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Date post:12-Mar-2016
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  • Transforming Our World Through COMPASSION

  • The solution rests inone simple word compassion.

    For 135 years, American Humane Association has been the nationsleading voice for the protection of children and animals, the mostvulnerable in our communities. As one of this countrys oldesthumanitarian groups and the only one devoted to this unique dualmission and the power of the human-animal bond American HumaneAssociation has, since 1877, been at the forefront of virtually every majoradvance in the prevention of abuse and neglect and the promotion ofwell-being of our most precious assets.

    Compassion fatigue has impacted American communities, as the constantstream of headlines about mounting unemployment, unstable financialmarkets, and political strife continue to pressure-test our mettle andchallenge our resolve. Rising rates of abuse and neglect are being metby a lack of community solutions, compounded by a lack of funding. YetAmerican Humane Association stands ready to assist and ready to lead,as we have been for 135 years, with an unparalleled track record ofhistoric achievements and milestones impacting our culture and society.In fact, many of the advances in the protection of children and animalsthat we now take for granted were promulgated by American HumaneAssociation. Yet an institution must not rest on its laurels and prioraccomplishments, but must rise to the challenges of the day. And, today,the issues impacting our communities have dramatically affected ourchildren and animals, and brought even more barriers to building socialcapital, family engagement, and pet ownership.

    One can take the measure of a community by taking a long, hard look athow its children and animals are treated. As a society, we must continueto push for protections where ground has been lost and celebrate thehealing power of the human-animal bond where abuse and neglect exist.The solution rests in one simple word compassion. Compassionfor children, compassion for animals, and compassion for each other.Compassion, caring and hope are the American core values that unite usin such times. It is with this call to action we announce a transformativeagenda for American Humane Association in 2012 and beyond. Butfirst, lets take a look back at the remarkable milestones achieved byAmerican Humane Association in just the past year.

    Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D.President and CEOAmerican Humane Association

  • Under new leadership, American Humane Association has launched atransformative agenda to meet the growing need of the most vulnerable.

    National impact with evidence-based solutions has been our hallmark forover a century and our programs are relevant today with innovationsmaking a dramatic difference for children and animals in all 50 states.

    U.S. Cities Impacted 2009 2011

    To combat abuse and create a more humane world for allof us, American Humane Association has dramaticallyaugmented its prevention and information efforts. Ourwork continues to raise awareness and provide the publicwith the knowledge and tools they need to combat abuse,protect the defenseless, and keep their families safe. Weare regularly called on by major media as experts in thechild and animal welfare arenas.

    In 2011, American Humane Association, our news, andour experts made a difference through

    5,000+ news media stories, including pieces carried byThe New York Times, The Washington Post, USAToday, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times,ABCWorld News Tonight, CNN, PEOPLE Magazine,Fox and Friends, Fox Morning News, MTV, AccessHollywood, ET!, CBS Radio Network, BusinessWeek,Inc Magazine, Ad Age, the AP, and thousands of others.

    One billion+ people reached worldwide with vitalprevention information.

    National television broadcast of the inaugural AmericanHumane Association Hero Dog Awards, presentedby Cesar canine cuisine, on Hallmark Channel withits 87.5 million subscribers, celebrating and educatingmillions on the power of the human-animal bond.

    National partnership with The Weather Channel toprotect children, animals, and communities duringnatural disasters, reaching 100 million Americanhouseholds with lifesaving information.

    Dramatic transformation of the American HumaneAssociation website, social media, and e-outreach,resulting in double-digit increases in traffic, onlinegiving, and the winning of the 2011 NonprofitStandard of Excellence Award for outstanding webachievement from the Web Marketing Associationof America.






  • No Animals Were Harmed certification, a programof the American Humane Association Film and TelevisionUnit, monitored 2,000 film and entertainmentproductions around the globe to ensure the safety ofanimal actors this past year. Animal actors, and theirhuman counterparts, are grateful for the protectionsafforded by the only officially sanctioned animal welfareprogram in the entertainment industry.

