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Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet

Date post: 07-Aug-2018
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  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet






    Gueer Pubher p weveryhe

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Fist pubished 2 by Gouter ubshers p (forery Everyanubshers p} Northburgh House 10 Norhburgh treet ondon EC1 V AT

    Copyright© 200 John Es Gen Fear and Andrew Greet

    The right of John Es Genn Fear and Andrew Greet to be identified as the authors of ths work has been asserted n aordae with he Copyrights Designs andatents At 9.

    A rghts reserved. No part of hs pubaton ay be reprodued stored in a retrieva syste or transted n any for or by any eans eeron eetrostatagne tape photoopying reording or otherwise wthout prior perssion ofhe pubisher

    Bitish ibay Cataloguing-in-Publication DataA ataogue reord for this book is avaiabe fro the Brtsh brary

    IBN13 91 5 542

    Distributed in Norh Aeria by he Go euot ress O Box 40246 Goo ane Guford 0643-040.

    A other saes enuiries shoud be direted to Every Chess Northburgh House10 Norhburgh treet ondon EC1 V ATte: 020 253 ; fax: 020 490 30ea info@everyahessowebste: www .everyahess.o

    Everyan is the registered trade ark of Rado House In. and is used n hiswork under iene fro Rado House n.

    ERYMAN (HSS RS (forery Cadogan Chess)Chief Advsor: Byron JaobsCoissiong editor Joh EsAssistat Editor: Rhard aiser

    Typeset ad edited by First Rak ubishn Brghton.

    Cover design by Horao Monteverdernted ad boud he K by Cays Bungay uffok.

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet



    Pefce 5

    Seies Introdction 7

    The Mx Lnge mbit 11

    (1 e4 eS 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 BcS 4 0-0 Nf6 5 d4}

    Revivi ng the Mx Lnge Attc  43(1 e4 e 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc 4 Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 e d7 exf6 dxc4 8 fxg)

    3 mng the Rom ntcs 63

    (1 e4 e 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc 4 c3 Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 cxd4 Bb4+7 Bd2 Nxe4 and 4 b4 Bxb4 5 c3 Ba)

    4 L'Oise 85(1 e4 e 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb Nd4)

    5 Twenty Yers of Obscrty 103

    (1 e4 e 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb a6 4 Ba4 Nf6 5 Bc5)

    6 Fc ing to the Exchnge Vrtion 119

    (1 e4 e 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb a6 4 Bxc6 dxc6 5 Be)

    7 Denying Bc hi s F n 132

    (1 e4 eS 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 BbS Nd4 5 00)

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    8 venng he Three K nighs nd Scoch 152

    (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Nc3 g6 and 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4 g6)

    9 Don be Borng gns he ri ng! 169

    (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 d4 exd4 4 c3 Nf6 5 e5 Ne4 and

    3 c3 6 4 d4 exd4 5 e5 Ne4)10 Fighng he Psedo Kngs mbteers 179

    (1 e4 e5 2 Bc4 Nf6 3 d3 Bc5 4 Nc3 -)

    11 he Ven n Poisoned Pwn 202

    (1 e4 e5 2 Nc3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 Qg4 Nd4}

    1 Py le Vicori n : he Ki ngs Bi shos mb 216

    (1 e4 e5 2 f4 e4 3 Bc4)

    13 The enre me Reve led: Pr I 234

    (1 e4 e5 2 d4 exd4 3 Qxd4 Nc6 4 Qe3 Nf6 5 Nc3 Bb4 main line)

    14 he enre me Revel ed Pr II 275

    (1 e4 e5 2 d4 exd4 3 Qxd4 Nc6 4 Qe3 Nf6 5 Nc3 others)

    1 he enre m e Reveled: Pr l 304

    (1 e4 e5 2 d4 exd4 3 Qxd4 Nc6 4 Qe3 others)

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet



    Openings afe e e5 ae aongs he fis ha evey hesspaye enouneswhen he o she is eaning he gae They aso have a onge hisoy han oheajo openings wih sevea ines having een anayse oe han a huneyeas ago y soe of he songes payes a ha ie.

    In soe ways fining suiae Dangeous eapons afe 1 e e5 epesens quie aes Is ue ha hee ae a gea nue of shap aiious o unusua inesfo whih payes an hoose On he ohe han any of hese openings have

    aeay aasse an asonoia aoun of heoy ove he yeas an soe possiiiies ha o e ejee ue o his Neveheess i has een a haenge GennFea Anew Gee an I have geay eishe an I o hope you in wihinhis ook peny o new ieas fo oh hie an Bak an have as uh funying he ou in you own gaes as we have ha eseahing sying anwiing aou he.

    As o who woe whih seions Genn Fea was esponsie fo Chapes 3 56 9 an 12 Anew Gee woe Chapes 3 1 an 15; an I oniue Chapes 1 2, 7, 0 an 1.

    Finay I wou espeiay ike o hank y oauhos o a hei ha wokhoughou his poje. I wou aso ike o give hanks o efan Bke JohCox ha aise an Jonahan Tai fo hei invauae avie an hep

    John Es

    Hienoough Ken

    Feuay 200

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Series ntroduction

    The gal ep ehd Dags as was ake a aj hess pegad appah a pleely dee way eae vaas haae aus shap vave dsupve ky ejyale aalyse es aleady weghed dw y uas hey ad es ualy ged dseded T e hs seeed lke a auhs paadse whh I sue uedsewha wads he spa ehd hs sees

    The a va ehd sudyg aj pegs suh a way s e ale

    pese he eade ( fgeg he auh) wh a sdeale ue ffesh hadhg peg weaps h he ad Blak s ases eae epees ad hes ehae ad ejuveae exsg es

    What is a Dangerous Weapon?

    F he pupse f hsg peg vaas f hs sees usually a Dangrusa fs e e hese velappg aeges:

    1) Moves that create complex oigal postios ful of razor-shap tactics ad cpositioal ideas where creative aacig play is ewarded moves whic are ewrae or ve fesh leavig plety of scope fo esearc.

    I shuld e ped u ha eve hugh ale hey pdues a vas ue wdeful ly plaed pss hese peg vaas lse u heavly he dage sakes N ae hw shap ad dfful he ps hepeg phase s whee ea as haadus yu ppe f h s ale fallak ha lake kw as hey ve played pley edly

    shap les whu ay eal fea sply eause easale k kwldgead se sld he pepaa Thus Dags as he ephass hasaly ee heeal les whee yu ppe s lef hs w deves a a vey ealy sage


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dn gero s Wep ons e4 eS

    2 Moves that are highly ambitious; oes which aim for total domiatio

    P o o o aiid wih a qi oial dg a Whi ad ag oa o a ig adaag o a di aio ali a om ik; o oo a Bak who o i o h iiiai a ay o ig i

    o a maagal diadaag o i l qal iy

    3 Moves that have bee previously igored discarded or discredited by theory,perhaps ufairly so or maybe for the wrog reasos

    Didid li a ially dago h yologial lm ao igod aig oig ik i I id myl akig qio Wy i layig i aiaio i i i ma o ad?' O i a y good ao(a logial imom a wi o a io am) ad iay a ow a yo od o mm a yoial 15-mo aiow yo oly owd i i a ook o ad a wa a w ya ago?

    Moves that are visually shocig; moves which seem to cotradi the laws ofthe game

    Digadig qio o oji mi o h mom ' o do haa ay-lookig mo ha a y a om yhoogia a ado a oo i a od a ag o moio: ool d agh a olowd y ooid ag (a ig ild y a mo) ollowd y o-aggio; o a diomo olowd y imidiy O oyo may iad o dadig ol owd y ojii y yo a oik ad hoo yo oo

    Dangerous or Whom?

    I wold diil oaly imoil o gaa a y ig aiaio

    i i ook i 00 od Yo a o d ad ha i om a dago' a ma dago o o id' Wa I do x ow i a yooo' id ogho oig old a mi a yo!

    Guiding You Through

    ogho h ook h a aio io ogh wih xaaoy o o mai igiia oi hy hod aily -xlaa oy h' ai mmay

    DAGROUS WAPO! This sigies a game variatio, subvariatio or positio where the Dagerous Weapo has obviously produced the desired ee

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    er es nrodc on


    WAR Pointing out immediate danger for the player usingte Dangerous Weapon

    RO TH DIC! Signiing a variation or sub-variation wic is per

    aps more suited for games with so timeimits or for playerswho enoy taing riss

    TRICK TRASPOSITO This indicates a transposition to adifferent opening variation sing dierent move orders toreac a desirabe position or to tric your opponent intosometing with which he is unfami iar is becoming a weapon ofincreasing value.

    gg Dagrous aons may o b or a-ard Mora ayig aimd a layr o al ll wo l k o b rad owo ar ay o ry o olay og a r loal b o r oram wrr y oo o lay

    Good lk dyg ad layig yor Dgous aos

    Jo Emm

    Eryma C

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    C ha pter One

    The Max Lange Gambit

    1 e4 es Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bcs 4 oo Nf6 s d4!? (Diagram 1)

    Dagram 1 (B)

    lhogh h gam ha aod o a log m (h al gam I ha omy daaa o w Max ag ad dol d om Bla 859) l l o ha w kow a l a o ompao o h lk o h Ea

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dngeous Wepon s    

    Gami ad a h mai li o h Two igh Dc I dcidd o ook a hii i dh or h ir im whi ryig o id a ial Dagru Wa orWhi i h Gioco Piao ad I hik ha i ick h ox Th oiiorachd ar har ad ird wih ra or h cig Black ayr ad

    y h hory i o y i o hr o raly ha mch iormaioradily aaila o h ddr o a ack o hig migh ha chagd a ii rc yar wh I d o awr 3 Bc4 wih 3 Bc5 I ca rmmracig 4 00 N6 5 d4 a ig im o I do hik hr i a ry good chac i willrri may oo

    Oiio or h mai li 5 d4 Bxd4 amog oig aaly aar o qi diidd or xaml i hi ook Ialia Gam ad a Gambi, Ja Pikicold ha mor dimii 4 N6 ca m wih aohr illy gami

    5 d4? ar hi riky mo Whi i likly o ha o igh or qali y B hoy gi o li ad Whi do lay h mo criical coiaio hohr d o h crm Romaia Gradmar Mihai Mari ay ha Whiha a rog ii iai 5 Bxd4 i riky ad Black hod aoid h li comly y raoig o h Max Lag ack wi h 5 xd4 qi a cora

    Do h 5 d4 gami ha a am? Chckig hrogh o or wo odr orc od am or om o h ariaio ragy o o or 5 d4 ilRcly h Grma magai Kaiib ( low) cad i h Max LagGami which m mor ha raoal gi ha h Grma aaly wa

    o o h ry ir o ay ad dy 5 d4 ad h alo ayd i wih 5 Bxd4 6Nxd4 Nxd4 7 4 d6 x5 dx5 9 Bg5 h i w ha cocraig o hro I oowd i hogh hi ma w ha a Max Lag Gami ad aMax Lag ack

    o gi wih hr ar a co o miiar which dmora h dagrlrkig i Back oiio i h mak h ligh rror

    W.Speman C.Vandewalle

    1 e4 e 2 f3 6 3 B4 B 4 00 f6 5 d4 Bxd4 6 xd4 xd4 f4

    Big al o lay hi aw rak i h mai ida hid h gami Back owha o da wih h hra o 5 ad carig o 4 i o cor imoi

    6? (Diagram 2

    ir igh i look il ogh o rra h kigh o dd 5 cialyic ar x5 Nx5 Back gai a mo y aackig h c4-iho Idd

    om rog ayr ha rid hi mo B hr i a aal law

    Bxf+! Kxf 9 e xe 10 Qd+


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    e Mx nge G mb

    10 K8

    DAGEROUS WEAO White regains the piece and reaches anoverwheming position Back has no time to organize a properdeence around his unsae king

    Ar 10 K8 QxS+ Q7 Wh hold mpy h pw wh Qxc7 h gm KCrc-Dhpro, Chcgo 989, Blc rord rl pry ygrg o 4, b r x4 1 3 c3 QcS+ 1 4 QxcS xcS 5 S 6 6 B4dS 17 h w l o rvv

    11 Qxe d6 1 Qg3 (Diagram 3)

    Diagram (W) Diagram 3 (B)

    Wh' p mpl Bg5, c3-d5 d poy o wh 45 omch o rpr h Blc c do o op h.

    Accordg o my d, h rog pyr o ll or h rp ormgm h 600+ rd Axj Aldrov. h gm Wh opd or hqy good 1 Qd4, d ollowg 1. . B6 3 Bg5 c5 4 Q3 h6 15 Bx6 gx6 6c3 Q7 7 S dx5 18 QxS (18 4) 1 8 . B7 19 Qx7+ Kx7 0 + K8 1 6Wh gd wg dvg G.JcobAAdrov, d 999, lhogh h Blr GM dd mg o lvg drw g h mchlowr-rd oppo.

