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  • MASS TIMES IN AREA PARISHES Holy Family, Silver lake: Saturday: 6:30 PM; Sunday: 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM Holy Trinity, Winsted: Saturday: 5:15 PM; Sunday 8:30 &10:30 AM St. Anastasia, Hutchinson: Saturday: 4:30 PM; Sunday: 7:30 & 11:00 AM St. Boniface, Stewart: Sunday: 9:15 AM

    “This will be a sign for you: You will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.”

    May your lives be wrapped in the love of God, and may your celebrations of Jesus’ birth

    lie in the heart of God’s merciful love.

    Fr. Tony Hesse, Fr. Patrick Okonkwo, Fr. Tony Stubeda and the staffs of the Blessed John Paul II Area Faith Community’s parishes:

    The Church of the Holy Family; Church of the Holy Trinity;

    and the Church of St. Pius X wish you and your families all the blessings of this holy and sacred day.


    December 25, 2011 THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD

    Parish Office: 864-5162 School: 864-3214 Rectory: 864-2963 E-Mail: [email protected] Website: www.stpiusxglencoe.org

    PARISH STAFF Rev. Anthony J. Stubeda ([email protected]) Pastor Rev. Patrick Okonkwo ([email protected]) Associate Pastor Rev. Anthony Hesse ([email protected]) Associate Pastor Catherine Millerbernd ([email protected]) Principal Mark Simons ([email protected]) Coordinator of Religious Ed Sr. Elizabeth, OSB ([email protected]) Worship HM# 864-3392 Gloria Oltmann ([email protected]) Account Manager/Bookkeeper Shirley Nowak ([email protected]) Parish Business Manager Carla Bass ([email protected]) Parish Receptionist Bobbi Ludewig ([email protected]) School Secretary Sr. Beatriz Martínez-García 507-237-5896 Area Hispanic Ministry Pat Maresh Maintenance

    Mass Times Saturday: 5:00 PM,

    Sunday: 9:30 AM English 11:30 AM Spanish Baptisms

    Please call the Parish Center to schedule a baptism. A pre- baptism class is offered prior to the birth of your child.

    Reconciliation Saturdays at 4:00 PM or anytime by appointment.

    Marriages Do not set your date until after your first meeting with the Pastor.

    There is a six month preparation time.

    mailto:[email protected]� mailto:[email protected]� mailto:[email protected]� mailto:[email protected]� mailto:[email protected]� mailto:[email protected]

  • WEEK AT A GLANCE: Monday

    December 26, 2011 St. Stephen, first martyr

    No Mass Happy Birthday Patrick Maresh! No School. Christmas Break. Parish Offices Closed

    Tuesday December 27, 2011

    St. John, apostle and evangelist 8:00 AM Morning Prayer 8:20 AM Mass (l. Margaret Nash) No School. Christmas Break. No Jr. Choir Practice

    Wednesday December 28, 2011

    Holy Innocents, martyrs No School. Christmas Break. 5:40 PM Evening Prayer 6:00 PM Mass (d. Clarence Eischens) No RE Classes 7:00 PM Youth Group Movie Night at Holy Family

    Thursday December 29, 2011

    St. Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr No School. Christmas Break. 8:00 AM Morning Prayer 8:20 AM Mass (l. Carmen Koralewski)

    Friday December 30, 2011

    The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph No School. Christmas Break. 8:00 AM Morning Prayer 8:20 AM Mass (d. Bob Lorence) 5:30 PM Spanish Mass (d. Joyce Beneke)

    Saturday December 31, 2011 St. Sylvester I, pope

    4:00 PM Reconciliation 5:00 PM Mass (l. Carol Bennett) Midnight Spanish Mass (d. Dorothy Ardolf)

    Sunday January 1, 2012

    Mary, the Holy Mother of God 9:30 AM Mass (l. Jim and Marilyn Mayer) 11:30 AM Spanish Mass (For the Parish) 8:00 PM Mass at Holy Family, Silver Lake

    SCRIPTURE READINGS: Monday: Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-59; Mt 10:17-22 Tuesday: 1 Jn 1:5-2:2; Jn 20:1a, 2-8 Wednesday: 1 Jn 1:1-4; Mt 2:13-18 Thursday: 1 Jn 2:3-11; Lk 2:22-35 Friday: Sir 3:2-6, 12-14; Lk 2:22-40 Saturday: 1 Jn 2:18-21; Jn 1:1-18 Sunday: Nm 6:22-27; Gal 4:4-7; Lk 2:16=21

    WE EXTEND OUR SYMPATHY: to Alice Jilek on the death of her sister Dorothy Pavlish on December 15 in Tucson, AZ. Her funeral is planned for sometime in the spring. May God receive her in mercy and comfort her family and friends.

    FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP—December 17 & 18, 2011: Adult: $4,401.00; Student: $33.08; Loose Plate: $155.85; Immaculate Conception: $90.00; Religious Retirement: $130.00; Christmas: $75.00; Pius Connections to the Future: $10.00; Spanish: $149.12; Spanish Education: $103.92.


