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Startup Pirates @Lisboa 3rd Edition - Event Report

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Event Report of the 3rd Edition of Startup Pirates @Lisboa. March 2013. http://lisboa.startuppirates.org/

Event Report March 2nd to 9th, 2013



Whats Startup Pirates @ Lisboa 3

Startup Pirates @ Lisboa 3 r d Edit ion 8

Event Stat i s t ics 1 1

Pr izes 13

Agenda 14

Speakers & Mentors 15

Ideas & Teams 17

Attendee Feedback 25

P laces & Locat ions 28

Socia l Media 35

Sponsors & Main Partners 37

What is Startup Pirates?

Startup Pirates @ Lisboa i s an acce lerat ion program for entrepreneurs in the making organized by Daring Project . During 8 days in Lisbon anyone with a s trong entrepreneur ia l sp ir it i s very welcome!

During the week of the 2nd to the 9 th of Mar ch, our pirates had the opportunity to part ic ipate in workshops and ta lks about re levant topics , such as team bui ld ing, market ing, des ign th inking, bus iness mode l canvas, finance and pitch; and speak one-to-one with exper ienced entrepreneurs , mentors and so much more


A little bit of history

Startup Pirates 1st Edition


4th to 11th February 2012

75 candidates 32 pirates 6 countries 10 workshops 9 teams 1 boat 1.104 playing cards 460 likes on Facebok 8 talks 18 mentors 2 energizers 28 pitched ideas 2.498 post-its 1 wedding proposal

STP 1 in numbers The Almighty Captains


Startup Pirates 2st Edition


1st to 8th September 2012

46 candidates 28 pirates 7 countries 10 workshops 8 talks 18 mentors 2 energizers 28 pitched ideas 9 teams 1.037 likes on Facebook 2.498 post-its 9 Celebration tattoos

The Almighty Captains

STP 2 in numbers


Startup Pirates 3rd Edition


2nd to 9th of March 2013

Davis Gouveia Joo Remondes Lina Figueira Amalia Ghiban

Mariana Cordeiro Miguel Lemos Rita Valinhas Maria Lusa Caeiro

The Almighty Captains


The Amazing Pirates


From 7 Countries

Portugal USA Italy Mexico

South Africa



Event Statistics


Event Statistics



8 Workshops

8 Pirate Workshops

1 Inspirat iona l Ta lk

4 Entrepreneur Ta lks

1 Pirate Meetup

4 Ask the Mentor sess ions

2 Energizers

5 Wake-Up Cha l lenges

Ski l l share: Part ic ipants shared ski l l s with each other. From Des ign to Lean Thinking

We got together pirates from the 1s t and 2nd Edit ion to share the ir exper iences and network

Pirates s tar ted the day with a cha l lenge re lated to the deve lopment of the ir projects


Ideas & Teams

28 Init ia l Ideas pitched

6 Se lected Ideas/ teams

20 Pirates

20 Mentors

19 Speakers

Prizes Incubation in Startup Lisboa for 1 Team (3 months)

Incubation in TagusPark for 2 Teams (6 months)

Incubation in Tec Labs for 1 Team (6 months)

Discount Voucher for 1 Team Odd School

3 Sage Startup Packages

Montepio Geral Award 20h of Consultancy from Daring Project




19 Speakers + 20 Mentors


Speakers + Mentors


Amalia Ghiban Brbara Alves Cristiano Martins Daniela Couto Fred Oliveira Guida Figueira Isa Machado Joo Pedro Santos Kristin Mendez Luis Ahrens Teixiera Mariana de Sousa Cardoso Michal Monit Miguel Neiva Pedro Alte da Veiga Pedro Anto Pedro Santos Ricardo Lima Rui Quinta Vasco Gaspar

Ana Dias Andr Lus Bruno Santos Amaro Celso Martinho Dina Cruz Gonalo Henriques Ins Silva Islia Barata Joana Branco Lopes Joo Coelho Joo Romo Marta Miraldes Miguel Matos Miguel Muoz Nuno Rivotti Pedro Falco Pedro Moura Rui Andrs Sandra Sick Vincenzo di Maria

The Brave Pirates


Ideas & Teams


Lost Lisbon

Lost Lisbon offers a new concept of inhabit ing - room surfing - apartments in the h i s tor ica l c ity center shared by res idents and tour is t s looking for more than a p lace to s tay. Living in the same house a l lows the shar ing of exper iences , connect ing peop le and p laces around the wor ld , enab l ing those who are vis it ing to l ive l ike a loca l , and those who l ive in Lisbon to be part of an internat iona l community.