    1 Qe 13 c3 Be6 14 Bg5 Ke8

    Or 14 K7 5 1 h8 16 S dx5 7 xS, d 4 p x.15 Rae1 R8 16 d5

    6 S dxS 17 QxS j good

    1 3

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeous Wea pons: e4 eS

    16 Qd8 1 e5

    Ad hi i impy chig

    1 dxe5 18 Rxe Qc8 19 Rxe6+! Kd 0 Re+ Kd8 1 Bx6 gx6 1-0

    D TKely G.Hern

    orresondence 1905

    1 e4 e5 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 0-0 6 5 d4 Bxd4 6 xd4 xd4 4 d6

    Th coc dc o 7

    8 xe5! dxe5 9 Bg5 (Diagam 4)

    Diagam 4 (B) Diagram 5 (B)

    W'v chd h ig poi o h mi i. Fo hi pw iv Whi

    joy civ pic ply og oo o h -i d pow pi o h 6igh. Whi dol Blc' pw wih Bx6 i my li h c xpclogm compio c o Blc' wd c.

    imgi hi poiio migh h ighig popc o om Blc ply. Th pom i h d o h pi o h 6-igh cig igid i dil c i hd Whi impl p o c Th ovio olio i oy o g qid clig hi i o ighowd d h w p h d o voidd og h wy.

    9 Qe 10 c3Thi wo o pcio h cy hi i' o h mov hhoy cio o mo di l

    10 Qc5?


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max La ge Ga mb

    crdly mpg gv h Bc hrs oh h shop o c4 d dcsv dscovrd chc Bu h srs h sm s our prvous gm

    11 Bx+ (Diagram 5)

    11. Kx

    DAGEROUS WEAO This sacrice, the consequences owhich were worked out by the ikes o Steinitz and the Germanpayer Wather von Hozhausen, is very strong maybe simpywinning.

    Ar 1 K8 Wh d o r h dscovrd chc s Bc c do ohgusu wh 1 Bx6 gx6 13 x6 d Blc hs go o chc o survv g

    13 Kg7 14 8 15 Qh5 Qd6 16 Bd7 17 Nd5 olowd y 61 QhS+ Ke6

    Whs c so rchs dcsv proporos r ohr g movs or xmp 1 K8 13 Bx6 gx6 14 x6+ K7 15 Nd5+ Kd8 16 4 orcg h quo h dgol 1 K7 13 Nd5+ Kd6 14 Bx6 gx6 15 4 Qxc 16 Q7; d1 Kg8 13 Bx6 B5? (13 gx6 14 6) 14 x5 gx6 15 N4 Q6 16 lcss somhg s s ou o hpp o Blc

    13 Bx6 gx6 14 d5 (Diagram 6)

    Diagram 6 (B) Diagram (B)

    Ar 14 x6+? K6 1 5 Nd5 K6 16 Qh6+ Kd7 17 Qg7+ K6 Wh proy hso h prpul chc

    14... R8

    14 Kd6 ors mor rssc u Wh shoud s w r 15 4 g w


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeous Weapons : 1 e4 eS

    s hs d. Fo xmp 15. .Qc6 16 c3 6 1 7 d1 .

    1 Rx6+! Kd

    A 15 .x6 Wh ws wh 16 Q8+ Kd6 17 Q7+ Kc6 18 Qxc7+ K5 19 4+Kc4 0 3+ ( o 0 3?? x3 chc) 0 . K4 1 c3+

    16 Qxh+ Kd8 1 b4! (Diagam )

    Thr s o wy o Blcs q o sy procg 7.

    1 3+ 18 Kh1 1-0

    Bc ly s o o rsocs 18 K1 g5 19 Qg7 6 0 Rx6

    Looking a Lile Deeper

    A hd compld my pmy lyss o 5 d4 d lso h Mx LgAc (s h x Chpr) cm wr o som sgc rcs o hsls y Lv Gm Bcs mg Kaber whch cdd coos y Bc pls som hoghpovog dc om drs.

    Phps o l o yo wod hv hrd o hs mg. B or hos who rsos o xplog w ds spclly os o opgs hs srgh p h wh h vy s d s horoghly rcommdd. Th lyss shgh ql y comprhsv d d wh og ds. ovosy hlps yo drsd h Grm gg v l m yo do hr s

    mch o gd y loog hogh spc y sc my o h oos hvly sd o vos d ssssm symols wh h lgg rrr s o sch pom

    od rlly rsg o comp my lyss wh h o Gm dBcs. v d o hghlgh pcs h wo chprs whr v ud ohr lyss wh o comply ssd wh my ow s w s y sgc mdms d dsgrms. Kaber opd or compl covrg o s gv spc cosrs d h scop o Dageru eap oo l

    coc mly o Wh rpror whls lso hghlghg wh lv o Bcs s dcs.

    1 e4 e 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc 4 00 6 d4 (Diagam 8) .. Bxd4

    Ths s Blcs mos commo choc wh cd wh 5 d4 hr r wo lv cprs

    ) 5 xd4 6 5 s h Mx Lg Ac whch w l l d wh h x chp Th oy po prccl o wod m h s h mg mos

    pys who mpoy 3 . ..Bc5 yg o vod cy ls sch s h Mx LgAc whrs 3 . .6 pyrs wold mor ly o joy h complcosThs s poy so why 5 . .Bxd4 s plyd mor o.

    ) 5 . .xd4? 6 x5 s ow o good or Wh Fo xmpl


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max a nge Ga mbt

    ) 6 0-0? 7 B3 6 8 Bx6 Bx3 9 Bx7+ w mrl

    ) 6 .6 7 Bx6 x6 8 d3 B7 (o 8 B6? 9 S dS? 10 c4 ollowd cwg pc) 9 5 dS 10 QhS+ g6 1 Q3 (Diagam 9) l Blck wkwrdl plcd DTyomk-ory Cd Chmpohp 004 Th gm cod 1 d6 ( 1 8 look rogr I l l prr Wh r Qh3 7 3c4 6 4 3 or Q4) 1 Bh6 Bd7 3 Qh3 g8 4 d BgS 5 4 Bxh6 6 Qxh6Q7 7 c4 d Wh wo

    Diagam 8 (B) Diagam 9 (B)

    3) 6 Q7? 7 Bx7+ (7 x7? dS wh Blck w) 7 K8 8 d3 Kx7 9 S d6(9 d5 10 xcS QxcS 1 1 B3) 10 x6 Qx6 1 xcS dxcS c3 6 (Gm/Mr Wd) I hk Wh m r hr, ohg l c h pwmjory o h kgd rogr h Blck' o h qd (Gm gg cog wh 13 4)

    6 xd4 xd4

    6 . xd4? 7 S dS (7 x5? lo pc o 8 d6 9 4; 7 4? 8 Qg4 horrc or Blck) 8 x6 dxc4 9 1+ (Diagam 10) rch poo vry mlr oh Mx Lg Ack, wh Blck mg h drk-qrd hop d Whh 3-kgh. I hk h hr Blck mor, d ollowg 9 B6 0 xg7 g8 11QhS Wh h om dvg or xmpl 1 Q6 1 BgS Qg6 3 Qxg6 hxg64 B6 4 15 3 c5 16 c3 d Blck' pw phlx rok p r 6 d57 BS or 6 . d3 17 4 x 18 cxd4

    4 (Diagam 11)

    7 Bg5 o rpo o h m l r, or xmpl, 7 d6 8 4 B6 9 3 Q710 xS dxS B I prr h x mov c vod h xr polBlck h h l wh 8 . Bg4?. Th 9 Bx6 Bx1 10 Bxd8 xd8 1 d1 (3 B) 1 1 . xc c3 x1 1 3 1 x4 crly o wor or Blck, d


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dan geous Wea pons 1 e4 eS

    cold good or him, o o r wo gm hv how.

    Dagram 10 (B) Dagram 11 (B)


    7 . . Nc6? Bx7+ i viry wiig or Whi, w w i h rd gmpolm-dwl. Ohr iv o 7 ..d6 r lo ckig

    ) 7 .. .Nx4? lo o ihr 8 Bx7+ Kx7 9 xS+, or v ju xS N6 9 Q3 .

    ) 7 . . d5 i m wih y xS dxc4 9 x6 gx6 0 Nc3 olowd y B3, whBlck' poiio i i o hm.

    c) 7 Q7 xS QxS 9 B4 QcS 0 Bx7+ (Dagram 1) (hi rick gi ) 0 .. Kx7 B3 d6 Bxd4 QgS 3 Nc3 wih clr dvg or Whi, GorjchvAFokiov, Mocow 996.


    Whi h o pyd c3, mov dvocd y h Amric M Gorg Kolowki (h hd hi vriio md r him). My ow opiio i h hcod poiio rchd r 8 .N6 9 S NcS 0 Nd c6 i l diicl or Blcko m h h x, hogh Whi do hv compio i h l i oo.

    dxe 9 Bg5 (Dagram 13)

    hi poiio Blck c diicl choic, hr r qi w poiilii.Th mi o r h olowig

    A 9 Bg4

    B Be6

    C 9 Qe


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max ange Ga mbt

    Dagram 1 (B) Dagram 13 (B)

    Hr' mmry o Blc r-plyd opo, om o whch r q mpor

    ) Ar 9 .. 0-0 Wh c r o log-rm v o h gd. Thr

    mor h o rply, h mo mpg 0 Nc3 wh Bc cd wh hhr o Nd5 Hr r om po l

    ) 10 . N6 1 Bx6 Qxd xd1 gx6 13 Nd5 d Wh rg h pw wh clr dvg, AMrccB.Lghmmr, chch 1996.

    ) 10 .. B6 1 Nd5 Bxd5 ( . .Nxd5 rprg, proy o goodogh r 1 Bxd8 N3 1 3 Qd3 Bxc4 14 Qx3 Bx d ow 15 B6) xd5(Dagram 14) hrg c-c3, pg Bd3 d lvg Bc om dcly,or xmpl r .. Qd6 13 Bx6 gx6 14 c3 Qc5 5 Qg4+ K8 6 Bd3 NS+ 17

    K1 g8 8 Q4 g7 19 x63) 0 . .c6 (h loo h rog dc) 1 K1 5 ( 1 B6 m y Bd3 wh h d o Q1-h4) 1 Bd3 Qd6 3 Bx6 gx6 ( .Hd-M.Hooov,Grm Lg 995) 14 Qh5 Kh8. Now Blc o rvv r 15 Qh6g8 6 x6 Q8, Gm 5 N rogr d r or Wh myvw

    ) 9 . .Qd6? (Dagram 15) r h p d g rdy or B6 (or .Bd7 or.. Bg4) olowd y . . .0-0-0, o h h ro codro or Blc vhogh h plyd vry Hr r wo pol wr or Wh

    ) 0 Bx6 gx6 N3? ( 1 Nd c wrd y . ..B6 d ow c3 or x6 r oh m y 1 . 000 d 1 c3 N6 Qxd6 cxd6 3 x6 K7 14 loo roghly q) 1 .. Q6 (1 .. .g8? po r c3 Bg4 Wh h


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dageous Weap os e4 eS

    ohg r h rpo wh 3 Q4+ Bd7 14 Qd1 Bg4, whl Qh5 g6 sclr loos oy or Blc) Kh1 Bd7 ( . . .Qx 3 Qd3 ors compso) 3 c3 6 (ATohT.Ws, Blo 006) 14 Bd5 00-0 15 c4 Qc5 16x6 Bc6 17 4 Q7 8 Q3 d my Wh s r hr, hogh r

    ms vry complcd d hr r rvs or oh sds rl.

    Diagam 14 (B) Diagam 15 (W)

    ) 0 3!? s rsg Kabe m rs 10. . .Bg4 (10. . .Q6 1 Bx6 gx6rchs h prvos o) 11 Q1 Q6 1 Kh1 0-0-0 13 h3 Bh5 14 Bd3! pgc4 wh Wh crly joys som compso.

    c) 9 .. h6 gs rd o h p o h gh, spdg mpo o do so s clrlyrsy gv h r o h poso, spcly sc Wh o plys Bx6 ohs ow ccord Th sd, c d ovos ro, lhogh Whshod p dg Ar 0 Bx6 gx6 my Wh c ry 1 1 3!? ( 11 c3 6!

    o . . .B6?! 3! Qxd8+ Kxd8 3 x6 K7 oos rly lvl, s whlos o ply), d ow o possl s 1 .Q7 ( . ..B6 c3! s srogr ow:1 .. .Bxc4 13 xc4 6 14 Q3 d Bc s dr som prssr) 1 Qd!? Bd7 13Q (Diagam 16) plg o swr 13 . .000 wh 4 c3! c6 1 5 Qx6 whWh hs som dvg

    d) 9 .. .Bd7 (Bc gs rdy or qsd csg dos y comm hsq) 0 c3 (Gm gvs 0 Qd3 Q7 1 c3 dg 10 .. c6 1 Qg3, hr m o sr wh o do gs h ly oog 11 . ..Q6!? pg Qx5+ 6+ 3 Kh1 g4! ) 1 0 .c6 1 1 Qd3 Q7 1 ! 0-0-0 1 3 B6 4 Bx6+

    x6 15 Bx6 gx6 6 Q3 ( 16 Q3!?) 16 .. .4 1 7 ! x+ 18 Qx d6 19 Qg4+Kc7 0 Qg7 hd8 1 x6 (Gm). W hs dg hr, s hs pw scr s sghy r.