    PARISH OFFICES CLOSED ON MONDAY: Our parish offices will be closed on Monday to allow our staff to celebrate the great feast of Christmas.

    : Fr. Tony’s schedule is variable this week. If you need to reach him please call one of the parish offices and they will help you reach him.

    YOUTH GROUP MOVIE NIGHT ON WEDNESDAY: The Youth Group will gather for a movie night in the lower level of the Church of the Holy Family on Wednesday. Come and enjoy a movie and some fun.

    YEAR END DONATION: Many of you will be doing year-end donations before December 31st. We are happy to help you by receiving your donation either in the Sunday collection or at the parish office. Our parish office will be open during regular office hours on December 30th

    NEW YEAR’S WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE: The Blessed John Paul II Area Faith Community will follow its regular weekend Mass schedule on Saturday, December 31 and Sunday, January 1. The only additional Mass will be a Mass in Spanish at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

    to help you with last minute donations.

    STUDENT ENVELOPES DISTRIBUTED: Our student members have received their yearly envelopes for their Sunday stewardship donations to the ministry of the parish. School students received them at school, and religious education students received their packets in their classes. You should begin to use them next Sunday, January 1. If your student did not receive a packet, please contact Shirley at the parish office.

    THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED CHURCH: We thank the following people for helping with church cleaning last Saturday: Al and Teddy Klobe, LeRoy Donnay, Barry and Alex Mielke, Marge Traver, Andrew Thurn, Robert Thurn, Bev Schatz, Sr. Leeja, Sr. Viji Grace, Kathy Urban, Elaine Schuette, Joyce, Connor and McKenna Hallaway, Margaret Koester, John Popelka, Denise and Mark Lueders, Carmen Forcier, Joann and Mel Schmeling, Moe and Gloria Mahon, Ron Maresh and Pat Ogle. We appreciate your work and gift to the parish for Christmas.

    BLESSINGS TO ALL WHO HELPED DECORATE OUR CHURCH: We thank the following people who helped decorate our church last Sunday: John Popelka, Bruce Johnson, Kraig Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Moe Mahon, Nancy Cox, Gene Seipel, John Seipel, Leah & Mark Cathey; Ray Eberhard, Denise & Jeff Lueders, Mark Lueders, Colton Lueders, Madonna Stuedemann, Leon & Pat Johnson, Carla Bass, Ethan Bass, Chris Jacques, Jennifer Jacques, and Robert Thurn. The crew was so pleasant and so efficient in doing the assigned tasks. We also thank Patrick Maresh and Ron Maresh for all the preliminary work they did to insure the success of our decorating task. Thanks again and may all of you have a Blessed Christmas and many graces during the New Year.


    : Bp. LeVoir has prepared special Advent and Christmas messages that are being broadcast daily on KDUZ radio, 1260 AM at approximately 8:05 AM.

  • Christmas Thanks 2011 We thank the following individuals and families who donated flowers:

    Delia Britz in memory of Syl Britz and Mary Ellen Vogel Leona Donnay in memory of Cyril and Bruce C. Donnay,Brian and John Pinske and Spencer Oltmann

    Tim and Marlys Pinske in memory of Robert and Janet Pinske Gloria Oltmann in memory of her son, Spencer Brooks Oltmann

    Cathy and Fred Werth in memory of our fathers: Michael Kauffmann and Fred E. Werth Joann Schmidt in memory of Earl Schmidt

    Barbara Smyth in memory of Olivia Cormier Kenneth and Gladys Donnay in memory of deceased members of Donnay, Harpel, Kostecka,

    and Urban families and David Nelson Florence Eischens in memory of deceased members of the Eischens Family

    Mary Ann Thalmann in memory/honor of the Hutter and Thalmann Families Marcella Matousek in memory of Harold, Agnes, Theodore Matousek, Francis Rozeski,

    and Anna, Theodore Kostecka Carmen Forcier and Maury McNeil in memory of Ralph and Betty McNeil

    and in honor of Frank and Georgia Forcier Betty Schroeder in memory of deceased members of Henry Schroeder family

    The Ken Farrell Family in memory of Troy Farrell Pat Ogle in memory of Gloris Ogle

    Joyce Schmidt in memory of John Schmidt Lillian Lentsch in memory of Lentsch Family Lois and Madonna Stuedemann in memory of

    the deceased members of the Harens and Stuedemann families Pearl Shanahan in memory of John Shanahan

    The Mraz Family In honor of Tillie Hettver who celebrates her 96th Birthday on Christmas

    The Bass Family Erven and Lucy Lorence in memory of Bob Lorence

    Margaret Parker in memory of Virgil Parker Sharon Christensen in memory of Bob Fuglsand, Robert and Georgine Portner, Willard Christensen,

    Tim Christensen, Jerome and Joyce Beneke, Rose Alice Howk Annette Ahlfs in memory of Ted and Geraldine Popelka and Joseph Popelka

    John Popelka remembering homebo