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    岡 山TRY I LAST NAME !|



    1001 France Tillard Jean-Jacques The Overprints of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in the 19th Century

    1002 Costa Rica Castro-Harrigan Alvaro Panama: First Issue of the Republic

    1003 Denmark W』ttsten Peter Sweden 1855-1872 The First Five Stamp Issues

    Greece -Incoming and Outgoing Mail and their Destinations 1827・1875up to UPU (Previous title:

    1004 Germany Bauer Wolfgang Greece -Outgoing and Incoming mail from 1828 before the time of stamps up to UPU 1875)

    1005 India Suri Anil Fiscals of Cochin

    1006 Japan Onuma Yukio L V.Beethoven -His Life in a Historical Context and His Legacy

    1007 Monaco Voruz Jean Geneva Postal Services 1839・1862

    1008 Norway Slettebo Hallvard World Scouting

    1009 Thailand Eksombatchai Prasatporn Siam 1899-1910: The Giesecke and Devrient Printings

    1010 USA Schumann Stephen New Zealand Postal Stationery 1876-1940

    CLASS 2A • TRADITIONAL PH札ATELY(NATIONAL CLASS THAILAND) Total 匝豆illl件 陀L-GPCI Remarks Siam -The Provisional ATT Surcharges 1889-1899 on

    2101 Czech Republic Tucek Petr Second Issue and its study 85 LV

    2102 Japan Iwasaki Zenta Siam 1883-1895 (Previous title: Siam Classic) 88 LV

    2103 Thailand Chirakiti Prakob Siam: The First Three Issues 1883-1899 91 G

    2104 Thailand Eksombatchai Suwanna Siam (Thailand): King Rama VII and King Rama VIII 90 G

    2105 Thailand Krishna打、ara Ayuth Siam: King Rama IV and King Rama V (1837-1904) 96 LG SP9/GPNC 2106 Thailand Krishnamara Avuth Thailand: King Chulalongkorn (1887・1910) 91 G

    Thailand: Commemorative Issue of Queen Sirikit 3rd・6th

    2107 Thailand Lakhonmoon Nuttapol Cycle Birthday 71 s

    2108 Thailand Leelaluckana Panu Thailand: 1971・1972Commemorative Issues 78 LS

    2109 Thailand Sang-Ngern Somchai King Bhumipol Definitive Issue (1947・1960) 95 LG

    Thailand: King Bhumibol's 1”Definitive Issue & Surcharges (Previous title: Thailand: King Bhumibol’s 1st & 2nd

    2110 Thailand Utensute Ukris Definitive Issues) 95 LG

    2111 Thailand Tscheikuna Jamsak Siam Surcharge Issues: November 1889・October1899 90 G

    CLASS 28・TRADITIONALPH比ATELY(ASIA, OCEANIA AND AFRICA) Total Medal SP-FEL-GPC I Remarks J 2201 Australia Gray Nancy The Last Engraved Stamps of Australia 1966・1974 83 V

    2202 Australia Howard James Brunei 1894 to 1947 (Previous title: Brunei 1893 to 1947) 77 LS

    2203 Australia Hurrell Eric Australia・TheKangaroo and Map Stamps (1913-1947) 78 LS 2204 Australia Kellow Geoffrey Australia: The 2d Bell Design of Victoria, 1876・1880 86 LV

    2205 Australia Savins Lionel The 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand 87 LV

    2206 Belgium Jorgensen Lars The Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek -Transvaal 92 G FEL

    Silver Yuan Surcharge of ROC East & West Sichuan Postal

    2207 China Wang Changzhi Zone 85 LV

    2208 Chinese Taipei Chiu Chen-Lung The Evolution of Postage Meter of China 1928-1955 90 G

    2209 Chinese Taioei Lin Tzu-Mu Early New Taiwan Dollars Surcharged Issue 95 LG

    2210 Chinese Taipei Tsai Wen-Lung People’s Republic of China Definitives 1950・1954 91 G

    2211 Czech Republic Cerny Radek North Yemen 1926・1948 82 V

    2212 Czech Republic Petrik Jaromir Afghanistan 1871-1900 88 LV

    2213 Ger円、any Bornmann Johannes Nepal, Pre-Philately and Classic 86 LV Hong Kong: Designs, Proofs, Specimens and other Archival