    ) 9 .. .c6!? hs plyd rry, hr r som ovos ss o h mov


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max a nge Ga mb

    ovs dS and opns p possbts o .. .bS and . . Qb6 om ns

    ) Wht shodnt aow 0 Qd?! bS! Bb Bg4 (Gtman).

    2) 0 s stong athogh 0 . . N6 Qxd8+ Kxd8 ( pr ths to Gtmans..Nxd8) 2 Bx6+ gx6 x6 K ooks okay o Bak

    Diagram 16 (B) Diagram 1 (B)

    ) 0 Nd2? (Diagram 1) s a mov to onsd Wht wants to avod xhangng qns hn 0 Qb6 Bx6 gx6 2 x6 Nx2 Kh Nxa 4 QhS s a nn and Whts attak dos ook to b worth a ook hr. 0. .N6 s sa orBak and now Bx6 gx6 2 Kh prvnts hks on th a-g dagona andnsrs typa ompnsaton.

    ) n ths poston Baks ight shodnt rtrat om d4 wthot bng od:9 . N6 0 Qxd8 Nxd8 (0 . Kxd8 Bx6+ gx6 2 N 6 x6 s good oWht bas wth th bak ank ard K an b mt by 4 a ) Bx6

    gx6 2 x6 K 2 B6 4 Nd2 (Pakv) s a good vson o Wht o thypa qnss mddgam poston

    A) 1 e4 e 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 oo 6 5 d4 Bxd4 6 xd4 xd4 4 d6 8 xe dxe9 Bg5 Bg4

    10 B+

    DAGEROUS WEAO 9 Bg4 is a move Back wod ike topay (indeed it has occrred in qite a ew games) Bt it gets

    hit by a tactic which shod by now be ami iar

    Baks da was 0 Bx6? Bxd Bxd8 xd8 2 xd Nx2.


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dageous Wea pos : e4 e

    10 Kx

    0. .Kd? Q panning ..Nxc2 2 Qg looks vry dangros.

    11 Qxg4 xc 1 QhS+ (Diagam 18)

    Diagam 18 (B) Diagam 19 (B)

    I raly lik his mov which orcs h back king ono an awkward sqar. 2

    Nc (Gman) mgh also b srong, a hogh 2 Nxa Bx6 gx6 4 Nd5 8 sno ha clar, whil 2 . h5!? panning Bx6 ( Qh4!? ) .. Qd4+ 4 K hxg4 5Bx5+ K6 6 Bxd4 Nxd4 is a possib rsorc or Back

    1 Ke

    Whr s? 2. . .Kg8 Bx6 gx6 4 Nc! nnds o answr 4 Nxa w h hcrshing 5 Nd5 or i 2. . .K8 Bx6 gx6 4 Nc wh h sam da

    13 c3

    Wh h obvos hra o Nd5+ ooming, Whi has a powrl aack13 xa1

    .c6 dosn prvn 4 Nd5+ which wns vry ncly ar 4.. cxd5 5 x6!gx6 6 Bx6+ Kx6 + and Wh mas in a w movs.

    14 dS+ (Diagam 19) 14 Ke6

    Or 4 Kd6 5 Nx6 gx6 6 Bx6 Q8 Qd+ Kc6 8 Bxh8 Qxh8 9 Qd5+ Kb6 20b4 and Black canno prvn ma.

    15 Qh3+ Kd6

    5 . K 6 Bx6 gx6 Qh6! wns.

    16 x6 gx6 1 Qd3+ Ke6 18 Rx6+ Qx6 19 QdS+! Ke 0 Qxe+

    and Wi wins


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max Lange Gam b

    B) 1 e4 e 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 oo 6 5 d4 Bxd4 6 xd4 xd4 4 d6 8 xe dxe9 Bg5 Be6

    hs is Baks mos ommonly payd mov aording to my databas, and Idont nd ths srprsng at al givn that 9 B6 both nrals hs

    bisop and prpars to astl qnsd.

    10 a3! (Diagram 0)

    Diagram 0 (B) Diagram 1 {B)

    ht s not nhappy wth a bshop rad, bt h wans to atvat hs knght on in th pross. thnk ths s strongr than 0 Nd2 bas in som lins itsmportant or th d l to rman nbokd. In partlar, th qn on d otnprvns Blak rom asting qnsd

    10 ...Qe

    Atr 10 Bx 1 Nx Q Wht rahs h main in by playng 2 Bx6 gx6 I nstad . N6, thn 1 2 Qxd8+ (2 Bx6 gx6 N s aso ntrstng)2 .. d8 Bx6 gx6 1 x6 K 5 a N 16 S 6 1 g N2+ 8 Kg2 (Mkhalvsk) rahs a ni ndgam or hit.

    11 3

    11 Bx6 gx6 1 2 is most ikly to transpos to t man ln atr 12. . Bx 1Nx, bt I think th txt is slighty mor arat d to th nxt not.

    11 .. Bxc4

    Atr 1 .. .N 6 I hav ond pratal xampls o 12 Bx6 and 2 Kh, bt I prr2 2! {Diagram 1) wh ats as a propyat mas aganst QS and prpars n many ns to dob rooks on th -i 2 . d8 appars to b a natralrspons, bt whn ht movs th qn say Q2 Blak an no longr

    2 3

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeros Wea pon s: 1 eS

    astl qnsid and th posiion is saing o ook mo and mo pomising oWhi H might imply gain h pawn on 6 and njoy an ovwhlming advantag o xamp . . 0-0 a d6 5 x6 Bx 6 Nx x6 Bx6 gx68 N and now boh N5 and Nd5 a thand

    1 Bx6!

    TRICKY TRASOSITIO This move orde nuance rues out thepossibiity or Back aer 1 xc4 e6 13 Bx6 o paying13 Qc5+! Aer 14 Kh1 (or 14 R) it has been shown that both14 gx6 and 14 Qxc4 are ine or Back

    Fo xamp Kh gx6 5 Qb 000 6 x6 (D.adovanovi-KGogio Chania 2000) and now insad o th implsiv 6 .. b5 Bak an g on with kingsid

    opations wih 6 . hg8 planning to m x wi h . . .Ng51 gx6

    2. .N2+ Kh gx6 Nx N 5 Qa+! 6 6 ad ooks good o Whi(6 .. b5 is m by Qa6).

    13 xc4 e6

    .. .Q5 xd Qx 5 (5 dx5 x5 6 also ooks pomising) 5 .. Qxd+(5. Qxa2 6 x Qxb2 x6 Qxd+ 8 Qxd xd 9 x ahs a posiionwh Whis two ooks on th svnh o good wining hans) 6 Qxd

    xd x 0-0 8 x6 d (Diagram ) was payd in ChnikBay Klaov 995 and h instad o h gams 9 d d8 whih ld o a daw Gtman shwdly sggss ativating h king with 9 K2. Whi plans to answ9 ad8 wih 20 K, sopping h dpawn and taining winning hans at20 . d8 2 Kd2 x 22 Kd b 2 b

    Diagram (W) Diagram 3 (W)

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    The Max age Gamb

    tg to N6 (Diagam 3) w ah a tia posito whh s typa oths . Bak s a paw ahad, bt th waksss dow th a obvos,ad Bak has som isss ov kg saty: astig kigsd s attatv, adastg qsid is o th momt at ast ga O th oth had, Bak

    ay gai otpay dow th g wth . g8 ad possby ... N4 Both sidsst oti to pay wth piso, bas smgy mo iaas aqiky ad to a postio dtioatig.

    h -sqa a b a attativ pa o th wht kght i may s, ad soth maov N- is vy mh at th oot o Whts thoghts ov thxt w movs, wh Nd s aso a osdato

    14 b4

    pag N wthot havig to woy abot .Q Whit has a sos ata

    v (s ot b).a) 4 aso pas N, bt 14 Q! pvts it ad tasposs to th ot tohts 12th mov, whih s osidd to b okay o Bak.

    ) 4 N!?, dty amg o o d, ad ot od abot 4 . .Q, istmas hoi H ad Bk sppot ths mov with som pow aaysiswhh ds a vy v q maov (s ot b4) . Hs th aayss,wth o o two addtios ad ommts 1 Qd2 d8 6 Q2 N4 17 (ppag g2g) 7 . .d 18 a Q6 (Bak sms to b vy ativ, as w as a paw

    ahad, bt appaas pov to b dptv) 19 Q (at 9 .. g8, I k 20g Ng6 21 Q) 20 Qg (Diagam 4) ad ow

    Diagam 4 (B) Diagam 5 (B)

    b) 20 .. .x4 s mt by 2 Qg7 .

    2) 20 Qx4 21 Qg7 22 Qx 2 Qxh8+ 7 24 Qxh7 Qd2 2 Qh4+ 6

    2 5

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dan gerous Weapon s: e4 eS

    26 Qf2 and Whit has a ca advantag.

    b) 20 . .Qg6 ( thnk ths is Backs bst) 21 xf5 Qxg 22 hxg Nh5 2 f f6 24 Nfwith an dg fo Whit I ag with ths fina assssmn, bt on mov aiBack cod consid h a tnativ 2 Kd7!? wh h da of answing 24 g4

    Nf4 25 g wh th ick 25 . . .8 26 gxf4 xf4 winning back th picb4) 20 Kf8 21 Qf2! (h hi conomca qn mov in a ow! ) 21 . .Qx4 (o2 . .g8 22 Nxf5 g5 2 Nh4 Qb6 24 Qc2! d6 25 g N 26 2 and Whit s btt th positiona advantags owgh Backs tmpoay actvity and yo gth mpsson ha Backs posion s on inacca mov away fom fangapa) 22 Nc2 (Diagam ) and spt h two xa pawns Back cannot ho hspositon ogth Gtman and Bck gv 22 Qxg2+ (22 . .Q5 2 Nb4) 2 Qxg2Nxg2 24 Kxg2 g8+ 25 Kh1 d2 26 N an Whit kps th advanag

    14Rg8H a som oth possibi is, and h a sva tansposions o wach ofo

    a) 14 . .Nf4 and now:

    a1) 15 g Q6 16 N Qb6 7 Qf Nh+ 18 Kh1 Ng5 19 Q2 0-0-0 20 Nd5 (Honf) isvy good fo Whit, b 6 g8! ooks ik an impovmn to m as h obvios17 Kh1? aows 17 .xg!.

    a2) 1 5 N is possib, panng to mt 1 5. . .g8 w h 1 6 K tansposng to thman x.

    a) 15 Kh1 d8 (5 . .Q6 16 N g8 tansposs to th x; 5 .. g8 16 N asotansposs, whi Wht can aso consid 6 Qa4+ pannng 16 . Qd7 17 Qxd7+Kxd7 18 g) 16 Qc2 Q6 1 7 N (Diagam 6) an Wht is ady fo g2-g foowd by Nf5 o Nd5 Not hat 17 . ? can b answd stongy by 18 Nd5!

    Diagam 6 (B) Diagam (B)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max a nge Ga mb

    b) 14. d8 and now

    b1) Gtman givs 5 Qa4+ Qd! 16 Qxd+ (6 Qxa Qd 1 Na5) 16 .Kxd 1 x6K 8 6 wih an qa position.

    b2) 15 Q2! N4 6 Kh1 Q6 N rahs th posiion disssd at th nd o thnot a.

    b) 15 Q N4 (5 Ng5 16 Q2) 6 N is yt anothr intrsting option orWhi

    trning to 14 .. g8:

    15 e3 (Diagam )

    hraning Nd5 and ths mor or ss oring Blaks rpy. 15 Kh1 N4 16 N!transposs o h main txt

    BEWARE! But ot 16 g3? Qe6! 1 e3? Rxg3!, as payed iBussesGhet, coespodece 1935.

    5 Qa4+!? is also possib: 5. .Qd (5. . .K8 6 N N4 1 Kh1 Q6 18 ad1 issimilar o h main txt and Whit is bttr hr) 16 Qxd+ Kxd 1 x6 K 185 6 19 a (Gman) wih an dg or Whit who is w oordinatd in hisnding.

    15 4 16 Kh1Now Whit thratns g2-g (th immdiat 6 g wold again b mt by16 .Q6!).

    16 Qd


    a) 6.. Q6 an b mt by 1 Qa4+!, innding ... 6 8 ad1 or ... Q6 8 Qx6+bx6 9 g In both ass I prr Whit.

    b) 6 .. .d8 1 Qa4+!? (1 Q2 and Q aso look promising and may b vn

    trongr) 1. . Qd 8 Qxa Q6 ( 8 . .Qd 19 ad !) 9 ad K (9 . .Qx4 20xd8+ Kxd8 2 Qa8 K 22 Qxg8 Qx 2 Q8 with a ar ps) 20 N5+ K6 21! and Whit is bttr sin 2..Nxg2 oss to 22 Qh and ar 21..xd1 22xd1 xg2 Whit has 2 Qx4!.

    trning to th position atr 6 Qd (Dagram 8)

    hav bn ollowing h gam H.MadrA.Mair orrspondn 991 (athogh Iv sd a sighty di rnt mov ordr) ha gam ontind Qxd+xd 8 g Nh5 9 Nd5 g6? (9 6 is what Blak shod pay athogh atr 20

    x6+ Nx6 21 Rx6 K 22 a a8 2 65 6 24 Kg2 th ndgam is rtainyavorabl or Whit) 20 ad ! K6 2 N+ Kb6 22 Nxg6 hxg6 2 d and Whitwon.

