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1r Btx English Summer Homework (1)

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  • 1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework



    Unit 1 revision page 2

    Unit 2 revision page 6

    Unit 3 revision page 10

    Unit 4 revision page 14

    Unit 5 revision page 18

    Unit 6 revision page 22

    Compositions page 26

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  • 1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework


    Unit 1 Grammar practice

    Present tense review

    1 Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

    recently / been / you / anywhere / Have / interesting / ?

    Have you been anywhere interesting recently?

    1 adults / social networking sites / days / use / Many / these


    2 replacing / is / communication / Technology / face-to-face


    3 Peter / at home / staying / today / is


    4 you / for / at / Are / exams / moment / studying / the / ?


    5 every / meet / Do / day / you / friends / your / ?


    2 Write sentences. Use the verb tenses in brackets.

    Fred / stay / with his grandparents / in the holidays

    (present simple)

    Fred stays with his grandparents in the holidays.

    1 I / not play / tennis / today / because / it / rain

    (present continuous)


    2 Rafa / not often use / the phone / but / he / text / a lot

    (present simple)


    3 Annie / not work / today (present continuous)


    4 you / listen / to music / every evening?

    (present simple)


    5 who / Sally / talk to / on the phone / ?

    (present continuous)


    3 Write sentences. Use the present perfect.

    how many / text messages / you / send / today?

    How many text messages have you sent today?

    1 you / change / your / email address?


    2 I / not speak / to / Joe / today


    3 you / finish / using / the computer?


    4 not phone / Paul / us / this week


    5 how long / you / have / a laptop?


    4 Choose the correct alternatives.

    Can I see your homework, please, Jane?

    Im sorry. I havent finished / didnt finish it.

    1 Lets get something to eat. Im really hungry.

    Hungry? But youve have / youve had dinner!

    2 Did Alicia go / Has Alicia been to Canada before?

    No, she never travel / shes never travelled outside the UK


    3 Whats wrong with your hand?

    Ive broken / break it.

    4 Perhaps you should rest, Lucy. Youve looked / look very


    I am. Ive been / am to the gym every day this week.

    5 Did you hear / Have you heard from Glen this week?

    Yes, he called / hes called twice today.

    6 Do you want / Are you wanting to go out?

    No, it still rains / s still raining.

    7 How often does the bus go / is the bus going into town?

    It is going / goes every hour on week days.

    8 Quick! Run! Theres our bus!

    Oh no! Were missing / ve missed it!

    for / since / just / yet / already

    5 Choose A, B or C to complete the sentences.

    Do you know where Sara is? I havent heard from her

    A ages.

    A for B since C yet

    1 Ive ________ given up, but Toni is still trying to do that

    maths exercise.

    A for B already C yet

    2 Have you met the new language assistant ________ ?

    A yet B already C just

    3 Shes upset because shes ________ seen her boyfriend

    with another girl.

    A just B since C yet

    4 My computer is broken, so I havent checked my messages

    ________ .

    A since B already C yet

    5 Where have you been ________ the past hour?

    A since B for C already

    6 I havent seen my brother ________ he came home at


    A since B for C yet

  • 1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework


    Unit 1 Vocabulary practice


    1 Complete the sentences with the words in the list.

    cousin grandfather granddaughter husband nephew niece uncle wife

    Your aunts son is your cousin.

    1 Your dad is your mums ____________________ .

    2 Your sister is your grandmothers ____________________ .

    3 Your sisters daughter is your ____________________ .

    4 Your dads brother is your ____________________ .

    5 Your mum is your dads ____________________ .

    6 Your sisters son is your ____________________ .

    7 Your dads father is your ____________________ .

    2 Match 17 with AH.

    to split up A someone out

    1 to ask B someone up

    2 to fall C well with someone

    3 to get married D in love with someone

    4 to chat E someone

    5 to get on F an argument with someone

    6 to have G with someone

    7 to fancy H to someone

    Appearance and personality

    3 Match the words in the list with the definitions.

    ears eyes freckles hair mouth neck nose teeth

    You smell and breathe with it. nose

    1 You see with them. ____________________

    2 You eat and breathe with it. ____________________

    3 Its on the top of your head. ____________________

    4 You eat with them. ____________________

    5 Theyre on your skin and often appear in the summer.


    6 You listen with them. ____________________

    7 Its between your head and your body.


    4 Put the adjectives in the correct column.

    hard-working casual curly funny fashionable friendly shy generous long patient tall

    Appearance Personality


    5 Choose the correct alternatives.

    I want you to give a / an A answer. No more lies, please! A honest B serious

    C positive D innocent

    1 Alice is very _______ and shes determined to do well in her


    A practical B bad-tempered

    C ambitious D active

    2 David is really _______ . One minute hes happy and the

    next minute hes sad.

    A moody B impatient

    C brave D talkative

    3 Katie is quite _______ and she gets upset easily by peoples


    A curious B sensible

    C big-headed D sensitive

    4 Hes too _______ to buy a sandwich even when hes very


    A negative B mean

    C tolerant D hard-working

    5 Ive studied hard and I feel _______ that I can pass the


    A shy B intelligent

    C intolerant D confident

    6 Chlo is a _______ person and shes always in a good


    A generous B patient

    C cheerful D sad

    7 Sue is really _______ and shes always telling everyone that

    shes the best.

    A big-headed B selfish

    C determined D loyal

    Verb + -ing form / to infinitive

    6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the bold


    Im bored of reading (read) this fashion magazine.

    1 Debbie has gone to the shopping centre

    ____________________ (buy) some shoes.

    2 Mark finds it difficult ____________________ (do) maths


    3 I should spend more time ____________________ (read) in


    4 Sam doesnt feel like ____________________ (go) to the


    5 Charlotte needs ____________________ (change) her hair


    6 ____________________ (smoke) is not allowed in public


    7 Were really happy ____________________ (be) here.

  • 1st of Batxillerat - Summer homework


    Unit 1 Writing practice

    Improve your writing


    1 Correct two mistakes in each section of the profile.

    Name samantha malherbe

    Samantha Malherbe

    Where youre from

    Im from johannesburg, south Africa.


    Ill be seventeen next week! My birthday is 1 october.


    Your family

    I live with my parents, my sister and my cat! His

    names Coco.


    Your likes

    I like swimming running going out with my friends

    and playing tennis.


    Your dislikes

    I dont like cooking!


    At the moment

    Im studying for my french exam. Its next Friday

    Basic linkers

    2 Choose the correct alternatives.

    1 Im a vegetarian but / because I love all animals. I cant

    stand the idea of eating them!

    2 When I finish school, I want to study interior design and / or

    journalism I havent decided yet.

    3 Im learning to ride a motorbike, so / also Im practising a lot

    at the moment.

    4 I love music. I play the piano, the guitar and so / also the


    5 Ive got an older brother, because / but he left home last

    year. Hes at university in another city.

    6 My favourite subjects at school are English also / and


    Focus on the text

    3 Read the text and match the paragraphs with the headings below.

    1 Family B

    2 Current activities ____

    3 Reque

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