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Binder Portfolio

Date post: 28-Mar-2016
Author: christian-montesinos
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Binder Portfolio
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    My name is Christian Montesinos. I currently attend New York Institute of Technology School of Architecture and I am enrolled in the Bachelors of Architecture program.

    It's been long years to find a passion for what I wanted to do. As a young boy growing up, life was never easy for me or my parents. I grew up with my mother until my early teenage years. Later, my father brought me to this coun-try. It was then when I learned to live as a family and having a father figure.It was in high school when I was introduced to AutoCAD. It intrigued me but learning the basics could only get you so far. Long years passed until everything suddenly made sense. My mother worked for an architecture firm. One day, she brought me to work with her. Looking at those scale models, renderings and the passion and dedication of the workers, that is when I realized I wanted to be an architect.

    My early years at New York Institute of Technology were fun. As progress is made, everything becomes more diffiMy early years at New York Institute of Technology were fun. As progress is made, everything becomes more diffi-cult. But your mind and attitude changes as well. However, when trying to look for something to further my career, it became a huge obstacle I could never triumph over. I was never given a chance that I thought I deserved. But who said life was supposed to be easy? Experience is what I lack, and this industry is all about experience. In school, I have done two externships that involved working with a full-class of 20-30 students for whole semesters. Leader-ship is what I have and the desire to teach and learn is what brings satisfaction for myself and peers. This industry always gives you a better perspective in design and knowledge as you never stop learning. And that is one of my goals, to never stop learning. Commitment is big in this field and I am fully committed for the long haul.

    I guess one learns to be appreciative of what is there and to take those opportunities that may never come back. Sometimes, the risk involved into working for free has its rewards. And anyone who wants to succeed will take that risk.

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