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Urban Infrastructure & Prefab Housing

Date post: 23-Mar-2022
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Porta Cabin
Prefab Home
Prefab Shelter
Security Cabins
About Us
About Us
Roof cooling system
100% earthquake proof and all weather proof
INNBOX, Today is among the largest global suppliers of per- manent modular construction and temporary modular space. Innbox remains a leading innovator in modular construction and the company is consistently offering new products to fulfi l l emerging needs.
Innbox Strength
Being a well-established organization, we are offering a superb quality range of Prefab Cabins. We manufac- ture these cabins using high- grade raw material and modern techniques in accordance with the set industry standards.
Porta Cabin
Our Products
Features Accommodation
Modular Data Centre
Available in various sizes, designs and shapes, these cabins are used as project offices, stores, cement go-downs, secu- rity cabins, canteens, toilet blocks, accommo- dation, etc.
Whether you need expansive office accommodation or a small project office, an entire school complex or a single classroom, a laboratory, a health centre, toilet facilities or a canteen - you'll find a Innbox building to meet your needs.
6100 [20’]
3050 [10’]
3050 [10’]
6100 [20’]
3050 [10’]
12200 [40’]
Site Office
Office Cabin
Standard Range 20 X10 X 8
Standard Range 40 X 10 X 8 20 X 10 X 8
We can also take care of your entire project, initiat- ing from planning permission appli- cations through to the end by installing your building and con- necting it to services.
INNBOX’s portable and modular buildings and structures provide high-quality, bright and comfort- able workspaces for up to 15 people.
Affordable Housing
Complete Civil Foundation Design including set of IFC GA, architec- tural drawings including Electrical, Plumbing and Drainage drawings
BOQ and Estimate to facilitate customer in expediting their decision making/ internal tendering process
Urban population is growing day by day; at the same time, slumdwell- ers and BPL population is expanding at a brisk pace.
compromising on quality.
Demand for housing in India is literally going through the roof. To cater to the increasing demand, Innbox is now the channel partners with Tata BlueScope Steel. They supplies affordable housing solution - a Complete Solution to the customer right from Conceptualisation-Design- Manufacturing- Supply. Here we ensure optimisation of technology to meet the spe- cific demand of affordable housing for the masses without
Over the years our name has been recognized as the leading manufacturer in wholesale of different kinds of Security Cabins, pre-fabricated with materials recognized and selected by our customers. We ensure that our materials are in compliance with international quality.
Farm Houses
MS Security Cabin
Prefab Home Security Cabins
Innbox Prefab Homes are custom manufacturers of precise–engineered, prefabri- cated, modern structures that make for pleasant dwelling. Creative designers and ingen- ious engineers create our com- mercial structures, accessory dwelling units.
Toll Booth Toll way Bariour
Toll Office
The bariour for the way to in or out check for the motors.
A toll office was involved in switching traffic over long-distance (or toll) circuits.
A place where tolls for road usage are collected on toll roads
As custom manufacturers, we can create a toll booth or a shelter that will meet your needs and requirements
Toll Booth
Our Pre-assembled booths make for providing quick and affordable solutions for a wide range of applications and Innbox leads the industry with its collection of highly durable, all aluminium structures and variants. All booths are delivered fully equipped and ready for instant use. Easy to install anywhere and easily re-locatable according to changes in your needs and usage. That are Canopy, Toll Booth, Toll way, Bariour and Toll Office.
Pre Engineered Building is a steel structure built over a structural concept of primary members, sec- ondary members, and the cover sheeting connected to each other. The structural members are custom designed to be lighter in weight as well as high in strength.
Cold Storage
We provide space for building a industry in a box, that gives the best use of space and value to bring the needy to the very first thought. It could over come the space constraint. Arrangement of machinery is in such a way that provide easy access, and helps to work with hygienic and
Quality and quantity
traffic settings such as hotel lobbies or airports.
Aesthetic design
Manufacturing volume
Kiosk software
Graphic messaging
Computer Kiosk
Innbox gives you an Smart kiosk is a computer terminal featuring spe- cialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education. Early Smart kiosks some- times resembled telephone booths, but can also be used while sitting on a bench or chair. Innbox kiosks are typically placed in high foot
Meeting Rooms
Long working hours can cause a strain and decrease efficiency of your staff. This usually maybe difficult to avoid during setting up and running a major sporting, leisure or entertainment
Sleeping Unit
Complete conference room facili- ties for every event meeting room If your event requires meeting or con- ference rooms on-site for organizers, judges, competitors or any other event participants, we have a range of high-quality temporary buildings available for hire from Innbox Events providing exactly the facilities you need.
A flexible “pop up” retail store, that provides a win/win model for the demanding retail environment
Mini Mart Pharmacy Coffee Shop
It consists in placing the fuel reservoirs under an umbrella- like roof
Fuel Retail Cabin The various achievements, outstanding products specifically designed for the sector oil and gas changing station
Oil Changing Station Ever since our inception, certified com- pany is engaged with the development, manufacturing, engineering and supplying Pre-fabricated Restaurants.
Today's retailers must balance ways to best meet operational business demands, deploy new customer services and respond to opportunities to deploy new store formats. Customers are demanding more personalized and compelling mobile, digital media and assisted sell ing services.