    Whit an aso onsidr h immdia g!? hn atr . Qh ( . . .Qxd1 18

    2 7

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dagerous Weapon s e4 eS

    axd N5 9 Nd5 c8 20 Kg2 c6 2 Nx6 Nx6 22 x6 is an vn bttr ndgam tan t on at Qxd+) 8 Q N5 9 N5 d8 20 d (Dagram 9)Back s on t dg o a pcipc Fo xamp 20 . . .xd+ 2 xd N4 (t onlymov as Wt wantd to pay Qd) 22 d2 ( ntndng Qd o 2) 22 . .g5 2

    2 N6 24 Qd (tanng Qb5) 24 a6 25 Qd5 and Blacks postn s bcomng ntnab

    Diagram 8 (W) Diagram 9 (B)

    C) 1 e4 e 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc 4 o-o 6 5 d4 Bxd4 6 xd4 xd4 4 d6 8 xe dxe9 Bg Qe (Diagram 30)

    Diagram 30 (W) Diagram 31 (B)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max Lage Gam b

    om pays Gtma ad Pisk idd bliv 9 .. Q to b Blaks bstmov ad its ot dit to s ts attatos. Blak s o stp os to astlgqsd ad tas lxiblity o wh to pa hs ightsqad bishop: 6 dad g4 all om to th qato. Also o th q s aily wl plad ad

    som ls t thats to hop to 10 a3

    st as agaist 9 ... B6 thk ths i s Whits stogst mov Its t that 0 N(Diagam 31) dos ook tmptg spay vw o th tap 0 .Q? Bx+(s th atd gam KllyHo a th hapt) Bt 0 . 6 avsWhts kght somwhat msplad o wthot th opto o 2 its ot thatstaghtowad o Wht to play aod th o o d4 ad this is okay o Bak.0 .. B6 has aso b show to b o Blak as Bx6 x6 impovs()

    Baks stt ad alows hm to ast kgsid i h so wishs.10Bd

    I sspt that may Bak pays ahg this posito wol d opt o 0 . . .B6as it's sh a ata atio to tal Whits 4-bishop I ths happsw smpy taspos to i B 0 . . .Bd s bold th ss that Blak is tyg topov that his light-sqad bishop a b st as impotat as Whts.

    Voltaly tatg th kght with 0 . N6 is sky as Blak sms to atmpo dow o simia is wh Wht os th kght mov wth 2-. h

    otiato Bx6 gx6 2 Q ooks btt o Whit o xamp 2 . . .N4 (o2 Bd Qx6 Qx6 4 6 Ng Bd K 6 a olowd by N4) Khg8 4 g ad ow 4 . Bg4? s aswd stogy by Q .

    11 Qd!? (Diagam 3)

    Diagam 3 (B) Diagam 33 (W)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerous Wea pons e4 eS

    On advantag 1 0 Na noys ovr 10 Nd2 s that Wht is ab to manovr thqn to 2 wthot any probms, sin h knight ovrs th 2-pawn anddosn bok d2.

    Why is 2 a good sqar or h qn? W , rsty, rom this sqar th qn

    adds mor prssr o h 6knght; sondy, it taks h stng ot o .Q5 dasand hrdy, t indirty ponts at th apawn, somhng Bak has to onsidrwth hs ambitons o asing qnsd With th g5-bshop abot o dpart aany momnt wh a my Bx6, Wh is adoping th postiona gidin hastats th qn shod ovr th oppost oor o sqars o th rmanngbshop.

    Gman am o h sam onson abot whr Whts qn shod go, w hh mnor di rn ha h advoatd 1 Q1 oowd by Q2 As ar as an s,

    h ony way Bak od onsdr xpoitng hs dirn s with th paradoxia and rathr niky .. B6!? (Diagam 33). It ooks biarr, not to mntonrsky, o pay .B6 ony on mov atr . ..Bd, bt hr s in at som sond rasonng Whits most advantagos way o mtng . . .B6, wh 2-, is now rdot bas 2 s no ongr prottd and Bak has 12 ? Bx4 1 Nx4 N2. hmmdat 1 2 Q2? aows 2 . .Nx4!, so Wht shod probaby hoos 12 Bx6gx6 Q2

    1 s ss v hr: 1 .N6 12 Bx6 gx6 1 Q N4! 14 0-0-0 15 gNh, and Bak s btr atr ithr 16 Bd5 6 1 Bb Ng5 18 Qx6 8 (Gan)or 6 Qx6 Qx6 x6 B6! .


    DAGEROUS WEAO! 11 ...Qc5 is tempting but this can bemet stongy by 12 Be3 (Diagam 34) when the pin on the d4-knight causes Back some gie.

    For xamp, 2 . .Qd6 (12. . .b5 s mt by Bx+! x 14 , whi 1 2 .Nx4 1

    Bx+ 4 Qd! ooks promsing or Whit too) 1 Bxd4! Nx4! (1 . Qxd4+ 4Qxd4 xd4 15 5 ! s vry strong) 14 Bx+ Kd8 1 5 Q1 ! Qxd4+ 6 h Nd6 1 d1Qxb2 8 N4 and Wh has a dangros atak

    o .Q5 s probaby a bad mov, b hr ar two ohr possbits or Bak:

    a) 1 .. .N6 12 Bx6 gx6 1 Q (or 1 ad ! ?, pannng 0-0-0 14 Q2) 1 Q5(1 . .N4 is mt by 14 1 oowd by g2-g; or ..g8 14 h1 g6 15 ad1 Q56 Q! with ompnsation th thrat s Bx6) 4 Qx5 Nx5 5 x6 Nx4 6x Nd6 g 0-00 1 8 1 s prhaps a bi t bttr or Wht

    b) ... Nx4!? an b avodd Whi pays Q On h ohr hand, i mght b agood ida to tmp Bak wth hs opton! Wht shod pay 12 Bx+! (Diagam 35)and now pay onns 2 Qx x Nxd2 4 + 8 (4 d8 5 xg+ 86 Bxd2 ms b a ast a b btr or Wh) 5 xd N2+ (15. . N4 6 + Kg8

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max a ge Gam b

    7 Bh4 ooks o u o Black a a l) 6 gx£3 Nxf3+ 7 Kg2 Nxg5 R£+ ad Wh sp of h mporary o-paw dfc s claly h ascdacy h ah K 9 Rxc7 or Kg 9 Rc7 I's o ha kly ha Back w dup a paw dow by h m h has coordad hs focs propry.

    Diagam 34 (B) Diagam 35 (B)

    1 Q Qc!

    2 ... K aso ads o a ad of us bu hk ha 3 c3 N6 4 Bxf6 gxf6 5xf6 Qxf6 6 Rxf6 s a br vso fo Wh ha h ma x. 's worh og hr h couao 6 . . Ng5 7 R Bc6? whch s rfud by h4 Nx4 9Rxc6

    13 Bx6 gx6 (Diagam 36)

    Diagam 36 (W) Diagam 3 (B)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerou Weapo n e e

    Now Wh has a choc bw wo opos

    a) 4 Kh B6 5 Bx6+ Nx6 (5 x6? 6 c3 ) 6 x6 Rh wh a ua poso. Guma cous h aalyss wh 7 RfS b4 RxS xb2 9 Rx6 xa320 R7 d6 2 xd6 Rxd6 22 Rf Kd 23 RS R.

    b) 4 c3 N6 5 xcS Nxc5 6 Rx6 Nx4 7 Rx7 {Diagram 3) rachs a uclarposo whr hr s sl ply o play ad Wh ca gh or a advaagWhs rook o h svh s o a plus po ad may suaos 's ucarwhhr Black's passd -paw w prov o b a srgh or a wakss. Hr aro or wo possbl couaos 7 Nd6 Rg7 Nxc4 (ar 4 9 R Rd20 B h a3kgh s rady o ro h aco hs sl mgh b a br opoor Black o mar how mpg gh sm o grab h bshop) 9 Nxc4 4 20R BS 2 N3 Bg6 (or 2 B6 22 b3 plag o m 22 . . Rd2 wh 23 R7 Bd7 24

    Rd d+ 25 Nxd wh wg chacs h dgam) 22 h4 Rd2 23 Nc4 Rc224 g4 wh Wh wl pck up h 4-paw d bg o aack h back kg; g24 b5 25 N3 b2 26 h5 B 27 NdS Ra2 2 R4 wh dagrous hras.

    Black Plays 4d6

    1 e4 e 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc 4 o-o d6

    Ev hough pacc h mos popular rspos o 4 0-0 has b by som dsac 4 . .N6 ad 4 . N6 5 d4 s h ma ocus o h chapr do hk 's worh

    akg a look a Back's scod plausb mov 4 .. d6 Ahough 4 .. .d6 a llowsWh a r had ha hr s o mmda hra o h 4paw dos havh advaag o avodg h Max ag Gamb (5 d4? dos' mak ay ssow ar 5 . Nxd4) o Wh mus adop a dfr approach.

    5 c3 (Diagram 38}

    Diagram 38 (B) Diagram 39 {W}


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max an ge Ga mb

    ov a a lo o Bla do ohg Wh wl ply ollow wh d2-d4


    TRCKY TRASOSITIO S b4!? is possible, but ... Bxb4! 6 c3 Ba

    d4 Bb6 transposes to a harmless l ine o the Evans Gambit 4 b4Bxb4 c3 Ba 6 oo d6 d4 Bb6 (see Chapter 3)

    wl u oa o Bla h a po o 5 3



    s. 6!

    ) 1 e4 eS 3 c6 3 Bc4 BcS 4 0-0 d6 S c3 6 (Diagram 39)

    ov ha payd y o og gada udg Yuuov adog ow Wh wh o play d2d u o a a a.


    ag pa o h ud loga h ad h h o aua wayo go aou 6 d3 Bg4 ad oly h 7 4?! l a l v ov odo aou o 7 Bx3 gx3 B6 9 B3 g7! whh ud ou o o Bla

    in J.uY.Raa Hl 93 .

    RO THE DICE! 6 d4 exd4 transposes to a ine that can aso bereached via the Scotch Gambit 1 e4 e 3 c6 3 d4 exd4 4 Bc4Bc5 o-o d6! 6 c3 Q6 I'm not reay convinced by White'scompensation and Back has scored wel in praice But maybe I'mmissing something?

    a o o wo l

    a) 7 BS Bg4 Qa4 g7 9 xd4 00 10 Bx6 x6 wa playd h ga KK Jyvaya 200 Wh ha gad h paw u a hadly a ayadvaag I a p Bla paly 1 x6 x6 12 Qx6?? lo o2 .. B2!

    b 7 B6 Bg S ( S S) . . Qg6 9 xd4 xd 4 1 0 xd4 QxgS! (a g pov ov 10. . Bxd4? 1 Qxd4 QxgS 2 4 Qg6 3 3 wh Wh aly doav xll opao H.auoJ.Coha odo 4) 1 1 3(B.PuayJ Hugaa agu 2000) ad Ba pay 11 .Qg6 I d

    g du o l v Wh poo.c) 7 BgS loo o l h ap o g h ga o wo. A 7 Qg6(Diagram 40)

    3 3

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerou Weapo n 1 e e

    Dagram 40 (W) Diagram 41 (B)

    Wt acs aotr coc

    c1) cxd4 Nxd4 9 Nxd4 Qxg aga ooks unconvcg or xap 10 BbK (or v 10 c6 1 1 Nxc6 K) 1 1 Nb3 Bb6 12 Nc3 N6 13 K1? Ng4 14 4 Q40-1 HRossa-Kostyra Rostock 19

    c2) Bb Bg4 ( dxc3? 9 Nxc3 oowd by Nd s ust t sort o tng Wt sookg or) 9 cxd4 (9 Qa4? s t by 9 Bx3 10 Bxc6+ K) 9 Bx3 10 Qx3 Bxd4ad ca't d aytg or convncg or Wt g 1 1 dx 12 Nc3 N6

    c3) R1 (Dagram 41) wt 4-5 t ar gt b t bst wa y to caus socouso Bg4 ( 6? 9 B4 soud p Wt sc t bsop s o ogr prs ay s N5? pag 9 cxd4 Bxd4 s possb toug) 9 ?Bx3 (9 Ng7 ca b t by 10 Bx7 Nx7 1 1 cxd4) 10 Qx3 dx (1 0 Qxg5??aows at tr wt 1 1 Qx7+ Kd 2 Q+ d7 13 6) ad ow 1 1 Bb? st

    gvs Back sotg to tk abou suary I' ot tat codt about 6 d4 but t's trcky ad ayb sooca co up wt a provt or Wt ts varatos

    .. Bb a4 a

    7 a5 s t otr opto or Back ad r b Nc7 ( Nb 9 d4 6 10 B3 N71 1 Nbd2 Bg4 12 Bb3 Nd7 13 Nc4 00 14 Nxb6 cxb6 15 3 B? 16 g4 Bg6 17 g 1-0was t d o DPrrotTBopp t Igbrt 2000) 9 d4 6 (9 Bg4 10 Bg ooks bttr or Wt) 10 B3 Ng6 11 Nbd2 N7 12 R1 gav Wt a dg DPkua