    2214 Hong Kong Kwan William Materials 96 LG

    2215 Hong Kong Kwan To Wah Tony China: Empress Dowager Jubilee and Its Surcharged Issues 93 G

    NICA, Netherlands Indies Civil Administration Stamps 1945・

    2216 Indonesia Adi Nugroho Daniel 1946 81 V

    Postage Due of the Netherlands East Indies, The First 3

    2217 Indonesia Harsono Suwito Issues 1874-1909 85 LV

    Netherlands Indies ”A Study of Queen Wilhelmina Postage

    Stamp 1932・1940”(Previoustitle: Netherlands Indies ”

    2218 Indonesia Rachmanto Budi Study Queen Wilhelmina Postage Stamp 1932・1942”) 82 V 2219 Indonesia Harsono Suwito Netherlands East Indies: The Third Issue 1870・1890 92 G

    2220 Japan ltoh Sumihide Japan: Showa Series, 1937-46 92 G

    2221 Japan Kikuchi Emi Japan Definitives 1937・1940 80 V Japan Definitives Issues 1914・1925(Previous title: Japan:

    Tazawa Series吋aisho"Watermarked Granite Paper Old

    2222 Japan Niwa Akio Die) 86 LV

    2223 Japan Yoshida Takashi Japan Definitives 1922・1937 87 LV

    2224 Kuwait Al・Saif Waleed Kuwait Post Office 1915-1958 85 LV 2225 Macao Kwan Kai Kai Ceres Issues of Macau 86 LV

    2226 Nepal Tulsyan Bhavya The Classic Period of Nepal 1779・1930 80 V

    2227 Netherlands Kaplanian Avo The Early Issues of Jordan and Their Varieties, 1920・1933 83 V

  • The Local Machine Prints of Pakistan 1947・8.( Previous

    2228 Pakistan Qureshi Salman title: 1947 Machine Printed Pakistan on Indian Stamps) 80 V

    2230 Qatar Al-Ismail Hussain First Definitive Issue of Qatar 75 LS

    2231 Singapore Choy Patrick Unit, Basic and Silver Yuan Stamps of China 93 G SP4

    2232 Singapore Tan Eng Chuan Richard Straits Settlements from pre stamp era to 1900 97 LG GPIC

    2233 Singapore Henry Ong Malaya Postage Meters Stamp 1927・1942 86 LV

    2234 South Africa Flanagan Patrick The Double Head Stamps of Rhodesia 1910-1913 88 LV

    2235 Thailand Theppornchai Chirawit Kingdom of Laos: King Sisavang-Vong・sReign 83 V 2236 Thailand Sinchawla Santpal Classic Burma 96 LG SPS

    2237 UAE Al Serkal Ahmad Bin Eisa Abu Dhabi Stamps 1963-1973 90 G

    2238 UAE Al Serkal Nasser Bin Ahmad Dubai Stamps 78 LS

    2239 UK Cockburn Peter The British Military Administration of Malaya 90 G

    2240 USA Walker W Danforth Soruth: A Princely Indian State 92 G

    2241 USA Youssefi Khosrow (Joe) Classic Persia 92 G

    2242 UK Hackmey Joseph The Triangular Stamps of The Cape of Good Hope 95 LG

    Chinese liberated Area Stamps Central and South (1948.9・

    2243 China Fu Jiaju 1950.8) 90 G

    2244 China Sun Jiangtao Chinese Customs Large Dragon Stamps (1878-1897) 91 G FEL

    CLASS 2C -TRADITIONAL PH札ATELY (EUROPE) Total E豆ESP-FEL-GPC Remarks 2301 Croatia Gubijan Zeljko Albania 1913・1922 85 LV

