could help on a national and/or local level Developed a fundraising campaign for our Animal Rescue Teamsefforts Integrated across all communication channels Created Amazon wish lists for affected shelters Took advantage of our large followings andtargeted Facebook posts to help shelters in need @cariegrls // #12NTCDisaster 22. Answering Questions and Needs Monitored every @ reply on Facebook Monitored hashtags that were being used Created our own hashtag #Irenepets (4,500 uses, seen by 8.5 millionpeople in 3 days) Monitored keywords like flood pet Answer everyone. Aggregate info for pet owners from multiple sources on our Twitter feed(FEMA, shelters) @cariegrls // #12NTCDisaster 23. Closing the Loop If you are committing to answer everyone, provide updates. If youre going to individualize an animal in a fundraising or storytellingcampaign, be ready to monitor and report on the fate of that animal. Tell people what their money went [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 24. THIS is why its important to alwaysbe listening and answer everyone. We saved this dogs [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 25. THIS is why its important to monitorcomment strings and be responsive. We garnered [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 26. Show compassion in times of [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 27. Repost Good UGC to create community. @cariegrls // #12NTCDisaster 28. Give them what they want! @cariegrls // #12NTCDisaster 29. Next Time Keep feeding tweets and adding to photo album Find a way not to miss any @ replies on twitter (keep up) Research hashtags already in use, start using own hashtagearlier Set up tracking ahead of time and take screenshots as theyhappen Thank those who donated and shared on Twitter Share the credit with other orgs involved build relationships Map of affected shelters or maybe an app? Proactively reach out to Weather Channel, Red Cross, FEMA,agencies Customize email shares to use our hashtag Develop communication guidelines for first responders We want a WAR [email protected] // #12NTCDisaster 30. @cariegrls // #12NTCDisaster 31. Public is a Resource 32. Making Data Actionable 33. Digital Operations Center 34. Digital Volunteers 35. Questions?Discussion?Other examples?Social Hope: #12NTCDisaster Slide 34 36. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online using #12NTCdisaster at www.nten.org/ntc/eval

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