    IRogrs Bad 1998 d3 Bg4

    Addg prssur to t 3-kgt dos ook k t ogca oow-up to Q6


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max Lan ge Ga mbt

    Ng7 9 Bg5 Qg6 1 0 Nd2 h6 11 B3 s a c da o rmmr If Back alowsa capur o 6 hs usd srucur s compromsd a drc cosuc ofh forcg a7-a6 Bu capurg o 3 offrs h posss du o hhafop ffl I JKooBradhors corrspodc 2001 Black chos h

    scod vl ad folowg 1Bx3 12 fx3 B6 13 Bx6 Qx6 14 d4 N 15 Nh40-0 16 d5 Qc 17 Nf5 h was coro No surprs h ha I hk hss opo afr h6 s 9 B3

    9 Bg5 (Diagram 42)

    Diagram 42 (B) Diagram 43 (B)

    hs shop of d up o 3 u frs of a h ack u s udgdfrom h f6-suar

    BWAR! The aomai 9 Nbd2 is no eeive here, and

    9 ..Nge 10 h3 an even be answered by 10... h5 !? (hoghhere is nohing wrong wh 10.. Bd eiher).

    or xampl 1 1 Q3 Ng6 12 Bxf7+? (12 aS Ba7 13 5 ax5 14 Qx5 looks crcalu 14 Nf4 15 Qx7 0-0 s scay fo h o l gv y Mao ad Hdmurg s 16 hxg4 hxg4 17 Qxc6 N2+ 1 Kh1 Qh6+ 19 Nh2 g3 20 Ndf3 gxf2 21g4 Qh3 ad Black ws) 12 Qxf7 13 Qxf7+ Kf7 14 hxg4 hg4 15 N1 R5 16 g3Ra ad h was forcd o gv up a pc wh 17 Nf3 o avod ma BmoHMao ao Pauo 1 999


    9 Bxf3? oss maral o 10 Bxf6 Bxd1 1 1 Bxg7

    9 Qxg5 s possl u I hk ha 10 Nxg Bxd1 1 1 Rxd1 (o 11 Nxf7? B2 12

    3 5

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeou Wea pon e4 e

    R Bxd3) .. .Nh6 12 aS Ba7 13 h3 or Wht a mal advatag Blak ha todd what to do aout h poorly pad kght o h6.

    10 bd2 (Diagram 43)

    thk thr ar way or Wht to ght or th advatag hr or xampl

    a) Atr 0 ... Bh3?! (tdg 1 gxh3? h6) Wht houd ut gor th hop adgt o wth th ato o th qud 1 aS Ba7 12 S! N7 (or 2 axS 3BxS wh aS-a6 da ar vry aoyg or Blak) 3 Q3 ad Bak mut dalwth th thrat o xa6 ollowd y Q7

    ) 10 .. .N6 B3? ( 1 aS Ba7 1 2 S look qut promg a a altratv utot h3? Bxh3) 1 ..00 12 Q2 (pag Bx6 olowd y Q3) 12. . .Bx3(2 Bh3 13 Nh4) 13 x3 ad Wht a ollow up wth Q2 Nh4 t. t' ot larthat Bak rally wat h qu whr t .

    ) 10Ng7 B3 (or 11 Bh4!? a 1 .00?? lo to 12 S; 11 S? alo pol) 0-0 ( Bx3 12 x3 00 3 oowd y Nh4) ad ow t a hootw 2 Q2 tdg 12 .Bx3 13 x3 or th mmdat 1 2 Bx6 x6 13 2

    B) 1 e4 e5 2 f3 6 3 B4 B5 4 oo d6 5 3 Bg4 (Dagram 44)

    Diagram 44 (W) Diagram 45 (B)

    A wth S . .Q6 Blak playg to prvt d2d4 But Wht a am to rahqut Guoo Pao poto whh h hop to prov that th hop o g4 ot daly plad ( or xamp th ot to t' 9th mov low).

    6 b4

    Bkr ad Gutma k th ary qud xpao ad agr that t'Wht' t ha to gt a advatag.

    3 6

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    The Max ange Ga mb

    TRICKY TRANSPOSITION: 6 d4 exd4! s anoher ransposon ohe Soh Gamb (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 N6 3 d4 exd4 4 B4 B5 5 o-od6! 6 3 Bg4)

    Iv nvr b a fa of hs n fro Whs on of vw, scaly f afr 7b3 Back chooss o lay 7 . Bxf3! Bxf7+ Kf I's vry shar, bu whnvr Ivsudd Back aways ss o hav os of h fun

    6 b3 Bxf3! 7 Bxf7+ Kf gxf3 s sary colx, and hs aso aars o bokay for Back. Gua's a ln runs . . .g5+ 9 Kh1 f6 10 Bh5 g6 1 1 xb7gxh5 12 xa+ K7 13 d4 xf3+ 14 Kg1 g4+ wh a draw by rual chck.

    6 Bb6 a4 (Dagram 45) a6

    7 . a5 b5 looks favourabl o Wh . . Nb ( .. .Nc7? loss o 9 Bxf7+ Kxf7 10

    Ng5+) 9 d4 f6?! ( 9 Nd 7 s srongr, bu sl br for Wh) 1 0 dx5 dx5 1 1Bg5 xg5 12 Nxg5 Bxd1 13 Bxf7+ K7 14 Rxd1 and Wh has won a awn.

    8 3

    Bckr ad Guan ak a convncng cas for an arly h2h3, and h3 Bh5 9 d3craly dos rvn 9 . .f6?? on accoun of 10 g4! Bg6 1 1 Bg5. Guan alsogvs 9 .. .Nf6 10 R1 h6 11 Nbd2 g5 12 Nf g4 13 hxg4 Nxg4 (.vskyA.Akhn, Prsburg 19 13) and now 4 Ra2 wh so advaag o Wh

    Tha sad, hr ar aso arguns for avg h awn on h2 for a wh (for

    xal, hr ar Bxf7+ rcks afr . . .Ng7). Also, fro a racca o of vwWh has o cosdr ha Black gh ado h ov ordr 5 . . .f6 6 b4 Bb6 7 a4a6 d3 Bg4 (s n A)


    . f6 ransoss o n A, wh . . .Ng7 9 Bxf7+ should ow b a falarh

    9 Nbd2!

    Wh as o lay R1 followd by h ycal Nf1-g3 (or 3) anouvr, wh

    h2-h3 robably hrow a so on. In hs y of oson, Back has ob carfu ha hs gh-suard bsho dosn bco a vc Wh's lan.

    9 0-0

    Payng n h sa fashon as Alkhn wh 9 . .h6 10 R1 g5 aks ss fWh hasn' rovdd a hook w h h2-h3. Wh conus 11 Nf a d ks aadvanag afr, say, 1 1 .. d7 12 B3 Bx3 1 3 Nx3 s uclar how Back rocds fro hr

    10 h3 Bh5 11 Re1 (Dagram 46)

    Now f Back dos ohg Wh wl vnuay ay Nf-g3 ad rach a vryc oso o h as o srk n h cr wh ..d5, hr daly as h x or afr so raraon.

    11 d5

    3 7

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerou Wea pon 1 e4 e


    a) . .d7 12 B2 ( may ' mpora o hav c3 covrd afr . .dS; xdSNxdS) 2 N7 13 aS Ba7 14 Nf Ng6 S Ng3 Nf4 16 d4 ad Wh rhakdA.hrr Phadpha 993.

    ) 1 R 12 B2 d7 13 Nf dS ? 14 xdS NxdS 1S Ng3 Bxf3 (S .. Bg6 6 S adS drop) 16 xf3 Rad 7 NhS? (hrag BxdS xdS 19 g3) R6 1 g4g6 19 Ng3 ad Back gg o f h ac of h lgh-uard hopGougou -Bl r 2002.

    12 exd Nxd 13 Ne4 Kh

    Gg h kg off h a2-g dagoal prparao for .. fS. ad 13 . .f6 14 aSBa7 1S B3 B7 16 Bxa7 Nxa7 1 7 3 c6 1 d4 xd4 9 Nxd4 gav Wh a dg Walr-Kup corrpodc 199.

    14 Bd2 f5 15 Neg Qd6 (Dagram 4)

    Dagram 46 (B) Dagram 4 (W)

    W hav folowg h od gam M.NajdorfC.Madra Mar dl Plaa 94whch coud 16 NxS NxS 17 xhS Nf6 d ? Nxd3 wh a ua poo. Bu Wh ca pay 1 2 o worryg aou 1 . . .Ra 19 d4 Ng4 o accou of h rll a 20 Bf4 xf4 2 N£7+ Kg 22 NS+ Kh 23 hxg4 fxg4 24 aS Ba72S c2 wh Wh ha om advaag c Black' hop for h momockd ou of h gam.

    6 S alo com o codrao for xamp 6 .. axS 1 7 axS Rxa1 (7 . .NaS

    1 NxS ) 1 xa1 ad h complcao m o favour Wh afr ay ..4 1 9xc6 xf3 20 BxdS xdS 2 N6 (hrag 22 c4) 2 .xd3 22 B3 .


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    he Max Gabi

    C 1 e4 e 2 Nf3 N6 3 B4 B 4 o-o d6 5 3 Nf6 Diagram 4

    Diagram 4 W Diagram 49 W

    Wh hs mov Back allos d2d4 bu baks o h fac that Wht l hav toork hard o mata hs 4/d4 pa cr. My fg s tha 5 . . .Nf6 has bufarly gord or dsmssd som uartrs. I fact I ll stck my ck out

    hr ad say 5 . .Nf6 offrs h bs chac of ualy for Back6 d4

    Th mos commo choc ad a ogcal folo-up to 5 c3 Prhaps rvalgythough th maorty of GMs rachg hs poso as Wh hav opd for 6 d3trasposg o h posoa d3/c3 ma s

    TRICKY TRANSPOSITION Whie old onsider 6 Re1 wih he

    idea of meeing 6 00 wih d4 Bb6 This reahes he main e

    b does avoid he 6 d4 Bb6 Re1 Bg4? possibil y for Bla6 Bb6! Diagram 49

    tragy o m a las 6 xd4 7 cxd4 ad oly th 7 . . Bb6 sms o hav b much mor commo choc for Black. Covoa sdom oud lad o thcocluso that Wh's mposg cr must proms a asy advaag Bu 'scray ot as clar as t frst looks ad srog payrs (otably som HugaraGMs) hav b l g o play ths as Back most usualy udr h mov ordr 4c3 d6? 5 d4 cxd4 (hr 5 Bb6? s bad o accout of 6 dx5) 6 cxd4 Bb6 7 00 Nf6

    Th prssur Black ca gra agas Wh's ctr s s s such as c3 00 9 B3 Bg4 9 Bg5 Bg4 ad faly 9 h3? Nx4. Irocay Wht's bstchac of gag a advaag vovs rushg h to pas abraswh d5 N5 9 Nx5 dx5 0 Nc3.

    3 9

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Da nges Weapn s e4 e S

    B wy so ld Back giv p t c so arly? Wy ot wai fo a mo oppot mom?


    dx5 offrs Wit vry it aftr x5! 8 x5 dx5 9 xd8+ Kxd8 ad 0 Bxf?! (1 0 d2 K 1 3 Bc5 is qal) 10 Rf8 folowd y x4 is vn rfo Black

    Bg5 6 8 B4 Bg4 is fi fo Back ad I aso ca' fid ayig covicigagaist paw-ga 8 g5!? 9 Bg3 x4

    Rasig sio wi d5 is ndsiral ad Back is appy af Wits c4-isop is ockd wras o o 6 is vy mc aiv


    Back aso as optios asd o a quick Bg4a) xd4 8 cxd4 Bg4!? 9 5! ? (Diagram 50) (is looks cri ical) 9 dx5 10 x5x5 (0 Bxd ?? oss a pic to 1 1 xc6+) 1 1 a4+! migt offr Wi somtig g 1 Kf8 12 dx5 d4 13 B3 x5 14 c3 wi xclnt compsaio

    Diagram 50 (B) Diagam 51 (B)

    ) Th immdiat Bg4!? looks vry ogical ad I do tink Wi as ay advatag r 8 B5!? 00! (8 xd4? rns io 9 5! planig o m 9 dx5 wi10 x5! ) 9 Bxc6 xc6 10 dx5 dx5 1 xd8 Raxd8 2 a3! (2 x5 is vy iskyo accou of 12 Rf8! 3 xc6 x4! Back ms 4 B3 wit 14 xf2! wo 15 xd8 d3! ad 15 Kxf2 Rd1 ! sm to work) 12 d 3 c4 f6 wi arogy v posiio

    Bt as miond arir Wit coud try o circmv tis polm y coosig 6 R


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    The Max Lange Ga b

    8 h3 (Diagram 51)

    s very dcut or Wte o proser wtout ts move and tnk t oersBlac te bgges caenge Ater 8 BgS 6 9 B4 Back can lay eter 9 Bg4 0d Nb8 oowed by Nbd7 or peraps more smly 9 ed4 0 Nd4 (0 cd4

    Bg4 ) 0 Ne5 B Ng6 n eter case Bac s ne8exd4!

    tnk s now te rgt tme or s trade n racce Blac as preerred 8 6but s oers We a cance to consoldae s centre and tereby clam an edge9 Bb3 (elmnatng Ne4 trcs) 9 Re8 0 Bc2 and now 0 ed4? cd4 Nb4can be met by 2 Nc3 Nc2 3 Qc2 wt a sma advantage 2 Ba4 ? mgt beeven stronger snce 2 Re4? 3 Re4 Ne4 4 Qe orks te two kngts

    Te mmedate 8 Ne4 9 Re4 dS gves Wte te cance to cam an advantagewt 0 BgS eg 0 6 (or 0 Qd7 NeS NeS 2 Bd5) de5 dc4 2 Qd8Rd8 3 e6 Rd+ 4 Re Re+ 5 Ne

    9 xd4 Nxe4!

    s typca ork trc consderaby eases Backs poston and e must take tswndow o oportunty oterng wt say 9 Re8? gves Wte a e wantsater 0 Nc3 and ere ts aready too ate or 0 Ne4?? Ne4 d5 because ote tactc 2 Bd5 Qd5 3 N6+

    10 Rxe4 d5 (Diagram 52)

    Diagram 52 (W) Diagram 53 (B)

    11 Bxd5!

    Ater Bg5 6 2 Bd5+ Qd5 3 Nc3 Q7 (ukacs) Backs queen s wel paced

    11Qxd5 12 N3 Qd 13 d5 Bf5


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dagers Weap ns e4 e

    ukacs preers hs o 13 Ne7 1 4 Bg5 6 1 5 Be3 (We needs o rade Black's eecve bshop on b6). Bu ' m no sure here's any real advanage n hs aer15 .. .B5 and also Re2 s ruled ou (see he ne noe)

    14 4

    14 Re? Nb4 leaves Whe srugglng o deend agans . .Nc2. However 14 Re2?mgh be worh consderng as now 1 4 Nb4? 15 Be3 Nd3? 1 6 Bb6 ab6 1 7 Rd2orces he kngh back.