    2302 China Li Frank Estonia: The Early Years (Previous title: Estonia: 1918・1944) 88 LV

    2303 Finland Rannikko Pekka Finland, Model Saarinen 1917-1930 93 G FEL

    2304 France cadamuro Jean-Marc France: The Marianne Muller 90 G

    Overprinted British High Values for use Abroad -The

    2305 Italy Laurenzi Martino Seahorse Issue 85 LV

    2306 Italy Melone Francesco Naples 91 G

    2307 Italy Palumbo Giorgio Italian Postage Due Stamps 1863・1894 92 G SP8

    2308 Japan Saito Tamaki Austria and Lombardy-Venetia the 1850 Issues 90 G

    2309 Japan Yoshida Takashi Kingdon、ofPrussia 1850-1867 92 G The First Three Stamps of Belgium 1849, the ”Epaulettes"

    2310 Liechtenstein Huys Berlingin Jan and the ”Medallions”40c 97 LG GPIC 2311 Netherlands vanWijk P Deo Netherlands, Emission 1867 90 G

    2312 Cyprus Athanasiou Costas Postage Stamps of Cyprus -The Victorian Issues 1880-1896 82 V

    The Olympic Stamps for First Olympic Games 1896 and

    2313 Ro円、ania Constantin Milu Decennial 1906 88 LV Zemstvo Post in Russian Empire 1865-1918 (Previous title:

    2314 Russia Evgeny Bogomolny Rural Post Stamps of Russian Empire 1863・1914) 91 G

    2316 Sweden Agren Johan Sweden 1885・1911 90 G

    2317 Sweden Agren Johan Sweden Definitives Coat-of-Arms (1858)・CircleType (1885) 85 LV

    2318 Switzerland Emerald lmperforate Classics of the world in green 93 G

    Great Britain, Universal Penny Post, The ld Black and ld

    2319 UK Adelaide Red from Black Plates 93 G SP7

    The Elaboration of the Gibraltar 1977 Definitive Issue -The

    2321 UK Lawrence Stan ”Nature" Set 78 LS 2322 UK Thompson Maggie The Meter Marks of the Saar Area of Germany 86 LV


    2401 Bolivia Villarroel De Peredo Martha Boliv出TraditionalAirmail 92 G

    2402 Brazil Porto Rubem Brazil ABN Issue (1906-1917) 81 V

    2403 Canada Mclaughlin David The Maple Leaf Issue of Canada 1897・1898 93 G

    2404 Colombia Frohlich Alfredo The Last Classic Colombia Issue 1866-1869 90 G

    2405 Costa Rica Ro町、ero Alexander Costa Rica -1923 -Jesus Jimenez Issue 86 LV 2406 Costa Rica Schwed Jacob Costa Rica: Presidents Portraits Issues of the 1940・s 80 V 2407 Denmark Larsen Klaus Bonde Danish West Indies 1856・1917 90 G

    2409 Ecuador Valdivieso Saquicela Jose Artoro The One Cent Stamp, Ecuadorian Heritage 75 LS

    2410 Japan Sato Koichi Republica Argentina: Sitting liberty Series 1899・1903 90 G

    Ecuador: The Second Issued Stamps, British and French

    2411 Norway Lund Eivind Stamps, September 1, 1873・1881 88 LV

    2412 Paraguay Avalos de Koczik Herminia Paraguay: First Officials Stamps 1886 90 G

    2413 Switzerland Sotty Jean Francois Rocio Collection -Classic Peru 1858・1873 85 LV

    2414 Venezuela Bermudez Humberto Days of Cipriano Castro 1900 85 LV

    2415 Venezuela D’Amico Francisco Venezuela: First Set Air Mail Absent

    2416 Venezuela Borberg Eduardo Venezuela: The First American Bank Note Co Issues 95 LG

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