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Ball and Percival Brochure

Date post: 16-Mar-2016
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Brochure for Ball and Percival Letting Agents for The Golf Open
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    Ball & Percival Ball & Percival are once again delighted to have been appointed by R&A Championships Limited as The

    Official Letting Agents for The Open Championship 2008 at The

    Royal Birkdale Golf Club. This is the fourth time that we have

    been awarded this prestigious honour by The R & A.

    As the Official Letting Agents, it is our responsibility to provide a

    register of high quality exceptionally well presented properties to

    meet an established need to players and support teams, event

    patrons, media and members of the golfing fraternity. The 10 day

    Open Letting Period will commence mid-day Saturday 12th July

    2008 until mid-day on Monday 21st July 2008. Accommodation

    will be required within a 10 mile / 20 minute radius of the course

    and should be fully furnished and most importantly equipped to a

    high standard having regard for the rental levels to be achieved.

    We anticipate that for the period of the championship there will be

    a requirement for approximately 300 quality residential properties,

    ranging from one bedroom apartments through to larger 5 & 6

    bedroom houses with appropriate facilities. Larger

    accommodation units will be considered on an individual basis on

    their particular merits.

    There will also be a requirement for a small number of properties

    in the twelve months leading up to the championship for the extra

    organisational staff that will be employed on site during that


    Ball & Percival are the only Official Letting Agent for The Open 2008 and have an experienced and dedicated team in place

    under the direct supervision of Partner Karen Potter. Karen and

    her Team are available at all times to answer any questions that

    you may have.

    B a l l & P e r c i v a l

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    L e t t i n g A g r e e m e n t

    An approved letting agreement will be used in all instances to

    ensure fairness, consistency and clarity for all concerned. The

    agreement has been approved by R & A Championships

    Limited. A copy will be available for inspection in our

    Southport Lettings office from November 2006. Copies will

    not be available by post/email or fax and will not be allowed to

    be removed from the premises. The standard letting period is

    from mid-day Saturday 12th July until mid-day Monday 21st

    July 2008. In certain circumstances and with the mutual

    agreement of both homeowner and tenant the term stated in

    the letting agreement may be extended.

    Property Presentation It is vitally important for the overall success of The Open

    Championship 2008 that your home is presented for rental in

    a scrupulously clean, tidy and welcoming condition. The

    checklist below outlines the requirements.

    All beds must be made up with all linen freshly laundered. One change of linen for each bed must be available. All mattresses must have mattress covers fitted. One set of towels (bath, hand and face cloth) should be

    available for each bed let.

    One change of towels will be required for each bed let. At least one wardrobe will be required for each bed let. At least 3 drawers will be required for each bed let. Refrigerator must be empty, defrosted and spotlessly


    Freezer space must be available. Owners own frozen items to be stored in a bin liner and clearly marked.

    Non perishable dried goods to kitchen cupboards may be left but stored separately leaving space for new


    All cupboards must in any event be left clean and tidy and ready for use.

    All kitchen appliances ovens, microwaves etc must be left scrupulously clean & fresh.

    Instruction books must be left out in the kitchen for all appliances, alarms, central heating etc. If not available

    explicit instructions should be prepared and left for your




    Items of particular monetary or sentimental value should be removed from the premises or locked/stored away

    Any loft areas/rooms/garages being retained by owners must be clearly marked and locked

    At least one television must be present and in full working order

    At least one telephone line must be live in the property


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    Inspections Starting during the latter part of 2006

    and following an initial appraisal of

    applications received, inspections will

    be conducted by either the Partner in

    charge or a member of the

    Management Team. Marketing of the

    accommodation register will commence

    shortly thereafter.