    14Ne 15 Be3 (Dagam 53)

    (A.HorvahAoh Hungaran eague 1995). Ths poson oers evel chances nmy vew Whe has more space bu Back s sold and 's no clear wheher hed5pawn wll prove o be a srengh or weakness


    Judgng rom games and analyss hnk he Ma ange Gamb s an eceenopenng weapon or Whe. One pracca advanage ha shouldn' be underesmaed s ha here are que a ew nasy raps Back mus avod n he earlysages. Bu even he successu ly navgaes o he man sarng poson aer 9Bg5 he bae s ony jus begnnng and Whe has every chance o gh or headvanage

    9 . .Qe7 olowed by . . Bd7 s probaby he mos reabe deence hough epecmos payers acng hs ne o he rs me would op or . Be6 nes ookngrom Back's pon o vew hose wshng o avod compcaons shoud consder4 d6 and here can recommend akng a closer ook a 4 . . d6 5 c3 N6 .


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Capter Two

    Reviving the

    Max Lange Attack

    1 e4 es Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bcs 4 oo f6 s d4 exd4 6 es ds 7 exf6 dxc4

    8 fxg7 (Diagram 1)

    Diagram 1 (B)

    te decdng to nclde e4 e5 2 N3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 00 N6 5 d4 Bd4 (seeapte 1) I ealed t wold be nce to nd sometng or Wte n te Maange Attack whc s eaced ate 5 ed4 Not only wod ts compete te


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeus Weap ns: 1 e4 eS

    minirepertoire or 4 00 N6 5 d4 i t wod also oer someting to tose woreac te Ma ange via d ierent move orders; te two most popar being e4e5 2 N3 Nc6 3 Bc4 N6 4 d4 ed4 5 00 Bc5 6 e5 and e4 e5 2 N3 Nc6 3 d4 ed4 4Bc4 Bc5 5 00 N6 (5 d6) 6 e5

    mst coness wasn't initially tat optimistic ciely becase my recolectionsbased on my 2000 book Pla he Ope Game a Black were tat Black was avingmost o te un in te main lines even years is a ong time tog and my irsttougt was to go trog te capter in my old book and aso to see i tere adbeen any recent games o signiicance Wie cecking te very irst page wasstruck by a comment ad made ater 8 Re : e universaly payed move atoug peraps Wite sod look into te straigtorward 8 g7 Rg8 9 Bg5' Teidea o studying tis ine more cosely became appeaing or a coupe o reasons

    Firsty 8 g7 is nowere near as we known as 8 Re1+ (al tog my niversalypayed move' comment was probaby a bit strong) econdy 8 g7 ollowed byBg5 just seems like a very ogical way or Wite to play n te main line wit 8Re1 Be6 9 Ng5 Wite as to brn is bridges and rey on te etreme compications ater 9 Qd5 10 Nc3 Q5 1 Nce4 0-0-0 12 g4 Qe5 ooking at te moves wita cold eye it's amost as i tere is a certain desperation to Wite's attack contrast White's play in te 8 g7 ines tends to be muc more controed in manyines aiming or a long-term init iative and yet tere are stil a considerable nmber o tactical tricks tat Back as to watc out or

    My entusiasm or 8 g7 went p a notc or two wen noticed a recent gam inwic a weknown grandmaster empoyed te move wit great sccess Actaly tis game is a bit o a landmark becase atoug te Ma ange Attack remains poplar at cb eve it's etremey rare to ind it in grandmaster gamesness o course te grandmaster as te back pieces

    D K.Mlle MHfa

    erman Leage 2007

    1 e4 e 2 Nf3 N6 3 B4 B 4 Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 e d exf6 dx4 8 fxg Rg 9Re1

    9 Bg5 oten reaces te same position Te dierences between te two moves wilbe epained in te teory section

    9Be6 10 Bg (Diagram 2) 10... Be!

    Al te major aternatives beore and ater tis point wil be discssed later wil jst say ere tat 1 0 Be7 is Black's only reay good coice oter moves can ead

    im into trobe Te act tat tis retreat to e7 ooks somewat paradoical already identiies 8 g7 as an eceent practical weapon


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv n g the Max an ge Attak

    DANGROUS WAPON: 10 Qd5 is he sal reply 10 Ng5b agains 10 Bg5 is a big misae: 10 Qd5? 11 Nc3! Qf5 1Ne4 Rxg (12 Be 13 Bxe Kxe 14 Nxd4 is hrrible fr Bac)13 Nh4! (Diagram 3) raps he blac qeen in mid-bard! This

    has aally happened in qie a few games

    Diagram 2 (B) Diagram 3 (B)

    0 Qd6? s also a poor move wc rns nto 1 Nbd2! olowed by Ne4 andere 1 Qd5 2 Ne4 Be7 13 B6! ooks very promsng Tat leaves 10 Qd7wc sn't qte as bad bt 1 Nbd2 Rxg7 2 Ne4 st l cases Black probems:12 Be7 3 B6! ( 13 Bxe7 Ke7) 3 Rg6 (or 3 Rg8 4 Bxe7 Kxe7 15 Qd2 Rg7 6Q4 wt good attackng possbtes on te dark sqares) 4 Bxe7 Qxe7 (now4 Kxe7 s met by 5 N4 te reason bend 13 B6 5 Rgg8 16 N5+ K8 7N6) 15 Nxd4 Rd8 1 6 Nxc6? (6 c3 s aso good) 6 Rxd 17 Nxe7 Rxa1 8 Rxa

    Kxe7 19 Re1 wt a pleasant endgame or Wte de to s speror strctre Tstype o endng were Wte as a mobe majorty on te kngsde aganst Blacksmobe one on te oter wng crops p reqently

    11 Bxe Kxe

    By recaptrng ts way Back s able to old on to d4-pawn at least or teoment

    1 Nbd2

    tnk tat a drect attack on te d4pawn wt 12 Re4 s objectvely stronger

    Bot moves are anaysed n te teory secton12 .Qd5 13 b3 cxb3 14 axb3 Rxg 15 Ne4 Rag 16 g3 (Diagram 4)

    Back s a pawn aead bt s poston s not easy to pay becase e as a vlerable kng and weaknesses on te dark sqares and Wte as varos attack


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerus Weans e4 eS

    ng possbl tes to try to explot ts Black may we be able to deend wt precse play but over te board ts s a dcult task too dcult even or a strongM

    Diagram 4 (B) Diagram 5 (B)

    1 b?!

    Black mmedately goes wrong coverng te c5square s useul but tere aremore pressng concerns

    Black would lke to retreat s kng to d8 or 8 but at te moment ts would allow N6 wnnng te excange. Tus 16 . .Rg6! coverng te 6square looks sensble. Wte reacts wt 17 Qd2 preparng to answer 17 . .. K8? wt 18 N4! butBlack as a resource n 17 .. Rg4. Ten te complcatons may contnue wt 18 c4!dxc3 (18 .. .Qd8? 19 b4! treatens b4-b5 and leaves Black n real trouble) 19 Qxd5Bxd5 20 Nxc3+ Be6 (or 20 .. .Kd6 21 Rad1 Nb4 22 Ne5) 21 NdS Kd6 22 N6 Bxb3 23

    Nd2 wt a complex endng wc Gutman assesses as sl gtly better or Whte.1 Ra4! Rd

    Black cant aow W te to regan s pawn by capturng on d4 Te move 17 . b5also prevented ts but only at a cost o anoter weakness and 18 Ra6 Rg4 9 c4!bxc4 20 bxc4 Qxc4 2 Ra4 Qd5 22 Nxd4 Nxd4 23 Rxd4 Q5 24 Qa1 ! s a contnuaton wc ll ustrates te contnung dcultes Bl ack aces tere s absolutely nodng place or s kng

    1 Q1! (Diagram 5)

    A powerul move Now teres a new treat n 19 Qa3+ wc would wn te excange and Wtes queen also eyes te dark squares on te kngsde.

    1 f 19 Qf4 Rf 20 4 Qd


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv n g he Max Lange Aac

    ter 20 dc3? 21 Nc3 Qd6 te rook swings across to te e-ile wit 22 Rae4 andBlack loses a piece

    21 Ra2

    Black's pawn on d4 may be passed but it's also vulnerable especially since Blackis somewat uncoordinated

    21 d3 22 Rd2 a

    22 Nb4 seems to protect d3 but ater 23 Re3 Wite can always play Ned3 orQ4 ollowed by Ne5 Here 23 Nc2 24 Red3 Qd3 25 Rd3 Rd3 26 Qc7+ K827 Q4 leaves Wite on top

    23 Qh4

    23 Re3 intending 23 Nb4 24 Q4 ollowed by Ne5 or 23 Nd4 24 Nc3 Nb3 25

    Nd5+ would ave let Black in big trouble23...Qe?

    Black cracks under te constant pressure 23 Nd4 would ave kept im in tegame altoug 24 Rd3 !? Ne2+ 25 Re2 Qd3 26 Re3 looks l ike a promising ecange sacriice

    24 Re3! (Dagram 6)

    Diagram 6 (B) Diagram (B)

    24 ...

    Maybe Black ad originally intended 24 Nd4 but tis is strongly met by 25 Nd4

    Rd4 26 N6!25 N3

    uddenly Black's position collapses as e cannot deal wit te increasing numbero treats


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeus Weapns e4 eS

    25Kd 2 6 Qe4 1-0 (Diagram )

    t's tme to resg Wte as may wg es cudg 26 Qe8 27 Rdd3+Kc8 28 Rd8+ Nd8 29 Qa8+ Kd7 30 Nd4 Re7 3 Rd3

    Looking a Little Deeper

    Recetly 8 g7 as attracted some atteto t was aaysed great dept Kaissber by Gutma ad Bcker pus oe or two oter cotrbutors 'd also lketo meto Mcael Goeer wo provdes some aalyss s eceet bog atte Kelwort Cess Cub webste He calls 8 g7 te Moder Horowt Varato' recogto o te wellkow Amerca cess player ad autor AHorowt wo aaysed ts e Ches Revew

    et's loo at te opeg moves:1 e4 e 2 Nf3 N6 3 B4 B 4 oo Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 e (Diagram )

    Diagram (B) Diagram 9 (B)

    6 ..d

    Ts typcal aswer to e4e5 as bee accepted as best or a very log tme

    6 Ne4? s cearly bad because te kgt as o sae suare rom ere ad ollowg 7 Re Back s aready bg trouble

    6 Ng4 s payabe toug Ater 7 B4 ( tk ts s best) Black ca eter castleor calege wt s d-paw eter case tk Whte as good caces o

    gag some advatage:a) 7 00 8 3 N6 9 B6 g6 0 c3 s promsg: O dS Bb3 BS ( dc3 2Nc3 d4 3 NdS oers very good attackg caces) 2 cd4 Bb6 A ew gamesave goe 3 Nc3 Be4? wc s peraps a touc better or Wte but tk


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv ng the Max a nge Attac

    Whe shoul d consder e move 1 3 Re1 ? (Dagram 9)

    Now 13 .. Be4 14 Nbd2 l lusraes e advanage o delayng Nc3 aer 14 . B3Whe can recaure wh he kngh Also 13 . .Kh8 s me by 14 Nc3 wen heres no longer he Be4 resource

    The emng rely o 13 Re1 s 13 . . .Nb4 bu 14 Qd2 Nd3 15 R c5 16 dc5 Bc517 Nc3 looks srong as does he echange sacrce 14 Nc3 Nd3 15 Nd5 Ne1 16Qe

    b) 7 .d6 (or 7 .. d5) 8 ed6 Bd6 9 Re1+ K8? (9. . .Be7 10 Bb5 0-0 11 h3 N6 12 Bc6bc6 13 Qd4 looks beer or We) 10 Bd6+ Qd6 1 1 c3 (Dagram 10) and now

    Dagram 10 (B) Dagram 11 (W)

    b1) 1 dc3 12 Nc3 Qd1 13 Rad1 looks very romsng a massve lead n develomen wh boh c7 and arges o aack.

    b2) 1 . .B5 12 cd4 Rd8 13 Bb5 (dealng wh he hrea o 13 . Nd4 whc nowloses o 14 Qd4 Qd4 15 Nd4 Rd4 16 Re8 mae) 13 . . .g6 14 Bc6 Qc6 15 Nc3w edge o Whe N.RossolmoAO'Kelly de Gaway Trencanske Telce199.

    b3) 1 .Qc5 12 Nd4 Nd4 (aer 12 Qc4? 13 Nc6 e kng canno be recaured as mae wh Qd8 s hreaened) 13 Qd4 Qd4 14 cd4 Bd7 15 Nc3 andhe has a small advanage.

    e6 dx4 g!