    The American Humane Certified program is theoldest, largest, and fastest-growing monitoring, auditing,and certification program in the country ensuring thehumane treatment of farm animals.

    In 2011, the number of animals covered under ourrigorous procedures and stringent treatment guidelinesincreased dramatically by 35 percent from 100 millionto 135 million!

    We also won major victories improving the welfare ofmillions of egg-laying hens in Washington and Oregon,helping secure new legislation that bans cramped andinhumane battery cages and instituting morespacious, enriched colony housing with a more naturalenvironment that includes nests, perches, andscratching areas.

    64,301 dogs, cats, horses and other animals were savedand sheltered through our famed Red Star AnimalEmergency Services teams in just the past five years.In 2011, our Red Star team was on the scene followingthe floods in Memphis, Tenn. and North Dakota, thetornado in Joplin, Mo., and Hurricane Irene andraised enough funds to expand an animal shelter inJapan slated for 2012. Over 50,000 highway mileswere driven in the effort to rescue animals in timesof crisis and tragedy.

    4,491 abused, injured, homeless, and abandonedanimals were helped in the past 12 months alonethrough our Meacham grants and Second ChanceFund grants.

    American Humane Association has pioneered countlessmajor advances in research and program developmentpositively affecting millions of children in all 50 states.Recent victories this past year include:

    Working with Ohio to implement a key child abuseprevention program in all 88 of its counties, impacting100,000 children in the child protection system.

    Working with the New York State Office of Childrenand Family Services to implement a new, more effectiveway to preserve and strengthen more than 16,000at-risk families in 23 counties across the state.

    Implementing vital new techniques and trainingprotecting millions of children in all 50 states andlaunching a new legislative agenda, which waspresented to Congress.

    64,301 dogs, cats,horses and otheranimals were saved...

  • In 2011, American Humane Association helpedmore than 125,000 military families, elderly people,children with cancer, and others through ourAnimal-Assisted Therapy programs, bringingcomfort and healing to those in greatest need.Almost 500,000 have been impacted by our animalassisted therapy program over the past three years.

    We launched a new national partnership withNational Military Families Association to provideour Animal-Assisted Therapy dogs and handlers tochildren of our military in summer camp programs.

    American Humane Association creates programsbased on data-driven science and original research,producing a long history of effective andgroundbreaking initiatives.

    American Humane Association launched theAnimal Welfare Research Institute under thedirection of world-renowned Chief VeterinaryAdvisor Dr. Patricia Olson. This major new researchproject seeks to fill the gaps in our knowledge aboutthe causes and potential treatment of illnesses likecancer and other life-threatening diseases in cats,dogs, horses, farm animals, and wildlife. AWRIresearch is also expected to benefit childrens healthby examining correlations in cultural, biological,and environmental conditions affecting bothchildren and animals in our society.

    Pfizer Animal Health and American HumaneAssociation partnered on the first major researchstudy to examine the beneficial effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on children with cancer.

    Over the past 12 months, dozens of major celebritieshave flocked to support American HumaneAssociation and help promote its mission ofprotecting children and animals. Here are just a fewof the VIPs who have joined our cause in 2011:

    Whoopi Goldberg, Betty White, Martha Stewart,Mickey Rooney, Victoria Stilwell, Kristin Bauer VanStraten, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Christie Brooke,Travis Brorsen, Orlando Brown, Kristin Chenoweth,Wendy Diamond, Michelle Forbes, Faith Ford,Temple Grandin, Mark Hamill, Tara Harper,Julianne Hough, Carson Kressley, Joey Lawrence,Jason Lewis, Jillian Michaels, Tinsley Mortimer,John Ondrasik, Susan Orlean, Rob Parks-Vallette,Pauley Perrette, Megyn Price, RIN TIN TIN, AshleyRhodes-Courter, Candy Spelling, Stealing Angels,Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, Michael Vartan, Chef FabioViviani, and Zelda, the canine star of Zelda Wisdomgreeting cards and books.

