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TenayaLodge, October 9, 2014 Presenters: Sue Mosbacher ...Welcome! Masterful MFP Demo Presentations....

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  • Welcome!

    Masterful MFP Demo Presentations

    Tenaya Lodge, October 9, 2014

    Presenters: Sue MosbacherMichael Pizza

  • Participant Polling Place• MFP FAQs Loop vs. Deadtime• Door prize BINGO• MFPs?• MGs?• Combos?• Presenters?

  • Parking Lot and Gimme List


  • Today’s Agenda

    • Plan • Prep• Practice• Present• Post


  • Plan: Know Where You’re Going

    • New Course Proposal

    1. Proposed title2. Presenter(s)3. Short description4. Objectives5. Preferred date(s)

    *Board approved/references/costs/“recipes”5

  • Plan: Location, Location, Location

    • Site logistics impact delivery method• Go to the people when possible• Noise levels


  • Plan: Fill the Room

    Marketing • Exciting class title• Accurate class description• Social Media: local, statewide MG• Website: local, statewide MG• Local partners• Store-front flyers / Site calendar• Newspapers, newsletters, radio, local TV

    – Plenty of advance notice• UCCE cross program promotions

    Apples 4 WaysCitrus Squeeze – Oranges, Limes,

    Lemons, Kumquats GrapefruitColorful PicklesFun Fruits & Vegetables to PicklePick a Peck of Perky PicklesPreserving Fish & GameSalsa Dancing TomatoesTangy & Sweet Accompaniments


  • Today’s Agenda

    • Plan• Prep• Practice• Present• Post


  • Prep: Basket of Tricks

    • Props and PassArounds• More than just objects• Even more important…


  • Prep: Basket of Tricks, con’t

    • Persona pull out1. Tone2. Mentor3. Connections4. DO Take it personally5. ETU


  • Prep: Expect the Unexpected• Power loss• Sick presenter• Snow day


  • Prep: Teamwork

    Different kinds of teamwork:1. One teach, one trainee (mentoring)2. Parallel teaching3. Station teaching

    *Recommendation re “leads”


  • Prep: Delivering the Goods

    Class materials ≠ Copy of PowerPoint slides• NCHFP compliance; current

    – Search for “Reviewed 2014”• Focus on the process

    – Recipes are teaching tools• Tastings?

    – Environmental Health


  • Prep: Delivering the Goods

    • Demonstration Variety1. Dry demos

    2. Video demo slides

    3. Live video demo

    4. Real thing ;-)


  • Today’s Agenda

    • Plan• Prep• Practice• Present• Post


  • Practice: Expect the Unexpected

    • Talkers• My grandmother does this ….• I know more than you


  • Practice: Makes Perfect!

    • Record yourself– Timing, timing and timing


  • Practice: Share the Load

    • Team demos– Split: talk / demo


  • Practice: Plug it In

    • A/V logistics• “No hablo Windows”• Extensions, tapes, and curtains


  • Today’s Agenda

    • Plan• Prep• Practice• Present• Post


  • Present: Keep Them Focused!

    • Teachable moments from the get-go• Looping MFP safety questions• Focus ‘em BINGO • Active learning


  • Present: Standard Housekeeping

    • Standard opening checklist– Online or cheat-sheet

    • MFP mission: science based – USDA / National Center for Home Food


    • Goals / Schedule / Questions


  • Present: Share the Love!

    • “I love pressure canning!”– “It shows!”

    • MFPs make a difference– Saving lives, one jar at a time …

    • Personal– Our stories are your stories!– Share uses for preserved food

    • Audience Participation


  • Present: CFU

    • Topic transitions

    • Last demo: role reversal

    • “Do the math”


  • Present: Variable Delivery

    • PP is not…• Storytell your errors!• Tips • Stretch• Humor• Horror stories


  • Present: Endorsements

    • MGs/MFPS: public entities; can’t give unfair advantage– “This is an example of XXXX, not an endorsement”– Find what fits your needs and budget

    • Know your local stores and what they sell• Give internet search tips, not recommendations


  • Present: Science-based

    It’s our job.

    If the process is not there, we don’t teach it.

    NCHFP overrides MFP training manuals.


  • Today’s Agenda

    • Plan• Prep• Practice• Present• Post


  • Post: Next Steps

    • Try something new!– Fill blue painter tape labels– “Ask a Master Food Preserver”– Picture of first batch of XXXX– Fair entry– Share success / challenges on FB– Send in recipes that use their preserved food


  • Post: So long, farewell, ….

    • Standard closing checklist– Online or cheat-sheet

    • MFP contact info• Resources• Donations / sales• Upcoming classes• Recruitment• Thank you’s


  • Post: How did it go?

    • Evaluations bribery reward

    • SignOUTS

    • Lead contacts


  • Today’s Agenda

    • Plan• Prep• Practice• Present• Post


  • Parking Lot and Gimme List


  • Resources and References

    So Easy to PreserveCooperative Extension, The University of Georgiahttp://setp.uga.edu

    National Center for Home Food Preservationhttp://nchfp.uga.edu

    University of California, UC Food Safetyhttp://ucfoodsafety.ucdavis.edu

    Master Gardener Handbook, UC Cooperative Extensionhttp://anrcatalog.ucdavis.edu/Details.aspx?itemNo=3382



  • Thank You! Any Questions?

    UCCE Master Gardeners and Master Food Preservers of El Dorado County are here to

    answer your questions!

    Sue [email protected]

    Michael [email protected]

    Master Food Preserver Hotline:Phone: 530-621-5506

    Email: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

    Slide Number 1Participant Polling PlaceParking Lot and Gimme ListToday’s AgendaPlan: Know Where You’re GoingPlan: Location, Location, LocationPlan: Fill the RoomToday’s AgendaPrep: Basket of TricksPrep: Basket of Tricks, con’tPrep: Expect the UnexpectedPrep: TeamworkPrep: Delivering the GoodsPrep: Delivering the GoodsToday’s AgendaPractice: Expect the UnexpectedPractice: Makes Perfect!Practice: Share the LoadPractice: Plug it InToday’s AgendaPresent: Keep Them Focused! Present: Standard HousekeepingPresent: Share the Love!Present: CFUPresent: Variable DeliveryPresent: EndorsementsPresent: Science-basedToday’s AgendaPost: Next StepsPost: So long, farewell, ….Post: How did it go?Today’s AgendaParking Lot and Gimme ListSlide Number 34Slide Number 35

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Welcome! Masterful MFP Demo Presentations Tenaya Lodge, October 9, 2014 Presenters: Sue Mosbacher Michael Pizza
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