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Team Work & Team Building

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  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    Module One: Getting Started

    For most of us, teamwork is a part of everyday life.

    Whether it’s at home, in the community, or at work,

    we are often expected to be a functional part of a

    performing team.

     TE!W"#$ % TE! &'()*(+------------------------...


    A Report On: Teamwork

    Assigned By: ir !uhammad +adeem $han

    Course Title: "/ce dministration %

    !anagement 0Evening1

    Institute:  Ensign 2ommuni3u405ead "/ce67, $arachi1


  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


     This workshop will encourage participants to explore

    the di8erent aspects of a team, as well as ways that

    they can become a top6notch team performer.Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is

     progress; working together is success. 0 John D.


    An Overview of Tuckan and

     !ensen"s #our$%&ase Model

    •  The Forming tage

    •  The torming tage

    •  The +orming tage

    •  The 7erforming tage

    Module Two: Types of Teas

     The !erriam Webster *ictionary de9nes a team as a

    number of persons associated together in work or

    activity. Teams are formed for many purposes.

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    Examples include pro:ect teams, ad6hoc teams,

    3uality improvement teams, and task forces.

    ometimes the team is formed to work on a goal as anad:unct to a traditional hierarchy in an organi;ation.

    t other times, the team is designed to replace the


    Getting' good players is easy. Getting him to play

    together is the hard part. 0Casey tengel)

    T&e Traditional Tea

    • team gains a shared understanding and

    purpose among team members, as distinguished

    from a group.

    •  Teams re3uire mutually agreed6upon operating


    • team is interdependent< everyone works for the

    good of the team, not for oneself.

    • E8ective teams distinguish task from process.

    Self$'irected Teas

    self6directed team is a team that is responsiblefor a whole product or process.

    •  The team plans the work and performs it,

    managing many of the tasks supervision or

    management might

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    • facilitator helps the group get started and stay

    on track.


    • Workers can be located anywhere in the world

    • =irtual environments can give shy participants a

    new voice

    • !embers have less commuting and travel time,

    so they tend to be more productive

    • 2ompanies gain an increasingly hori;ontal

    organi;ation structure, characteri;ed by

    structurally, and geographically distributed

    human resources.

    )allarks of T&is Stage

    • t the same time, the members are establishing

    dependency relationships with leaders, fellow

    team members, or any standards that existed

    when the group formed.

    • !embers behave independently when the team

    forms. While there may be good will towardsfellow members, unconditional trust is not yet


    *&at to 'o As a +eader

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    • 7rovide an environment for introductions

    • 2reate a climate where participants can begin to

    build rapport

    • 7resent a solid 9rst agenda so that the goals for

    the team are clear.

    • *&at to 'o As a #ollower

    • &ecause the members of a new team may

    experience uncertainty and apprehension, it’simportant to help members feel comfortable and

    that they are a part of the group.

    • (n addition, helping team members enhance their

    listening skills will allow them to focus more

    clearly on the ob:ectives

    Module T&ree: T&e Second Stage of

    Tea 'evelopent , Storing

    We will look at the torming phase where the team

    focuses on their ob:ective. This is the reason the team

    was created, and we will break down where the

    leaders and followers 9t into this stage. Team

    members will now begin to 9ll certain rolls and the

    team is starting to come together.

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    Con!ict is ine"itable# but combat is optional. 0$a%


    T&e )allarks of T&is Stage

    • (n the torming phase, the team starts to address

    the ob:ective0s1, suggesting ideas.

    • (t empowers itself to share leadership.

    *i8erent ideas may compete for consideration, and if

    badly managed, this phase can be very destructive for

    the team

    *&at to 'o As a +eader

    •  The leader must address any con>ict immediately

    and directly so issues don?t fester.

    • "nce you understand two sides to an issue, you

    can help the team generate a win6win solution.

    • ssertive communication is an important skill

    during this phase of the group?s evolution.

    Module #our: T&e T&ird Stage of

    Tea 'evelopent , -oring

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    &y now the team should be in place and everyone has

    their role with progress beginning on the ob:ectives.

    oals have been set and people are now beginning towork on their tasks.

    Good ideas are common; what's uncommon are

     people who'll work hard enough to bring them about. 

    0 shleigh (rilliant)

    T&e )allarks of T&is Stage

    •  This tends to be a move towards harmonious

    working practices.

    •  Teams begin agreeing on the rules and values by

    which they operate.

    • (n the ideal situation, teams begin to trust

    themselves during this phase.

    *&at to 'o As a +eader

    • s individual members take greater responsibility,

    team leaders can take a step back from the

    leadership role at this stage.

    (t is an opportune time to provide team memberswith task and process tools, or even an energi;er

    to keep enthusiasm levels high.

    *&at to 'o As a #ollower

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    • &ecause team members have gained some

    mutual trust, they are freer to focus on process

    and task.• (f one link is not pulling its weight, or is not as

    strong as the other links the chance of success is


    • Everyone needs to work together.

