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111 Reasons to Become an Enterprenur

Date post:07-Feb-2016
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111 reasons to Finally Become an Entrepreneur in 2014

byKyle Eschenroeder23comments

an entrepreneurial lion (remember this for Reason 3)

I dont even know what an entrepreneur is anymore. For us, right now, its making money withouthaving a job. And as jobs become less gettable entrepreneurship is becoming mandatory.

If you havent already been forced into entrepreneurship, you will be soon.

There are several forces that are making itextremelydifficult for a company to justify paying you. There is the increased cost because of health care, increasing minimum wages, and machines replacing humans at an alarming pace. This has nothing to do with politics. Its just whats happening. (If you want more scary details then check outthis post.)

So why am I taking the time to convince you to take the leap to entrepreneurship if its inevitable?I want you to be aheadof the game. Were already deep into this transition, but some are still holding on. You dont survive by holding onto the Titanic while it sinks, you survive by getting out early and swimming as far from the suction as possible.

The ship is sinking. We all feelit even if we cant admit it yet.

There aresteps to taketo make yourself more ready. This chaos has even creatednear-turnkey solutions to beginning a new entrepreneurial life.

Before we get on with the list, lets get clear on one thing:becoming an entrepreneur doesnt mean you wake up as Richard Branson tomorrow.It doesnt even mean you quit your job.

Im proposing you start slow. You begin to create your own thing. Youtake a small action today. Tomorrow you take another. You learn whats required.

Im suggesting you begin to shift your mindset to something more self-reliant. Im suggesting you treat your choices as if they matter. You begin going to work with the mindset of an owner. You start your side hustle -and youhustle.The first step to entrepreneurship is to decide to build something your boss didnt tell you to build.The rest of this post is dedicated to convincing you to make that choice.

[If you've already decided you want to make the leap but aren't sure WHAT to do... a lot of people have been having a ton of success (a guy pulled in $30,000+ last month) with outImporting Empire coaching program. It's the perfect place to start for a beginning entrepreneur.]

Without further ado

111 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur in 2014

1. Youre unemployed.Or, if you havent been fired yet, you will be when the robots get good enough to take your job. If your job hasanypossibility of being systematized then a computer will learn it or it will be passed off to someone overseas who will be grateful to do it for $5 an hour.

2. It makes you more of a man.

Or woman but in the traditionally masculine role of providing. Im not sure about the science here, but Id be willing to bet that entrepreneurship boosts testosterone levels.

3. The lion in the wild vs. the lion at the zoo.


Compare the two (the above with the one up top). The lion in the zoo has a great healthcare package and total job security. The lion in the wild doesnt know if hell be able to eat (or feed his family) when he wakes up. Yet somehow the lion in the zoo is bored, dirty, and depressed. The lion in the wild is fit, beautiful, and fully alive.

4. Its safer than a job.Itfeelsless certain than a job because you face uncertainty every day you are forced to deal with it. A job feels safe until the day youre served a pink slip. In a job youre blindsided by the unknown because youve never had to worry about it. Like a wild lion, the entrepreneurknowsthe danger hes in so hes more ready to deal with it.

5. Companies only want to hire entrepreneurs (or use temps, or machines).

Even if you want to get a job, you probably wont get hired unless you learn some entrepreneurial skills. Selling yourself, connecting with others, thinking like an owner, discerning good ideas from bad ideas, self-motivating all these entrepreneurial requirements are also becoming requirements to get hired.

6. You gain the owner mindset.

You begin to think about things in a more empowering way. Instead of trying to screw The Man out of a dollar you try to make more yourself. Instead of waiting to be told what to do you do what needs to be done. This is true of your professional life but also your personal life.

7. You produce more and consume less.We get sucked into consuming because we think we need one more thing. Focusing on becoming an entrepreneur will shift your attention towardscreationinstead of consumption. You forget about all the things you were supposed to have and get lost in ecstasy of creating something of your own.