Boil 2 Cool


Boi l 2 Cool new coo l ing so lut ions for e lectronic components , by d irect immers ion, coo l ing in a boi l ing d ie lectr ic f lu id .

Mobile Data Research


Our project i s ca l l ed MDR and it 's a p lat form that a l lows cognit ive sc ience resear chers to use mobi le devices as a mean to co l lect exper imenta l data. I t 's organized as a Software as a Service bus iness mode l . Resear chers can login to our webs ite , assemble an exper iment and then push it to our mobi le app where part ic ipants can chose to co l laborate in the exper iment and win Amazon Gif t Cards as a reward


Schoo lbreak i s a board game with a d i fference. I t inc ludes sets of cards that cover the schoo l curr icu lum throughout . The cards can be downloaded from an app. , so that the users may se lect the year and sub jects they wish to s tudy. In th i s sense it i s a game that grows with the s tudent ."


Skidsy Skidsy i s an on l ine p lat form that enab les everyone to learn what they a lways wanted from the experts of our society. Our tag l ine: Learn more, empower yourse l f . Our ob ject ive: To create a learning society where peop le create learning re lat ionsh ips and endorse l i fe long learning. As a marketp lace for courses , the experts can teach the ir sk i l l s in the categor ies of : Lifes ty le , Business , Arts , Cul inary Arts , Techno logy, Languages and For Chi ldren. For the learners , we be l ieve the wor ld would be a better p lace, i f everyone found the ir t rue ta lents .




Urbestufa a ims to create a p lants in urban areas . Us ing LED techno logy we l l grow p lants without needing pest ic ides , because they would grow in a c losed and protected environment .

Using hydroponics would spare a l so water and be a a l ternat ive to grow p lants in areas with poor so i l . I t s a good and hea l thy way of product ion. I t cou ld s tart with an abandoned bui ld ing, l ike a factory so it i sn ' t too cost ly to s tart th i s project .

Attendee Feedback


Attendee Feedback A survey was sent to all 20 pirates, we asked them to rate the event, speakers and mentors. Scale used: 1 to 5 (1 -very dissatisfied to 5 - very satisfied)

Overall satisfaction with the event:

4,6 4,8 4,4






Pirate Crew

Length of the event







Attendee Feedback

Reference: http://www.netpromoter.com/

Net Promoter Scoreis a management tool that can be used to gauge theloyaltyof customer relationships.

It serves as an alternative to traditionalcustomer satisfactionresearch.


NPS for Startup [email protected]


Places and Locations

Palcio Quintela No School & Cowork Lisboa


Places and Locations

Startup Lisboa Tech


Places and Locations

U.A.C.S. Unio das Associaes de Comrcio e Servios


Places and Locations

Startup Lisboa Commerce


Places and Locations

Odd School Creative Media


Places and Locations

Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa


Places and Locations

Padro dos Descobrimentos


Social Media

Blog / Website: http://lisboa.startuppirates.org/

Facebook / Photos: https://www.facebook.com/startuppirateslisboa

Twitter: http://twitter.com/spirateslisboa


1.572 Likes on Facebook 103.338 people reached

Social Media


Sponsors and Main Partners


RESUL was founded in 1982 and it is now a creative and imaginative company that researches, develops, produces and proposes equipment solutions for energy transport and distribution (gas and electricity), telecommunication networks, public lighting, water networks, central heating systems and also solutions for renewable energies (thermal and photovoltaic).

Treasure Sponsor


Gold Coin Sponsor


Silver Coin Sponsor


Bronze Coin Sponsor


Main Partners


Media Partner




Thank you all!!

contact us if you have any questions [email protected]


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