    Properties will be assessed thoroughly

    according to our comprehensive check

    list which will pay particular attention to

    location, cleanliness, facilities available,

    number of bedrooms/beds, bed to

    bathroom ratio, parking facilities and in

    particular to ensure compliance with

    furniture and furnishing regulations and

    gas and electrical safety legislation

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    Each property to be included in the official accommodation register will have to demonstrate compliance to the following legislation. We are available to help you through this process by contacting the Golf Lettings Office on 01704 504303 or email [email protected] For assistance in locating tradesmen or specialists who are able to carry out relevant tests to ensure compliance with all safety legislation then please contact us or visit the Information Section our website www.golfopen2008.com

    The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 These regulations came into force on the 31st October 1998

    relating to all gas appliances, fittings, pipework and

    installations, fixed or portable, be it mains, propane or calor


    Full information can be obtained from the Health & Safety

    executive but in summary the Landlord/Agent must for the

    purposes of this short term letting: Ensure that a valid and

    current gas safety record is in place and be in a position to

    provide a copy of the document to ourselves as agents at

    least 3 months prior to the date of the letting commencing on

    the 12th July 2008. i.e. by the 12th April 2008.

    The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 These regulations cover all mains voltage household

    electrical items and require that the supplier of such goods

    ensures that they are safe. This will include flexes, correct

    fusing and plugs. Best practice dictates that prior to any

    tenancy the portable appliances supplied should be checked

    by means of a PAT test from a suitably qualified contractor.

    You should satisfy yourselves as to the soundness and safety

    of the electrical installation. Industry guidelines specify that

    electrical circuitry should be tested at least every 5 years

    The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (Amendment 1993) In summary it is an offence to supply in the course of

    business any furniture to which the regulations apply unless it

    meets the cigarette, match and ignitability tests. This includes

    supply of furniture as part of a letting.

    Furniture manufactured prior to 1950 is not covered by the

    regulations. Any furniture manufactured after March 1990 is

    likely to comply. Should furniture not have the relevant

    compliance labels affixed/sewn in, then a signed statement

    will be required from each individual landlord confirming

    compliance and that documentary proof of purchase can be

    provided if requested. The regulations apply to sofas, beds,

    bed heads, garden furniture where it is suitable for indoor

    use, scatter cushions, pillows and covers. The regulations do

    not apply to carpets, curtains, towels or bedclothes.

    The Smoke Detection Act 1991 This act requires that all new residential buildings, including

    conversions are to have mains operated smoke detectors

    installed. This is incorporated under the Building Regulations

    1991 and should already be complied with in all applicable

    properties. It is recommended by Ball & Percival as best

    practice, that in all properties offered for letting a smoke

    detector is present on all floors.

    Section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 confirms that a

    landlord has a statutory obligation to carry out repairs in

    relation to the;

    i) Structure and exterior of the dwelling including drains,

    gutters and external pipes.

    ii) Continuance of the supply of water, gas, electricity, gas

    and sanitation.

    iii) Space and water heating appliances.

    S a f e t y L e g i s l a t i o n

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    Owners should make the following arrangements in good time

    to ensure a smooth and trouble free letting.

    Owners who will not be available during the letting period

    must provide full contact details of a nominated

    representative who is authorized to make decisions on their

    behalf. These details must be notified to us in writing by the

    1st June 2008 and should also feature prominently in the

    Home File.

    You as owner or your nominated representative must be

    available to meet and greet your tenants on Saturday 12th

    July 2008 and arrange the check out inspection on Monday

    21st July 2008. Where this is not possible and only in

    exceptional circumstances we will require that a set of front

    door keys are deposited at our offices by Monday 7th July

    2008. All other keys are to be left clearly marked in the

    kitchen at the property along with the Home File. We

    recommend that you leave at least one front door key for

    each bed let.

    In cases of emergency, where it has not been possible to

    contact either the nominated representative or the

    homeowner, we reserve the right to carry out emergency

    repairs within the contingency of the 20% that has been

    retained for payment to the owner after the period of let.

    Owners must contact BT or their alternative service provider

    and ensure that their account bill is itemised for the period of

    the occupancy and that a copy bill is available at our offices

    within 28 days of the end of the occupancy at which time the

    tenants deposit will be utilised to settle outstanding accounts.

