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  • Bt b tungPutty

    Movaputty - 107 Movaskim - 108Movaskimcoat - 109


    Keo Dn GchTile Adhesive

    Mova Flexible (MFTA)Mova Flexible (MFTA - SLW)Mova Tile Adhesive (MTA)Mova Tile Adhesive (MTA - 15)Mova Tile Adhesive (MTA- FL)


    Keo Mi?t MchJoint Grout

    Movaflex JGBMovaflex JGF


    Va chng thmWaterproofing motar

    Movalastic 228Mova Slurry 222


    Vt Liu Sn c BitSpecial Floor Mortar

    Movaprim SL 162Mova SLC 173Mova Dur 243


    Va ltPrimer

    Mova Prim GMovalastic


    Vt Liu Ph SnFloor Covering

    Mova Cover 725Mova Cover 425


    Va Xy tungWall Plaster

    Mova Wall 980Mova Wall 920Mova Wall 900 ClairMova Wall 750Mova Wall 500


    Va TrtPlaster

    Mova Plaster 14Mova Plaster 14PMova Plaster 18Mova Plaster 10Mova Plaster 7.5Mova Plaster 5.0


    Va Hon Thin V Trang TrDecorating mortar

    Mova DecoMova Silico CHMova Color


    Va sa chaReparing mortar

    Mova Multi 262 59

  • 26 27

    Mova Flexible (MFTA - SLW)

    High-ranking tile adhesive for high quality large plate with size 800 x 800 mm, anti-slippery slide and extend construction time.

    Keo dn c?i ti?n dng cho g?ch cao c?p t?m l?n c KT 800 x 800 mm, ch?ng trn tr?t v th?i gian thi cng ko di.

    K e o d n g c h -

    W w w . M o v a . c o m . v n

  • nggi:* Bao 1.5 kg.* Bao 5 kg.B?o qu?n:6 thng k? t? ngay s?n xu?t n?u nhu s?n ph?m con nguyen v?n chua m? , du?c b?o qu?n ? no i kh ro thong mt, d? du?c trong di?u ki?n th? i ti?t l?nh.


    One-component cement-base waterproofing mortar for the thin plaster

    V?a ch?ng th?m g?c xi mang 1 thnh ph?n v? i l?p trt m?ng

    MOVALASTIC 228V?a ch?ng th?m h?t nh? dn h?i. Ch?ng th?m v b?o v? cc k?t c?u b tng v cc v? tr cng tr?nh lun ch?u tc d?ng c?a nu?c. Thnh ph?n kp linh ho?t.

    With the flexible double component. Elastic small-grain waterproofing mortar. For water proofing and protection for concrete structures and positions under the water pressure.

  • Description: The traditional plaster made from cement and filtered sand under the formula studied and developed by Mova's laboratory.

    Applications: Used to build the big brickworks, tiles, natural stones, etc under the high pressure.

    Using volume:Dosage: About 200 liters of mixed mortar

    3for 1 m brickwork.Output: 1 ton of Mova wall 920 for 620 liters of mixed mortar.

    One 50-kg bag 31.5 liters of mixed mortar.

    Quality certificates:Mova Wall 920 is recognized compliant with ISO 13007-2004.

    Packing:- In 50-kg moisture resistant paper bags .- In silos.

    Storing and preservation: Mova wall 920 should be stored in the untouched packings, at the dry place, on wooden tray in order to guarantee the lifespan of 06 months.Bulk Mova wall 920 should be completely protected from any impact of the air.

  • 48 V a x y t U n g - V a x y t U n g -

    W w w . M o v a . c o m . v n


  • MOVA PLASTER 14 MOVA PLASTER 14PV?a phun trt g?c xi mang dng d? trt l?p d?u v? i d? dy t? 3 d?n 5 mm ho?c trt l?p lt v? i d? dy t? 10 d?n 15 mm. Cement-base plaster is used to make the first plastering layer of 03-05 mm thick or plaster the lining of 10 15 mm thick.

    The high-ranking cement-base plaster, used as the raw plastering layer resistant to high pressure, grain size of 1.5 mm and as the indoor and outdoor floor plaster with the maximal thickness of 15 mm.

    V?a phun g?c ximang cao c?p, dng lm l?p trt th ch?u l?c cao, c? h?t1,5 mm v l?p trt n?n trong nh v ngoi tr? i v? i chi?u dy t?i da l 15 mm.

  • MOVA PLASTER 75 MOVA PLASTER 50V?a trt t?ng tiu chu?n, mc 75 #

    Standard Plaster, grade 75 Traditional Plaster, grade 50

    V?a trt t?ng truy?n th?ng, mc 50#

  • 44 4558 V a h o n t h i n v t r a n g t r - 59V A S ? A C H ? A -

    W w w . M o v a . c o m . v n

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