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SOCIAL MEDIA. TODAY Business Today Social Media Importance What is Social Media Social Media...

Date post:17-Dec-2015
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  • TODAY Business Today Social Media Importance What is Social Media Social Media Platforms Facebook & Twitter Accounts
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  • Domain Name Web Hosting Web Design Content Copywriting Digital Marketing eBusiness & Digital Marketing Plans Business Name Office Dcor Sales Copy Marketing Activities Business & Marketing Plans EBUSINESS BusinesseBusiness
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  • MARKETING Website
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  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANCE What is the response rate of direct marketing (Mail Drops)? What is the response rate of telemarketing? What is the response rate of newspaper ads? How many people still use the YellowPages? How many people watch TV ads? How many people react to an ad? How many people can you reach using such channels?
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  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANCE 90% of people skip TV ads 14% of people trust ads vs. 78% of people trust recommendations #1 Activity on the Internet is Social Media Social Media gives customers power! Customers have a voice! Adults spend 15+ hours a week on the Internet 93% of B2B buyers use Search Engines as their first step of the buying process The average Internet user watches 12 hours of video online
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  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANCE YouTube is the 2 nd biggest search engine and 4 th most visited site on the Internet 88% of Non Profit Executives use Social Media for their organisation If Facebook was a country it would be the 3 rd largest in the world 94% of the worlds population under 40 has joined a Social Media Platform 93% or the worlds population believe that companies MUST have a Social Media presence Twitter averages 50 Million status updates per day out of which 20% reference a product or service vs. 60 Million on Facebook
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  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANCE 58% of Twitter users tweeted about a brand experience 48% of B2B buyers follow industry topics online, 59% engage with peers, 37% post questions on Social Media 40% of Facebook users become fans/followers of a brand or service 50% of Facebook users login everyday and spend an average of 55 minutes online 70 Million Professionals are on Linkedin 25% of search results of the top 20 brands link to a user generated content 34% of people trust bloggers opinion on products and services
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  • WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Cup of Coffee vs.. Facebook SMS vs.. Twitter Networking vs.. Linkedin Workshop vs.. YouTube PowerPoint vs.. SlideShare Bookmarking vs.. Social Bookmarking
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  • LINKEDIN Find Employees Find Customers Find Jobs Find Business Ventures Get in touch with ex-colleagues Keep track of people movement from company to another Be found on the search engines Discuss issues related to your industry Use groups to attract others interested in your field Market your products and services 24/7 on autopilot!
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  • YOUTUBE Be found on the second biggest search engine in the world Be found on the search engines Utilise the power of video to attract customers Build rapport by tone of voice and visual body language cues Increase traffic to your website Gain trust of your potential customers Show testimonials that are genuine captures of real clients Generate ongoing leads utilising the subscription to channel feature Market your products and services 24/7
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  • TWITTER Post short updates in seconds Find information that interests you Follow people that you will learn from Monitor your competitors and what they are saying Monitor what is being said about your brand Interact with your customers Increase your website traffic Market your products and services 24/7 on autopilot!
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  • FACEBOOK Connect with your friends/colleagues Network online and increase your business connections Share information and hold discussions Ask questions and conduct research Utilise the power of word of mouth Understand your potential employees before you hire them Interact with your customers Build your community Run product/service launches via your Facebook Provide special content or customer support to your fans Market your products and services 24/7 on autopilot!
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  • www.twitter.com SETTING UP A TWITTER ACCOUNT
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