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  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now



    Special Report

    Worry Free Now


    Free Yourself from Useless Worry

    Starting Today

    Joseph F. McCaffrey, MD FACS

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 2________________________________________________________________________

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    Worry and anxiety seem to be part of the world we live in, especially these days.It comes in all shapes and forms.

    Youre teenager is late coming home and theyre not answering their cell. Where

    are they? Who are they with? Maybe they were in an accident? Should I start

    calling emergency rooms? What if

    Theres a rumor (again) about your company downsizing. Is it true? Is your job

    on the line? How would your family survive if you did lose your job? Where

    would you live? How

    You can probably add your own favorite scenarios. One thing about worry in

    these situations is that it does absolutely no good. It is not a calm and rational

    assessment of the situation to enable you to act appropriately. Rather, it

    absolutely works against you.

    Ill explain some of the very real negative aspects of worry in the early part of this

    report. More importantly, Ill give you proven, powerful techniques that you can

    start using today to free yourself from worry.

    As you'll see, it is possible to take control of your thoughts and free yourself from

    destructive worry.

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 3________________________________________________________________________

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    Soon youll be able to:

    Assess situations accurately then calmly take the best course of action

    Avoid the disabling affects of chronic stress on not only your mental but

    your physical well-being

    Focus on the present moment, free of disturbing thoughts about unlikely

    undesirable futures

    Exert absolute control over your tendency to worry

    Enjoy life more fully as you approach it with a mature and balanced


    There are life skills that we all need to develop to make the most of our lives.Controlling worry is one of them. Unfortunately, theres no established

    curriculum and the information we really need to know isnt taught in schools.

    But we can learn them. We can gather the tools we need to be able to adroitly

    navigate the ups and downs of life. Ive written this report to help you deal with a

    problem that robs too many people of the ability to enjoy life excessive worry.

    If this is an issue for you, you may not even believe that its possible to stop it.

    You may even think that worry helps you solve problems, or that it somehow

    keeps bad things from happening.

    Ill show you none of those things or the other reasons people have for worrying

    are true.

    And Ill show you what to do about it. You can escape the worry trap, starting

    right now. Lets get going

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 4________________________________________________________________________

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    Worry and Anxiety

    Worry Anxiety Dread Feeling of impending doom

    Those arent pleasant feelings at all.

    Worry destroys a persons quality of life. When someone is in a worrying mode,

    theres no room for joy, relaxation, or any of the pleasant aspects of life.

    In many situations, worry and anxiety are normal and appropriate. They are to be

    expected and can even be useful. However like a lot of things in life, the

    usefulness depends on balance. With worry, a little goes a long way.

    Worry and anxiety are closely tied to the fight or flight response, the physical

    changes that occur in our body when we face a dangerous situation. This natural

    response puts us in the best possible state to either run away or fight for our life.

    We can even see how a tendency to worry might easily have had a survivaladvantage back when our ancestors faced physical danger every day.

    Fortunately, thats no longer the case for most of us. The things we stress and

    worry about today are not things that are going to kill us if we dont deal with

    them immediately.

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 5________________________________________________________________________

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    Worry could possibly be helpful if we can channel it into useful activity. Too

    much, however, is detrimental. Excessive worry:

    Leads to poor decision making

    Causes physical breakdown and premature aging

    Contributes to depression

    Makes it impossible to enjoy the good in your life

    Worsens your relationships with the people most important to you

    If worry has gotten out of control for you, there are things you can do the rein it

    in. In this report, Ill give you powerful psychological tools to free yourself from

    the bondage of free-floating anxiety and worry. Whatever your beliefs are now, itis possible to take control of your thoughts.

    But one concern people frequently have that keeps them from even trying to take

    control of worry is that it helps them stay safe. They feel they need to worry to

    prevent something bad from happening.

    But it that true? Could it be theres a huge difference between appropriate,

    sensible caution and needless worry? I believe there is.

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 6________________________________________________________________________

    _______________________________________________________________________Copyright JFM MD all rights reserved http://www.JFMcCaffreyMD.com

    Appropriate Caution or Useless Worry?

    Fear can be a normal and appropriate response to some things. For example,

    having a fear response to a rattlesnake coiled on the trail suits the situation.

    Having the same response to a garter snake that you know to be harmless

    doesnt really fit the situation. If it keeps you from going outside, its adversely

    affecting your life.

    How can you tell if the anxiety you feel is appropriate or not? Here are some


    Does your response seem out of proportion to what you see other people

    do in the same situation?

    Does your worry intrude on your life? Does it keep you from doing things

    you would otherwise enjoy? In the example above, worry is intrusive if it

    kept somebody from going on a camping trip because they mightencounter a snake.

    Does the worry feel like its controlling you, like theres nothing you can do

    about it?

    Do you find yourself worrying all the time?

    Is your tendency to worry persistent, your usual response to most things?

    Obviously, worry is harmful to someone who does it to the extent outlined above.

    If someone like that doesnt get it under control, it can ruin their life and

    negatively affect those they care about the most.

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 7________________________________________________________________________

    _______________________________________________________________________Copyright JFM MD all rights reserved http://www.JFMcCaffreyMD.com

    It may be hard for someone trapped in endless worry to imagine, but IT IS


    Phobias vs. Generalized Anxiety

    Before we get too far, I want to make a couple distinctions. Fear related to a

    specific object or situation (like fear of snakes or fear of high places) is referred to

    as a phobia. Although I wont be addressing specific treatment of phobias, many

    of the techniques I refer to can be useful for phobias. Also know that there are

    several other specific treatments that I wont be going in to here.

    And remember that some degree of anxiety or worry may be appropriate in some

    situations. It might even be helpful.

    For example, an athlete or performer may feel a little anxious before a big event.

    Thats understandable. The nervous tension can be helpful if the increased

    energy is channeled into their performance. We can then think of worry as


    However, if they worry to the point of dread, worry even when the competition or

    performance is in the distant future or past, or worry to the extent that they dont

    even perform, then clearly the worry is negatively affecting their life and needs to

    be reined in.

    This report will deal with generalized anxiety that impairs performance and robs

    life of its joy. It will help you eliminate anxiety and worry that seems to crop up

    persistently, repeatedly and feels out of control.

    There are times when worrisome thoughts play like an endless loop recording

    the same thoughts playing over and over again.

  • 7/23/2019 Worry Free Now


    Worry Free Now Manifesto 8________________________________________________________________________

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