    The telephone rental is included within the gross rent

    chargeable for the period. Only monitored calls can be

    charged to the occupiers (we are unable to process claims

    under 10.00).

    As previously mentioned full compliance with safety

    legislation will need to be confirmed to our office with copy

    documentation provided by the 12th April 2008 at the latest.

    You must advise your Insurers in good time that you will be

    letting the property for a short term and ensure that you have

    sufficient and appropriate cover. We strongly advise that a

    detailed Inventory and Schedule of Condition is prepared to

    reflect accurately the content and condition of the property

    and its effects.

    O w n e r s A c t I o n P l a n

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    At the time of booking a tenant will pay a reservation fee/

    security deposit (equivalent to 30% of the gross rent), in

    addition the FULL gross rental payment will then be due at

    our offices by the 12th April 2008. For properties booked after

    12th April 2008 tenants will be asked to pay the reservation

    fee/security deposit PLUS the full rent at the time of booking.

    A tenant is entitled to cancel the Letting Agreement prior to

    12th April 2008 on forfeiture of the 30% reservation fee/

    security deposit. This will then be payable to the owner, less a

    half share of our letting fee, subject to vat.

    Should the tenant cancel after 12th April 2008 and full

    payment has been received then only the reservation fee/

    security deposit will be returned to the tenant. The rent is

    forfeited in full and will be paid to the property owner less our

    full fees.

    When we are in receipt of the FULL rent and prior to the

    championship we will pay 80% of the gross agreed rental,

    less our fees, to you the property owner. The remaining 20%

    will be held in case any repairs or similar are required over

    the letting period. The balance of the 20% will be passed to

    you as quickly as is practically possible after the letting

    period. The rent agreed will include electricity and gas/oil

    consumed during the period of occupancy, the telephone

    rental, local council tax and insurance of the property, but the

    ingoing occupiers will be responsible for the cost of telephone


    Fee Structure The fee charge due to Ball & Percival will be 12.5% plus vat

    of the gross rent for the period on a Sole Agency basis.

    How we can help We suggest that owners begin preparation of their property sooner rather than later. The preferred method of communication for The OPEN 2008 is email using, [email protected] if you do not have internet access and wish to discuss any aspect of the letting process then please contact the Golf Lettings Office on 01704 504303 and a member of our team will be pleased to assist. If you require an Inventory and Schedule of Condition for your property prior to letting we can arrange this for you. The cost

    of this will be from 100.00 plus vat. For further information and regular updates please visit the Golf Lettings Website which can be viewed on www.golfopen2008.com

    The Next Step If you wish your property to be considered for inclusion in the

    official R & A Championships Limited register of properties,

    we would ask that you complete and return the attached

    registration form

    P a y m e n t

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    Name of Owners

    (Both names if jointly owned)

    Address of available property


    Business Tel No

    Correspondence address

    (If different from above)


    Property Tel No

    Fax No


    Home Tel No (If different from above)

    Is the property? House Apartment Other (please specify)

    If a house is it Detached Semi Terraced Town

    If an apartment is it on Ground First Second Third

    Distance in miles from Royal Birkdale Club House?

    Kitchen Oven Fridge Freezer Microwave

    Hob Wash machine Tumble dryer Dish Washer

    No of reception rooms

    No of bedrooms Single Double

    No of bathrooms No of baths No of showers

    No of WC En-suites

    Does your house have? Video player CD system DVD player Sky Sports

    Satellite TV Cable TV Broadband Burglar alarm

    Will you allow? Smoking Children up to 16 Pets

    Viewing Arrangements

    Additional Information






    Your signature confirms that you have read, understood and accept the content of this brochure.

    Please complete and return this form to Ball & Percival, 132 Lord Street, Southport PR9 0AE

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    Ball & Percival 132 Lord Street

    Southport Merseyside

    PR9 0AE

    Tel: +44 (0)1704 504 303 Fax: +44 (0)1704 500 590

    Email:[email protected] Web site: www.golfopen2008.com

    Ball & Percival - part of The Venmore Partnership LLP

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