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  • Introducing TIBCO Business WorksObjectivesTIBCO Business WorksBusiness Works ComponentsBusiness Works MethodologyTIBCO DesignerTIBCO AdministratorWhat Is a TIBCO Domain?Domain SecurityDomain MonitoringManagement Using AdministratorInstallation of TIBCO BW Suite

  • Process Design and TestingTIBCO DesignerProjectsProject TemplatesProject ResourcesProcess DesignActivity ConfigurationXPath Formula BuilderTIBCO Query DesignerProcess TestingProject Global VariablesEnable tracing in the TesterLoading properties files in Tester

  • Groups and TransactionsGrouping ActivitiesGroup Iterations and ConditionsGrouping Best PracticesTransactions in BWImplementing JDBC Transactions

  • Advanced Service DesignMapping Using XPathXSLT for Transforming Input DataExtending the MapperUsing SubprocessesUsing Null ActivitiesInter-Process CommunicationUsing VariablesGlobal VariablesShared VariablesProcess Variables

  • Configuration files BW suiteImportance of TRA and different TRA filesBWEngine.traDesigner.traApplication tra files

  • EMSIntroduction & Architecture of JMSOverview of EMSTopicsQueuesDifference between Topics & QueuesDelivery modes and Acknowledgement modesEMS ExamplesMonitoring EMS Server using GUI tool -GEMSEMS Admin ToolCreation of BridgesPersistence and non-persistenceGranting privileges etc

  • WEB SERVICESSOA IntroductionSOAP palette and SERVICE ResourceWeb Services implementation in Tibco BW

  • ADAPTERSAdapter ConceptsADB Adapterimplementation using Alerter (Oracle AQ Functionality)implementation using polling intervalFILE Adapter

  • Testing Tools For TIBCO BWSOAPUI Webservices testingGEMS EMS Message Monitoring

  • Tibco AdministratorIntroduction to TIBCO AdministratorDomain ManagementAdd a Machine in a DomainAdd secondary server into a DomainAdd EMS server into a DomainAppmanage utilityCreating user and rolesCreating ApplicationsMonitoring ApplicationsDeploying the ServicesCreating & deploying ear files

  • Tibco AdministratorScripting DeploymentAppmanage utilityBuildear utilityDeployment XMLConfiguring Fault Tolerance & Load BalancingEnable Hawk in AdministratorBW Engine properties overview


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