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Youthreach Galway City 2014 the year

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YouthreachBy Group EPetersburg

The rapids!

BeforeAfter!!Head above water??

Dont think this is a good idea..

Do you trust me??

Course you can trust me!

Caolan is a champion!

Big jump!

Any advice as I land!

Lazing about having fun..

Backflip off we go !


Is the water cold?

Lets all jump together

Taking a well earned rest!

I would love a cup of tea!

Getting directions.

Circus Workshop

Circus Dude!

Circus skills

Catch the Birdie..

Who owns this feather ?


Ready steady balance...

What to do with these balls?

Donnacha what you doing?

Trip to Bunratty Castle!

Looks like snow Ted!

Excitement is palpable!

Enjoying the view!


Guess the event illustrated on this piece?

What are these??

What does this remind you of?

Why Red and not Green??

Some water please!!

Im a Youthreach studentGet me outa here!!!

Thank You toDil Wickremasinghe for all the fun we had at

No nerves here!

Newstalk here we come!

Complete naturals at this!

We could get use to this!


This is going to take a while!

Getting motivated for the days work ahead!

Lets Help Together

Look what we made!

Yum Yum!

Working Hard!

Job Done!

Few tins be grand.

Open day at GTI

Kane is looking for a fight.

Big Mike !

Small Mike.


A drawing in GTI at open day

Gave us inspiration for our new course

YSI was a big part of our Youthreach experience

Our YSI slogan

Just a few of our banners and propsSome publicity for our project

One more game, Pleeaase.

Aoife whats wrong ?

Selfie at Ysi!

Fiachna smile

YSI Dublin

I think the presentation was great!

Our Student Activities!We are ready to go on ice!

Completely unprepared for whats to come

Never let go

Watch your feet, dont slip.

Posing with the penguin

has to be donePenguin making another appearance

The lads look defeated, the teachers look way too happy

Aoife, eyes on the game, not the camera

Worlds smallest football?

Cheering on the teams!

Pauline in the goals!

Teaching the lads to how play soccer

Group E YSI Winners 2013

Winning snap

The WINNERS Trophy

YSI Winners Trip to Galway Bay FM

Our interview with Keith Finnegan

George making us all laugh

Biggest child in the centre ..

Our memories with George Heffernan

Take MeRFSRFSJon George, Tyrone Lindqvist & James HuntTake Me - Single2013-08-07T07:00:[email protected] 2013 Sweat It Out Music! Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd under exclusive license2014-05-04 12:22:21SonyBMG:isrc:AUDCB1300082

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