    Module #ive: T&e #ourt& Stage of

    Tea 'evelopent , %erforing

     The team should now be well into their work and

    progress made on their ob:ectives. 2ommunication is

    going well and team members are sharing knowledge

    and working well together.

    ow much we like oursel"es go"erns our

     performance. 0(rian *racy)

    )allarks of t&is Stage

    • "nce teams move from +orming to 7erforming,

    they are identi9ed by high levels of

    independence, motivation, knowledge, and


  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    • *ecision making is collaborative and dissent is

    expected and encouraged as there will be a high

    level of respect in the communication betweenteam members.

    *&at to 'o As a +eader

    ince the team is functioning in a highly independent

    way in the 7erforming phase, the leader shifts partially

    into a support and mentoring role to provide task or

    process resources to help the team complete itsob:ectives.

    *&at to 'o As a #ollower

    • &ecause the 7erforming stage implies high

    interpersonal trust, knowledge, and competence,

    participants can perform higher level analyses to

    support decisions toward team ob:ectives.

    • W"T analysis is a simple tool that allows

    speci9c ideas to be easily categori;ed to help

    support the adoption of a solution to an ob:ective.

    Module Si.: Tea Building Activities

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


     Teambuilding is an organi;ed e8ort to improve team

    e8ectiveness. ll members of the team must be

    committed to the idea in order for the e8ort to bee8ective. Teambuilding can be indicated for any team

    or for a work team that is considered to [email protected] in

    [email protected] Teambuilding implies hard work that

    continues on after the initial training session.

    *he greater the loyalty of a group toward the group#

    the greater is the moti"ation among the members to

    achie"e the goals of the group# and the greater the

     probability that the group will achie"e its goals.

    0Rensis &ikert)

    T&e Bene/ts and 'isadvantages

    •  Teambuilding improves productivity and


    •  Teams will gain and increase ability to solve


    •  Teambuilding helps break down personal and

    political barriers and allows for rapport building.

    •  The process can help level the playing 9eld

    between outgoing and shy team members.

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    • 7articipating in teambuilding can help teams

    overcome performance problems

    Tea$Building Activities T&at *on"t

    Make %eople Cringe

    •  There are many choices of activities and

    techni3ues to foster team building.

    • Which you choose depends upon your assessment

    of the team, the skill sets of the members, theamount of available time, geographical

    considerations or constraints, and the team’s


    C&oosing a +ocation for Tea$


    • teambuilding session can be intense, and often

    involves games or other physical exercises.

    • (t?s important, therefore to select the location

    carefully to promote the best possible learning


    #egardless of whether you hold your teambuildingsession on or o8 site, there are some important

    considerations to explore.

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    Module Seven: Making t&e Most of

    Tea Meetings

     They are extremely important in team building and

    facilitation. (t is very important that they are well

    structured and have a set purpose and time. When a

    meeting is run well it is a fantastic tool as it provides a

    forum where a lot of information can be given to a lot

    of people in a short amount of time. (ssues can be

    addressed and action plans set into play.

    *hese meetings all ha"e e%cited great attention# and 

    ha"e been of an e%ceedingly interesting character.

    &ewis *appan

    Module (ig&t: Solving %ro0les as a


    "ne of the most common ob:ectives of a team is to

    solve a certain problem. (t is usually why a team is

    created. Team members bring a diverse set of skills to

    the team and this provides a great scenario and the

    best chance in 9nding a solution. &ecause the team is

    comprised of individuals that bring a uni3ue skill set,

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    it provides the team with a Athe whole is greater than

    its [email protected] setup which is a valuable tool.

     ny time you think the problem is out there# that "ery 

    thought is the problem. 0tephen R. Co"ey)

    (ncouraging Brainstoring

    &rainstorms are a simple and e8ective method for

    generating ideas and suggestions. They allow group

    members to use each other as creative resources andare e8ective when a sub:ect is being introduced. The

    goal is to rapidly generate a large 3uantity of ideas.

    ubse3uent sorting and prioriti;ing of the ideas is

    usually needed to re9ne the results.

    Building Consensus

    B.(dentify the problem or goal.

    C.enerate alternative solutions.

    D.Establish ob:ective criteria.

    .*ecide on a solution that best 9ts the criteria.

    .7roceed with the solution.

    G.Evaluate the solution.

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    Module -ine: (ncouraging Teawork 

    For every team member that believes and works for

    the team the chances of success go up exponentially.

     That is the reason why it is so important in teamwork

    and team building, as it provides the greats chance of


    +n order to ha"e a winner# the team must ha"e a

    feeling of unity; e"ery player must put the team ,rst-ahead of personal glory.

    aul (ear (ryant 

    Soe T&ings to 'o

    • 7romote an active learning climate for the team

    •  Try to relate the team building strategies to the

    team’s work

    • *on’t be afraid to experiment with new strategies

    • 2onstantly evaluate both your output and your

    process. (n short, ask regularly, H5ow are we

    doingISoe T&ings to Avoid

    J &eing aggressive 66 instead of assertive

    J Failing to let others express their opinions

  • 8/17/2019 Team Work & Team Building


    J (nade3uate planning

    Soe T&ings to Consider

    • Encouraging teamwork means making a

    commitment, and re3uires practice.

    •  The process is not instant and take some time, so

    be patient.

    • *o not be discouraged by mistakes, learn from


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