    8 Re + Be6 9 g7 Rg8 10 Bg5 ransoses o our man l ne Bu 8 Re1 + also gvesBlack e oortuny o lay 8 K8 wch a ew eers ncludng Gutman beleve o be Black's bes move.

    ... Rg (Dagram 11)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeus Weapns: e4 e

    Now we w ll sdy te oll owng optons or Wte

    A: 9 Bg

    B: 9 Re1+

    TRICKY TRANSPOSITION: 9 Bg aims to reah the main positions

    in Line B while eliminating two possibilities for Bla 9 Re1Be, and 9 Re1 Be6 10 Bg Be 11 Bxe Qxe

    Al toug t's true Back oses tese two possb tes ts s countebalanced byte act tat e gans two new ones bot o wc are mportant At ts moment

    'm not 100% sure wc move order preer so 've decded to ncude bot

    A) 1 e4 e 2 Nf3 N6 3 B4 B 4 oo Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 e d exf6 dx4 g Rg 9Bg (Diagram 12)

    Diagram 12 (B) Diagam 13 (W)


    Avodng an ecange and gvng te kng te 7squae

    n practce 9 Be7 as been Black's most common coce 10 Be7 (Wte as tepossblt o 10 Re1 transposng to ne A) 0 Ke7 (10 Qe7? 1 Nd4 dem

    onstrates an advantage o 9 Bg5 wtout Re1 and Be6 trown n Black as no Rd8 png te kngt and te poston ate 1 1 Nd4 ooks very good orWte) 1 1 Re+ and now 1 Be6 transposes to ne B ndeed ts s wat everyone seems to pay But Black also as te possb o walkng s kng wt

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv ng he Max Lange Aac

    K6? {Diagram 13) as advocated by Kaus Kgler n Kaber. Blac as alever and economca plan o Kg7 oowed by K8 wen e s getng close u coordnaton Now 2 c3? s nerestng: 2 d3 (12 dc3 13 Qc Kg7 4Nc3 Gutman provdes We w eceent compensaon) 13 Na 3 Be6 14 Re4

    g7 5 Nc4 and e can ope o prove a ng probems won't alow Blac support te dpawn suceny

    er e ogcal 2 Nbd2 Blac as a coce

    a) 12 Be6 ransposes o ne B note a' to We's 12 move

    b 12 Qd5? (Diagram 14) oos natura but 13 Nc4 (Bcer also ound tsery strong sacrce) 13 Qc4 4 Qd2 Kg7 5 Qg5+ K8 16 Re8+ Ke8 7 Qg8+d7 (or 17 Ke7 8 Re+ Kd6 9 Nd2) 1 8 Re and Wte's atac s wor morean a pece or eample 8 Qd5 (te treat was 19 Nd2 Qd5 20 Qe8+ Kd6 21

    Ne4+) 9 Nd2 Ne7 20 Q8 Qc5 2 Q7 and t's dcul to see ow Blac s gong survve te onslaug

    Diagram 14 {W) Diagram 15 {B)

    c) 12 Kg7 3 Nc4 K8 4 Nce5 Ne5 5 Ne5 (5 Re5 ?) 5 Qd5 6 Q3 Q317 N3 c5 18 Re7 Kg7 19 Rae K6 20 Rc7 B3 21 g3 b6 w a comple endngTvoltKKgler Cessrendcom 2004 (w e mnor derence tat Wteplayed 2 Na3 nstead o 2 Nd2) Wte's roos are very actve bu Blac as asrong bsop and eaty queensde pawns

    Just tdyng up oer opons or Bac aganst 9 Bg5 are less good 9 Qd5 Nc3

    Q5 Ne4 Rg7 2 Re K8 (2 Be6 13 N4) 3 B6 and 9 Qd6 Re+ Be6 11Nbd2 wt a very good poson or Wte n bot cases

    Returnng o 9 6:

    10 Bh6!? (Diagram 15)

    5 1

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerus Weapns e4 eS

    tnk ts move ognay analysed by Hoowt oces Back to sove te mostpoblems. But Wte as two altenatves wot mentonng

    a) 10 Nd2? dscoveed by Mauts Wnd ntends to meet 0 g5? wt 1 QS+Kd7 and now 2 Ne ate wc Back s n some tobe Bcke's 10 B5 ap

    peas to be a good answe g 1 Q3 Qd7 2 B6 K7 13 B Rae8 Nc Rg7wen Blacks pece actvty oes compensaton o t pawn dect

    b) 0 Re+ K7 1 B6 ( 11 NeS+ Ne5 12 ReS Bd6 3 QS+ Kg7 1 Q6+ K7 5QS+ Kg7 s a pepetua ceck tat as been payed moe tan once) . .Kg6 (gong on te attack) 2 Qc QdS (Volke Heget) and t seems tat Wte as noobvous way to epot Blacks owad kng; o eample 13 c3 d3 1 N+ K7wt an unclea poston

    10 Bg4?

    Ts s an dea ovelooked n my nt al anayss Despte nvtng temptngcecks t mgt even be te best coce. Back plans QdS olowed by . . 0-0-0wt te bsop suay doppng back to e7 n te event o a ceck on te ele

    Altenatves ae mpotant and tey lustate ow easy t s o Back to go wongee:

    a) Ate 10 . .K7? Wte doesn't epend a tempo wt Re1 but pays 1 1 N plannng QS+ Ts ooks pomsng; o eample 1 .Ne5 (1 1 . .Qd5? 12 Nc3) 1 2QS Ke7 13 Re1 .

    b) 10 . B5? ate uns nto 1 N . Back can ady aod to lose conto o tegt sqaes and 11. Bg6 1 2 Re + K7 3 Q3 (amongst otes) does look veygood o Wte.

    c) Wte also as an eectve way o meetng 10 Qd5 n 1 1 Re1+ (Diagram 16)

    Diagram 16 (B) Diagram 1 (W)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv ng he Ma x ange Aac

    For eample Be6 ( 1 K7 12 Nc3 Q5 13 Ne4 Bb6 14 Qe2 amng to answer14 Be6? wt 1 5 Neg5+ s promsng or Wte; 1 Be7 12 Nd4 Qd4 13 Q5+Kd8 14 Rd1 or 12 Nd4 3 Nc3 s good or Wte; and nay teres 1 Ne7 12Nc3 Q5 3 Ne4 Q6 14 Nc5 Qg7 15 g3 ) 12 Nc3 Qd 7 (12 Q5? 3 N4) 3

    Ne4 Be7 (Dagram 1) 14 Nd4 Nd4 (4 Qd4? oses to 15 Q5+ B7 1 6 Q5 Qe57 N6+) and now was already appy wt 15 c3 but dscovered tat Goeler's15 Q5 Kd8 16 Nc5 Bc5 17 Qc5 s even stronger wen Black cannot avod materal oss

    d) 10 Be6 s Backs plyable alernatve: 1 Re Qe7 (ts dcult or te toeplot ts sepn Back nds te eact deences n contrast 11Qd7? 12 Qe2K7 13 Ng5+ g5 14 Q5+ Ke7 15 Qg5+ soud be wnnng or Wte as 15 Kd616 Nd2 s crusng) 2 Qe2 B7 ( preer Wte ater 12 Kd7 13 Nbd2 Bd5 14 Ne4

    Be4 15 Qe4 Qe4 6 Re4 Rae8 1 7 Rae e g7pawn s becomng a real nusance to Black ee; 12 Bd5? looks desrabe but Wte as 13 Nd4 and Q5+)3 Qd2 Be6 (13 Ne5 14 Ne5 e5 5 Bg5 Qe6 16 Qa5 s awkward or Black as6 b6? loses to 7 Qa4+ c6 18 Re5) and now Wte can eter accept te repeton o moves or e s eelng brave e coud enter te uncear compcatons o4 Q4 000 15 Nbd2

    eturnng to 10 Bg4 (Diagram 1)

    Diagram 1 (W) Diagram 19 (W)

    11 h3

    1 Re1+ ? Be7 2 3 B5 13 g4 B7 1 4 c3 (Goeler) s an aternatve tat tnkWte soud consder or eampe 14 d3 15 d2 Qd5 and now bot 16 b3 and6 Nd4? are wort nvestgatng My eeng s tat Wte as more cance o anadvantage n ts ne

    5 3

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dange rus Weapns 1 e4 e

    11Bh5 1 2 Qe2 Qe

    12 Ne5? s supposed to bad on account o 3 g4 d3 14 cd3 cd3 15 Qe But'm not entrely convnced by ths and a bt nervous about 15 Qd5 16 Ne5 e517 gh5 000 Despte the etra pece ths doesn't look totaly comortable or

    Whte as Black has some awkward threats13 Qxc4 0-0-0 14 Nbd2 Bf 15 Qd3 Bg6 (Diagram 19)

    Goeler assesses ths poston as equa Whte wants to avod the repetton hecoud try 1 6 Qb3 B7 1 7 Qa but objectvey ths mght not be the strongest way tocontnue 1 1 Re1 + s probably the way orward

    n concuson Black doesn' t want to transpose back to ne B both 9 Bg5 Be7 10Be7 Ke7 1 1 Re1 + K6? and 9 Bg5 6 are just about okay But there are plent oprobems or hm to sove and the path to reach a playabe poston s oten a nar

    row one

    B) 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 oo Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 e5 d5 exf6 dxc4 fxg Rg 9Re1 (Diagram 20)

    Diagram 20 (B) Diagram 21 (W)


    Accordng to my database ths s by ar the most common choce here and that'shardly a surprse gven that there's a great temptaton or Back to bock the checkby deveopng hs nal mnor pece

    But 9 Be7 s a serous alteatve (one that Wte can avod by payng 9 Bg5 seene A) The pont behnd 9 Be7 s that Black wants to keep the opton open odevelopng hs lghtsquared bshop more actvely possby on g4 or even h3 a-


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv n g the Max ange Attac

    te Rg7 As a as can see Whte's most chaengng move s st l 10 BgS andhee 10 Be6 eaches ou man ne But Back can also pay 10 Rg7? 1 1 Be7Ne7 (Dagram 21) when Whte has a choce:

    a) 12 Qd4 Qd4 13 Nd4 Bh3 14 g3 Rd8 (Whte has moe chances to keep an

    edge ate 14 000 15 Re7 Rd4 16 Nc3) 15 N3 Rg6 (Black's actvty osets hsstuctual dsadvantage) 16 Na3 c3 17 bc3 a6 18 Nc4 Rc6 19 Ne3 Be6 wth a evelposton g mons)

    b) 12 Na3 cS (12 Bg4 13 Qd4 Qd4 1 4 Nd4 oes Whte an edge) 13 Qe2 Bg4 1Nc4 Qc7 1 S QeS ( 1S c3 000 o 1S Kh1 6 16 h3 Bd7 1 7 b4 ?) 1 S QeS 16 NeSBh3 17 Nd6 K8 18 g3 agan wth a oughly level poston

    c) 12 Qe2? s nteestng and Black must deend wth pecson 12 Be6 (12 Bh313 g3 Qd6 14 Na3 d3 1S Qe3 Bcke/mons looks pomsng o Whte but

    thnk 12 Be6 s toughe) 13 Qe5 Rg6 14 Nd4 (14 Nbd2 Nc6 ntends 1S Qh8 Kd716 Q7 Qg8) 14 QdS 1S QdS NdS 16 Na3 c3 17 bc3 Nc3 18 4? (o 18 NabSNbS 9 NbS 000 20 Na7 Kb8 21 NbS Bh3 22 g3 Rc6 wth actvty o thepawn) and thnk Back has adeuate compensaton o the echange ate ethe18 000 19 S Rd4 20 g6 hg6 o 18 cS 19 S cd4 20 g6 hg6

    o 9 Be7 s playabe cetany moe so than the unnatual 9 Ne7? Aganst ths10 Nbd2 s vey good o Whte ate say 10 B5 (10 Be6?? 1 1 Ne4) 1 1 Nh4 QdS12 QhS 000 13 Re7 Be7 14 NS B6 1S N3

    10 Bg5 BeOthe moves ae neo and wee seen n ou eatued game MleHomann

    11 Bxe Kxe

    Hodng on to the d4pawn 1 1 Qe7 s the othe possblty Whte avods wth 9BgS Ate 12 Nd4 (Dagram 22)

    Dagram 22 (B) Dagram 23 (B)

    5 5

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangers Weapns 1

    Bac sod certay p te g o d4 bt wc s e best way to do tis?

    a) 2 0-0-0 3 Nxc6 bxc6 4 Q3 sod be good or We as postioally Blacs strgglig 4. . .Bd5? (4. . .Qg5 5 Nc3 Rxg7 6 g3 leaes Wte cotrol) 5Q5+ ( 5 Rxe7 Bx3 6 gx3 Rd + 7 K2 Rxg7+ 8 K3 Rgg is d ict o assess)

    5 . Qd7 6 Q6 (6 Qxd7+ Kxd7 7 Nc3 Rxg7 8 g3 s also good) 6 Qg4 7 3Qxg7 8 Qxg7 xg7 9 K2 Be6 20 Nc3 Rd2 2 R2 Rxe2+ 22 Nxe2 w a erypeasa edg or Bac to deed M.Masso-MCampaa Poricco 2005.

    b) 2 . Rd8 s sroger we Wte replis w 3 c3 ad te

    b ) 3 Rxg7 4 Qa4 K8 (4 .Qg5 5 g3) 5 Nxe6+ xe6 6 Qxc4 sod be goodor We do't t Bac's actty ue compesates or s paw dec adwea ig.

