• 1. The mistakes I made were: My teacher also recommended I enlarge the font because it is too small and leaves a lot of dead space which doesnt look likeThe CD cover isa conventionalsupposed to be CD cover.square so I had toimprove on that.

2. Here again I should consider the size of the icons but this time I should make them smaller asHere again I they are too bighad to than needed.consider thesize of thefont. Biggerfont sizeattracts theaudience asThere is again athe most lot of space leftimportantout which couldwords standbe used moreout on the deliberately andpage words could bestand out on improved to athe page.better standard of work. 3. After that my teacher showed me to look at TaylorSwift magazine advertisements and asked me to analyse it There is alsoOverall theinformation aboutadvertisement showswhere we can get thethat Taylor SwiftCD from and when it isdoesnt really need toreleased, which I havebe pushed andincluded in my advertadvertised becausebut wasnt as specificshe is already quiteenough.well known.There is some There is also a deluxeinformation about addition which attractsthe album which iswhich is used to attractthe most importantaudience and topiece and would popularise the performermake the potentialeven more. It particularlyaudience be appeals to her fans whointerested in the already know her as anproduct and wish toThere is also the name ofestablished singer andbuy it.the record company which I would want to own didnt include in my poster. something extra 4. Seeing the advertisement and thinking deeply into it made me realise what kindof image I want to give to the band in the video and gave me some great ideasabout how I could improve my work, what elements to add and what elements toremove. As a start I made a deluxe addition myself because I wanted my band to appear mainstream and trying to gather popularity through different media texts.I removed facebook and twitter icons and instead added 7digital and spottily because going back to my audienceresearch the majority of people preferred to downloadtheir music because it is more convenient option.I also added a record company and I chose itto be Warner brother records because as Iresearched Warner Brothers is moremainstream even though it is more likely torecord songs for rock bands such asDisturbed, Green Day, GooGoo Dolls etc... 5. I tried to reduce the dead space as much as possible in order to make it more professionalI also made themost importantinformationdifferent colourin order tostand out and tomatch with the7 digital icon soHere is the deluxethat it has aedition and somecommoninformation about it. element. 6. I havent really added anything new on the CD cover. I just made it into the rightshape appropriate for CD cover and I have also tried to reduce the dead space.

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