Amazing design flexibil ity
Innbox pays particular attention to the study and design of mobile health centers to provide cutting-edge solu- tions and services.
Creative modular solutions designed specifically for the needs of the store , have been developed and produced by Innbox over the years.
Defence Shelter
We provide Defense Shelters that are exclusively designed for Defense personnel. These shelters stand pretty high in strength, are really compact in structure and can withstand wind pressure and rainfall. We can also customize our available options which are easy to install, repack and unpack and offer full comfort to the end users
High thermal resistance
Reinforced oor panels
Complete security
IP54 level protection oered with resistance to water and air
Long life with zero maintenance
These steadfast shelters can withstand time being resistant to dust, dirt and corrosion. All the specications are in accommodation with the commonly required features with a surplus of features as required by our customers.
SmarTWater H O + E2
Smart Water
Innbox Water systems latest product development is a mobile and independent container solution for disaster relief and remote communities providing clean drinking water. Thanks to the complete design, the container can be commis- sioned without complex or time-consuming assembling/disassembling and the unit can be taken into operation within minutes. Thanks to operation by solar power, no infrastructure or energy source is required.
Cold room
WareHouse revolutionized construction market using built-ups in place of con ventional Hot Rolled Sec tions. PEB is a steel structure built over a structural con cept of primary members, secondary members, and the cover sheeting con nected to each other
Smartwarehouses were a domi- nant part of the urban landscape from the start of the Industrial Revolution through the 19th cen- tury and into the twentieth cen- tury. The buildings remained when their original usage had changed. There are four identifiable types of
Toilet Cabin
We are also involved in manufacturing and constructing portable toilets which serve best for anything ranging from housing complexes to Corporate offices, camps, malls or even resorts. A premium grade M.S. sheet, pre-coated and FRP gives it a good finish and extends its l ife. Surprisingly, hygienic and easy to maintain with an added attractiveness of a neat design. They can also be customized to suit ones needs and requirements. They are offered with complete plumbing and fittings.
Modular Toilets Chemical Toilets Shower unit Urinels Changing room Washing rooms Rest room
Telecom Switch Centre
Communication on Wheels
Innbox gives you complete pack- ages of FullSize COWs, MiniCOWs, TruckCOWs, Cab-COWs and Custom- designed COWs.
The telescoping communication towers offered by Innbox come in a wide range of sizes for different appli-cations and are perfect, immediate solutions for disaster recovery, tempo- rary cell sites for special events, or testing or expanding your coverage.
In Telecom and IT networks, containerized solutions are designed for Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs), optical main nodes and cable landing stations. The oil & gas and mining industries use Innbox Containerized Solutions as automatic switchgears and control centers.
watertight joint.
Reception Suites
Prefab Shelter
Innbox modular buildings are based on a single core element from which numer- ous configurations of simple and complex structures can be made. Innbox Cubes are joined together with specially designed profiles which create a seamless and
If your office has a large number of employees, providing a high-quality working environment becomes essential. Instant, fully equipped office building available for rapid delivery by Innbox.
To welcome and receive VIP guests and visitors to your event, it's important to make an impressive start. The range of high-quality reception suite buildings available from Innbox Events ensures that your special guests are sure to be impressed.
Solar Cabin Let The Sun Pay Your Electric Bill
The sun Provides free energy everyday
Monitor See how much energy your sys- tem is making with a display or web-based monitor
Ground system Solar panels can be mounted on the ground as well as on the roof
The inverter Converts the DC power from the Solar panel array into AC for your home
The meter With net metering energy you don’t use goes to the grid, spinning your meter backwards
Utility grid
Racking Specially designed aluminium racks attaches the sunmodule array to your roof
Solar Panel Array Solar panels convert sunshine into electricity
The very foundation of Innbox has always been in its verifiable financial strength, proved man- agement expertise and the com- mitted and synergistic all iances that we nurture and have devel- oped with our clients, vendors, sub-contractors and employees.
Mobile RO Plant
Desalination Plant
A reverse osmosis plant (RO) is a manufacturing unit where the process of reverse osmosis takes place. Innbox provides solution for builting a RO plant which helps you to get mineral water from raw water. This helps you to get the best in daily l ife and water makes its another taste to it.
Desalination plant under takes any of several processes that remove some amount of salt and other minerals from saline water. Innbox gives you this in turn key solution for any of the product and plant use.
A modular data centre system is a portable method of enhancing, distributing and increasing capacity and work benefits out of a data centre.
Dedicate power and cooling to the IT Room alone Perform and deploy as per prediction Leverage util ization of unused space to avoid delays and cut construction costs Allows facil it ies to change into the right-size as their demand fluctuates Easily move power and cooling modules to new locations if your business relocates
Enjoy greater quality control - factory vs. field assembly
Value Proposition
Modular Data Center
We are one of the most reliable and leading manufacturers and suppliers of a highly premium quality of Prefab Electrical Room. These prefab portable cabins are widely appreciated amongst clients due to their robust construction, finishing that makes it termite proof, waterproof doors & windows and can withstand
extreme weather conditions.
At Smartec, we consider our culture to be among our innovations.