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The Sky is the Limit

Date post:23-Feb-2016
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The Sky is the Limit . By Alex Tan. Windows of PPC Opportunity for Generating Leads & Sales. Define my SEM Experience: When ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Sky is the Limit Windows of PPC Opportunity for Generating Leads & Sales

By Alex Tan1In 2010, out of his old apartment in Santa Monica, he taught himself to do SEM , now one of the fastest growing internet marketing industry and widely recognized as international marketing strategies.

Define my SEM Experience: When ?

What Alex can Bring to Golden Hippo MediaPassion and enthusiasmOutstanding work ethicsA sense of genuine to team memberExcellent marketing results

The Next two slides will speak the marketing results for themselves3Campaign A:

Campaign B

This is Two of my Google Adwords Campaigns4The answer is campaign A has a higher CTR than the campaign B.Why is campaign A has a higher CTR than campaign BIt is because .

Campaign BCampaign AWhat was the Difference Between those Two Campaigns?

5Yes, thats right campaign A has almost 10 time higher CTR than campaign B. This means lots of quality traffics with a dramatic drop in cost because of it is being rewarded by Google. This Bring Us To..

6And this is the difference between using one keyword phrase that is highly relevant to landing page and ad copy than using multiple keyword phrase that is less relevant to the overall campaign.

Campaign BCampaign ANotice both keyword phrases in the Ad campaign Aukitioner Internet and Fashion Boutique are partial in the ad text description And Finally

7Even the slightest tweak can make a high difference, once you have attain the right keyword phrase; you will open the window of opportunities that had been waiting for so long. It takes discipline, commitment, and a little creativity to dig in and find what you really want, and that is principle of marketing success8Thank you for watching

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