8. You are free to be more creative.

You can try anything you want to do. Nothing is wrong until its proved wrong.

9. The entrepreneurial mind bleeds into all your other activities, choices.

Its that owners mindset, and it goes everywhere with you.

10. Your schedule becomes much more flexible (even though youre working ten times harder).

You can sleep in until noon because you were up until 2AM creating your business. You can take a week off because you worked 20 hour days for a month. This flexibility lets you leverage your natural creative cycles.

11. You arent able to blame others anymore.

We weaken ourselves by blaming others. As soon as we give up responsibility we give up the ability to overcome a challenge. Entrepreneurs dont get to blame others. Its your fault. Even if its out of your hands, its still your responsibility. This increases your power as a human being in ways you cant imagine.

12. You become surrounded by higher quality people.

You begin meeting others who havent settled, who want to build something awesome. You meet others who are going through similar challenges.

13. You have the ultimate sense of autonomy.

Autonomy is one of the most important pieces of job satisfaction theres nobody more autonomous than an entrepreneur.

14. Youll be able to build a legacy.

Sure, everyone leaves behind a legacy. Entrepreneurs seem to leave more interesting ones than others.

15. You becomeantifragile and thats one of the most important things to do in a world this chaotic and uncertain.

16. You see the world through the lens of opportunity.

Entrepreneurs thrive because of their ability to see possibilities where others dont. This is a beautiful perspective to have

17. You become stronger because you arent able to avoid struggle.

Entrepreneurshipisthe hard path. (Its also the better path.) You dont get to avoid difficult decisions and you dont get to sit back because somebody else will pick up your slack.

18. You learn to take risks.

Risk is what makes life exciting. There is an intensity in the entrepreneurial life that isnt available in a job-job.

19. You dont have to risk it all, though.

The entrepreneur who goes all-or-nothing is mostly a myth. Most entrepreneursmanagetheir risk. They know the risk theyre taking, accept it, and dive in. You dont have to quit your job or risk having your family starve.

20. You become a person of action (or you will remain a wantrepreneur).

Vacillation means your business is done. You act quickly with the best information you get and the information is rarely good.

21. You will finally have scratched that itch youknowwhat its like, now.

Worst case scenario: you have some crazy war stories. If you give it a real go, youll never be the bitter old man who never did what he knew he wanted to.

22. You join the ranks of humans who have the balls to live life on their own terms.

That alone makes it worthwhile.

23. You are forced to become a bigger person than you ever thought you would be.

Comfort zones? They dont matter in business. Warren Buffett would be a timid man in social situations in business negotiations? A killer. He overcame himself because of his entrepreneurial need to make his business succeed.

24. You become less interested in Justin Bieber there are more important things to do.

Worried aboutinformation overload? Dedicating yourself to entrepreneurship is an instant fix. You dont have time to give a shit about Biebers.

25. It forces you to focus on the essentials.

Your attention is your universe: and you are now totally dedicated to your own creation.

26. It is the most powerful productivity hack available.You do what needs to get done. You dont get the luxury of working against yourself or anything like that. Productivity becomes necessity.

27. Your influence on the world becomes bigger/leveraged.

28. You are forced tomakewealth and you know for certain that you are valuable to the world.

29. You can measure your progress (instead of being a part of same giant unwieldy corporation).

Its hard to tell if youre even making a difference in big companies. In a startup (just you or you and a few others) you become keenly aware when you fall behind. Theres no escaping it. Youve got to perform.

30. Its the best way toget rich.Jobs have ceilings to how much you can earn (except some sales jobs). When you build a business its like a snowball it keeps building on itself. And you capture any above-and-beyond profits.

31. Your work builds on itself its not a one and done deal.

When you do an hourly job you rarely have the satisfaction of working towards something greater. An entrepreneur does work every day that will grow his company. Every day he does work he can look back on the next year and appreciate.

32. ( Random Tip: Its much easier to make wealth by focusi

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