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Vandaceous orchids

Date post:15-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. VANDACEOUS ORCHIDS Plants And Flowers http://www.orchid-tree.com/19-vandaceous-orchids
  2. 2. Aerides-falcata-sp Aerides-houlletiana-sp Aerides-korat-koki
  3. 3. Aerides-lawrencea-sp Ascocenda-brown Aerides-multiflora-sp
  4. 4. Rhynchostylis- coelestis-blue Darwinara-charm- blue-star- Neostylis-lou-sneary
  5. 5. Rhyncostylis-gigantea- var-red Rhyncorides- bangkok-sunset Rhyncostylis- coelestis-pink
  6. 6. vanda-betty-bestin Vandachostylis- tubtim-sri-siam Trichoglottis- philippinensis-var- brachiata
  7. 7. Enticing Flowers Pvt Ltd., #59, Thanisandra Main Road, Railwayment Layout Road, Near K.Narayanapura Cross, Hegdenagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560077 http://www.orchid-tree.com/78-now-in- bloom-orchids
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