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Tricycle final team presentation

Date post:31-Jul-2015
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1. Working your way 2. HypothesisTricycle is a super helpdesk that offers peoplewho are looking for a short advice or service aplatform for finding the suitable expert to providethat. At the same time professionals who wish tooffer their expertise can do so and will be easilyfound.A prototype for the website showing the basicfunctionality of Tricycle will help us to test thiswith potential clients and freelancers and learnmore about the business opportunities.First draft website functionalities:- Add/Post - Search through the projects usingdifferent criterias - Integration with collaborativetools: Video conferencing, Document Sharing(Google Docs), Chat- Users management- authentication- create/profile- inviting people to get involved in the project(Search for members using different criterias)- Highlight users location in the website- Contact us: Review the website STATUS: on mylist- Issue invoices- RSS feed for publishing the projects- Blog 3. Working prototype We need more research on the paymentsystem and the collaboration tools(video/chat etc). New Hypothesis: We did not check all the opportunitiesand demand yet The site needs extras Action: Present the site to panel groups fordiscussion on where the site meets thedemands, check extra businessopportunities and where it needsalteration.

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