    To support the vital work of protecting children andanimals, American Humane Association dramaticallyexpanded financial resources and ensured strongfiduciary stewardship with a balanced budget.Administrative expenses have been reduced, andspending on programs remain the bulk of the budget,ensuring strong ratings with the Better BusinessBureau, American Institute for Philanthropy, andCharity Navigator for efficiency and effectiveness.

    In the past 12 months, American HumaneAssociation and our efforts have been joined by manyof the top political leaders in the nation, including15 senators and U.S. representatives, 33 stategovernors, and Rep. James Moran, chairman of theCongressional Animal Protection Caucus.












  • American Humane Association awarded its prestigiousNational Humanitarian Medal to Film Director JonTurteltaub in Los Angeles.

    American Humane Associations legendary Red StarAnimal Emergency Services raised funds for animal victimsof the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

    American Humane Association awarded its prestigiousNational Humanitarian Medal to Martha Stewart at theMar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Fla.

    American Humane Association helped secure a historiclegislative win in Oregon and Washington, banning crampedand inhumane battery cages for millions of egg-laying hensand mandating the use of Enriched Colony Housing withmore space, nests, perches, and scratching areas.

    Red Star teams deployed to help the animal victims of thehistoric flooding in Memphis, Tenn.

    American Humane Associations child abuse prevention andfamily strengthening initiatives reached millions of familieswith hope and support.

    American Humane Association launched the Animal WelfareResearch Institute under the leadership of world-renownedDr. Patricia Olson based on Predictive, Preventative,Personalized and Participatory (4P) veterinary science.

    Red Star teams deployed to help the animal victims of theJoplin, Mo., tornado.

    Whoopi Goldberg, Betty White, Victoria Stilwell, and nearlythree dozen other major celebrities, government officials, andVIPs joined American Humane Associations century-oldeffort to help children and animals.

    As the only child advocacy group asked to testify before theHouse Ways and Means Committee on the continuation oftwo important child welfare programs, our proposals wereincluded in the final bill, approved by a bipartisan majorityand sent to the president for his signature.

    In response to the unprecedented violent weather sweeping thenation, American Humane Association launched the Red StarS.O.S. (Season of Storms) Tour, providing lifesaving infor-mation for children, families, and communities facing disasters.

    American Philanthropist Lois Pope generously donated$1,000,000 to launch the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation-American Humane Association partnership, an effort tobenefit children and animals nationwide.

    American Humane Association and Pfizer Animal Healthlaunched a major innovative research project to study thebenefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy for children withcancer, and their families.

    Red Star teams deployed to help victims of the flooding inMinot, N.D.

    10th Anniversary Tribute to the Hero Dogs of 9/11with Whoopi Goldberg and Victoria Stilwell, held at theNational Arts Club, New York City.

    Red Star teams went to North Carolina in the wake of thedestruction caused by Hurricane Irene.

    American Humane Association Hero Dog Awardsgenerated almost 500,000 votes in a national campaign toname Americas favorite hero on both ends of the leash.

    The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awardsgala, presented by Cesar canine cuisine at the BeverlyHilton Hotel in Los Angeles, celebrated eight Hero Dogfinalists and awarded Roselle, a guide dog, with the 2011Hero Dog honor.

    American Humane Association awarded its prestigiousNational Humanitarian Medal to animal welfare pioneerDr. Temple Grandin in Fort Worth, Texas.

    American Humane Association held a Tribute to WarHeroes.On Both Ends of the Leash on Capitol Hillamid a crowd of media, corporate giants, and top legislators.

    National television broadcast of The American HumaneAssociation Hero Dog Awards on Hallmark Channel, whichreaches 87.5 million homes.

    American Humane Association featured in the HollywoodChristmas Parade, televised nationwide and on HallmarkChannel.

    Multi-city VIP screenings of Steven Spielbergs new film,War Horse.


  • Established our Animal-AssistedTherapy Program.

    Began a partnership with Pfizerto determine how animal-assistedtherapy can improve the healthand well-being of children withcancer, and their families.

    Established the Animal WelfareResearch Institute to explore andachieve advances in predictive,preventive and participatorymethods to save animals livesand improve their quality of life.

    Initiated American HumaneAssociation Hero Dog Awardsto honor dogs who transformpeoples lives throughunconditional love, devotionand intuition.

    Launched the Front PorchProject to directly involvecommunity members inprotecting children.

    Started our farm animal welfareprogram and began certifyingproducers committed to raisinganimals humanely.

    Delivered supplies andequipment to New York Cityand provided medical examina-tions, care and decontaminationfor dogs working the scene afterthe Sept. 11 attacks.

    Deployed to Louisiana to helpanimal victims of HurricanesKatrina, Rita and Wilma.

    Created the Child ProtectionResearch Center to address issuesrelated to improving public childprotective services.

    Established Adopt-A-CatMonth to encourage theadoption of cats from localanimal shelters.

    Began a federally fundedNational Study on Child Neglectand Abuse reporting in everystate, collecting and analyzingchild abuse reports to determinetheir characteristics.

    Established Adopt-A-DogMonth to encourage theadoption of dogs from localanimal shelters.

    Established the Second ChanceFund to help local animal careagencies afford medicaltreatment for abused andneglected animals.

    Advocated for the passage ofnational child labor laws.

    Called for safe, off-streetplaygrounds for children.

    Initiated Be Kind to AnimalsWeek one of the oldest,special, week-long annualobservances in the U.S.

    Created American Red StarAnimal Relief, at the request ofthe U.S. Secretary of War, to aidanimals in World War I.

    Opened our Hollywood office tofight cruelty to animals in filmedproductions, after a horse wasforced to run off a cliff and waskilled during the filming ofJesse James.

    Supported a program to providetherapy dogs for recoveringWorld War II veterans.

    Issued Standards for ChildProtective Services Agencies, whichclearly defined physical abuse,neglect and emotional abuse andidentified a three-stage process ofchild protective work.

    Took on the issue of petoverpopulation, recommendingthat owners spay or neuter theiranimals.

  • The roadmap for the year ahead is built on programs with measurable outcomes and innovativesolutions rooted in science. Program themes that enrich our communities, protect our children,prevent abuse of animals, and embrace the power of the human-animal bond drive our agendafor change:

    Humane InterventionTM Red Star Rescue for Kids and AnimalsOur famed Red Star teams rescue and shelter animals in crisis and provide lifesaving tips toprotect children, families and communities before, during and after disasters. Our Red StarAnimal-Assisted Therapy teams are on the ground year-round providing life-healing comfort forchildren with cancer, the aged, the infirm, and military families impacted by service.

    Humane HeartlandTM Healthy Animals, Healthy KidsOur American Humane Certified farm animal welfare program provides ongoing outreach tofarmers in the implementation of the best humane practices for animals. A new educationalcurriculum for children on farm animals is under development for release in 2012.

    Humane HollywoodTMOur No Animals Were Harmed certification program monitors thousands of productions ayear in the entertainment industry, and the Hero Dog Awards inspire and entertain millionswhile educating them about the power of the human-animal bond.

    Humane Research and Policy SolutionsTMAnchored by two cutting-edge research institutes the new Animal Welfare Research Instituteand the new Childrens Innovation Institute humane research and policy solutions bringparticipatory, preventive science to our communities with robust solutions that prevent abuseand neglect of our most vulnerable.

    As each brand new year approaches full of the hope and promise of making the world betterand brighter for children, animals, and all of us please help us build on the transformativechange and momentum that have begun to take hold.

    An investment in American Humane Association is an investment in compassion. Joinour efforts today at www.americanhumane.org or call 866-242-1877.

    The solution rests in compassion. The solution rests in all of us.

    The solution restsin all of us.

  • www.americanhumane.org


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