    BEWARE! Aer 15 Nx6?? he omper qily spos mae forBla wih 15 ... Rxg2+! 16 Kxg2 Qg5+ 1 Kf1 Bh3+ 1 Ke2 Qg4+19 f3 2+ 20 Ke3 Rd3+ e

    b2) 3 . .Nxd4 4 cxd4 (Diagram 23)


    DANGEROUS WEAPON! M.Gazman-A.Saad, orrespondene2000 is a good il lsraion of how Bla has srggled in pra

    ie 14 .Qb4? 15 N3 Qxb2 (his pawn is ry poisoned!) 16Qf3 Rxd4 1 Qf6! Qx3 1 Rxe6+ fxe6 19 Qxe6+ Kd 20 Qxg+and Bla was fored o resign

    O corse Bac sold pay smpy 4 Rxg7 e old game G.NeumaWiawer Pars 867 coied 5 Nc3 Qg5? ('s temptg to sow some aggresso bt s moe oly loses me aer Ne4) 6 Q3 c6 7 Ne4 Qe7 8 RadK8 ad ere 9 Q4 wod ae glged e weaesses o e darsares wit Wite tedig to aswer 9 . .Bd5? w 20 N6 g2+ 2 K ollowed by Q6+ ryig o mproe or Blac 5 K8 oos sroger a5 Qg5 atog Wite ca sil g or e adatage ater say 6 Q3 c6 7Re4 oowed by Rae .

    12 Re4!

    My eelig is tat Blac aces more immedae problms i We gos ater te d4paw strag away ad tat or at reaso ' cocetrate maly o 2 Re4.e ateraie 2 Nbd2? (Diagram 24) was aalysed extesey i Kaiiber adere is a bri summary o te ma es wit oe or wo commets

    a) 2 .. .Rxg7 3 Nxc4 K8 4 Nce5 Nxe5 5 e5 B3 6 g3 6 7 Re4 c5 8 Qd2 Qd59 R4 wi a edge or Wite Gtma.

    b) 2. .c3 3 Ne4 cxb2 4 Rb Rxg7 5 Qd3 K8 6 Rxb2 Rb8 7 c3 (Bcer) ad


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv ng he Ma x Lage Aac

    Whte ether regans the pawn wth a smal advantage wth cd4 or enjoys arong atack aer 7 . . dc3 8 Qc3

    c) Aganst 2 .K6 Whte can try 3 b4? (Diagram 25)

    Diagram 24 (B) Diagram 25 (B)

    here are other moves Whte can play bu ths looks the most challengng and sn dea worth rememberng

    ) 3 . .cb3 4 Nb3 Bb3 5 ab3 Kg7 6 Ne5 Ne5 7 Re5 Qd6 8 R5 Rae8 93 6 20 g3 (Bcker) an d Whte s beter despte beng a pawn down becauselacks poston s u o weaknesses

    c) 3 . b5? s anothr nterestng suggeston rom Kger. Now 4 a4 Kg74 ... a6? 5 ab5 ab5 6 Ra8 Qa8 7 Nd4) 5 ab5 Nb4 6 Ra4 aS 7 Re4 d38 c3 Bd5 eads to ascnang compcaons. One o Kgers man lnes runs 9g4+ Kh8 20 Rg8+ Kg8 2 cb4 ab4 22 Rb4 (22 a8 Qa8 23 Ne5 c3 24 Qg4+

    h8 25 Qd4 6 26 Nd3 cd2 27 Nb4 Bb3 28 Q6+ s perpeua check) 22 . .c3 23g4+ Kh8 when the two connected pawns combne wh Blacks orces to provde major threa Wth ths n mnd Whte shoud perhaps nsead preer 7 Ne4?Diagram 26) targeng the d4pawn or eample 7 . d3 8 cd3 cd3 9 Qa+ K80 Qc3 or 8 ..Nd3 9 Qa + 6 20 Re3 wh chances to pose Back connua problems n both cases.

    ) 2 Qd5 (the move Back has usuay chosen) 3 b3 cb3 4 ab3 (aiiber asonayses 4 cb3 and 4 Nb3) 4 . Rg7 5 Ne4 K8 (n MllerHomann Back

    pted or 5 . Rag8) 6 Qc (threaenng 7 Qa3+ Ne7 8 Rad when the dpawnrops and Backs poston s on the verge o collapse) 6 ..Q5 7 Ng3 Qd5 (Diaram 2)

    Now Whte can repeat the poston wh 8 Ne4 or ry Gutmans 8 h3? prevent-


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    angerus Weapns : e4 eS

    ng . . Bg4 n preparaton or Qh6 whch woud cause Back some troube o18 . .Bh3 s crtca 19 Qa3+ Kg8 20 c4 dc3 21 Rad 1 Qa5 22 Qa5 Na5 23 gh3Nb3 (Gutman) and then 24 Rd3 does ook good or Whte ( preer ths to Gutman's 24 Rb1). But 'd be a bt nervous Back payed 20 . . .Qd7 21 gh3 Qh3.

    Back has some dangerous possbtes, and ths makes me thnk that 18 Ne4 sobjectvey the best move

    Dagram 26 (B) Dagram 2 (W}

    12 d3

    Agan ths seems to have been Back's most common response But there s an mportant ateatve n note 'c' :

    a) Gvng up the d4-pawn wthout a ght s not a good dea: 12 .Rg7? 13 Nd4Nd4 14 Rd4 Qg8 (Koso-TNyand, tockom 2007) and now nstead o 15g3, smpy 15 Q3 c6 16 Nc3 eaves Wte n a domnatng poston

    b) 12 . Qd5? s aso bad 13 Nc3 Qh5 14 Nd4 Qd1 + 15 Rd1 s a horrbe endgame or Back, THauge-M.Abano, Teessde 1974

    c) 12.. 5? was payed n the ste game wth 13 Re4, H .Fah-.Tartakower, Baden-Baden 1 91 4, and t remans crtca today Back's reasonng s that t's worthweakenng hs poston esewhere n order to abe to keep hs prze asset on d4Whte contnues wth 1 3 Rh4 and now

    c) 13 .. K7 (preventng Whte rom capturng on d4 as the rook woud then behangng, so Whte takes the h-pawn nstead) 14 Rh7 Rg7 15 Rg7+ Kg7 (Da

    gram 2} rather supercay assessed ths poston as uncear n Pla he Open Game aBlack based on the Fahrn-Tartakower game, but t ooks ke underestmated themportance o the ack o cover around Back's kng Whte may we be better


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Revv ng the Max a nge Attac

    ere, or at te very east te positon is more dicut o Black to play Hee aeome varations

    Diagram 2 (W) Diagram 29 (B)

    ell 16 Nbd2 Q6 1 7 Qe2 c3 1 bc3 dc3 19 Nb3 was te FaiTartakowerame nstead o 19 Re, wic alowed 20 QbS Bc 21 Nbd4, Black sould play

    9 BdS12) 1 6 Na3? as been payed n recent years Atoug tere s aways a dangerat te knigt can get stuck on a3, ts is oten outweiged by te act ta itoesnt obstruct Wtes oter peces In partcuar White's queen wll in manynes sit very appily on d2, eyeng bot e d4-pawn and Black's vuneablengside: 16 QdS (Goeler gives te variation 16 Q6 17 Qe2 Re Nc4 B7 19 and Wite s better, particuary as 19 Nb4? can b e met by 2 0 a3 wen Nc2?? 21 Rc traps te knigt; Wite soul d aso be appy to see 16 d3, or

    ampe 17 Qd2 Q6 1 cd3 cd3 19 NbS Rd 20 Nc7 B7 21 Re1 and Backs adanced dpawn doesn't qute make up or te ost pawn) 17 Qd2 Rg 1 Re1 (Diaam 29) ( Q4 K 19 Re B7 20 Qc7 bS was better or Wte in MWurscnerapronov, correspondence 2001, but Re aows ess counterpay) 1 B7 193 ( Whte gets te a3-kngt into te game, e must be cose to wnning) 9 bS(r 9 c3 20 Q4 Qd6 21 Qd6 cd6 22 NbS and d4 drops) 20 Q4 and Back is uner tremendous pressure For eampe, 20 K 21 NbS QbS 22 Q6+ Rg7 23S (treatenng 24 Q+ Rg 2S N7 mate) 23 Nd 24 N7+ Kg 2S N6+ K 263 (Back can do notng to prevent Wite's treat, so a bit o tidying up irst)

    6 d3 27 cd3 cd3 2 Q Bg 29 Re+ Qe 30 Ne R7 31 Q6+ Ke 32 Qg6+8 33 QS R7 34 Qd3 and Wite soud win

    13) 16 Qd2? Q6 17 Q4 ude Acers) is aso promising, wt White panning tollow up in most cases wit d2 and Re


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangerus Weapns e4 eS

    c2) 3 Rg7? 4 Nd4 at rst sgt looks grm or Black but te amang resource 4 Ke8 (Diagram 30) scovered by Kger leads o some ascnatngcompcatons Neverteess tnk ere s a roue o an advanage or Weere 5 Q+ ( 5 Nc3? Q4 6 Ne6 Rd7 7 Q3 Qg4 8 Qe3 K7 9 Re Kg8 20

    3 Q4 2 Qc5 Re8 22 Re3 Rde7 23 Rg3+ K8 24 Ng5 4 2 Rg4 Q5 26 Q5 wcompensaon s a long lne gven by Bcker) 5 B7 6 Qe2+ (6 Nc6? Qd5 )6 K8 (16 Qe7 7 Nc3 eads to a peasant endng or W e) 7 N5 Rg5 (or7 Qg5 8 Ng7 Q4 9 Ne6+ Be6 20 Qe6 Nd4 2 Qe5 Re8 22 Qc5+ Qe7 23Qe7 Re7 24 Na3 c3 25 K cb2 26 Rb wt wnnng cances) and now:

    Diagram 30 (W) Diagram 31 (B)

    c2 ) 8 Ng3 Rd5 9 R7 Rd + 20 N Kg8 2 R3 Qd7 22 Re3 (Diagram 31) wtKgler now suggestng eer 22 Rd8 or 22 Re8 reaces a very strange postonWte s two pawns aead and Blacks kng as absolutey no cover Bu jus asmportantly We s playng wtout s queensde and e must dea w te pon te back rank Wtes best cance may be to advance e pawn up te boarand en try a2a4 olowed by Raa3 but o course Back as some moves too

    c22) 8 R4 Q6 (8 R 9 R Nd4 20 R7+) 9 Q3 Ne5 ( Qb2 20 Qa3+Qa3 2 Na3 s beter or Wte or eample ater 2 Ne5 22 N6 ) 20 Qa3+(Kgler gves 20 Q3 Bd5 2 Q6+ Q6 22 N6+ Ke8 23 Nc3 Rg2+ 24 K Bc625 3 Rg6 26 Re R6 27 Re+ Kd7 leadng o equay) 20 Ke8 2 Qe3 (Diagra32) 2 R5 (2 Rd8 22 Nc3 R5 23 R5 Q5 24 Re wns back te pece w aeaty etra pawn) 22 R5 Q5 23 4 Be6 (23 Rd8? 24 Nc3 and only en

    24 Be6 alows 25 Re ; or 23 K8 24 e5 Re8 25 Nc3 Qe5 and Wte can g ote advantage wt 26 Qa7 b6 27 3 Qc5+ 28 K) 24 e5 Qc2 25 Nc3 Wt aneposed kng on e8 Blacks poston remans more dcult to pay at leas rom apracca pont o vew

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Rvv ng h Max an g Aac

    Diagam 32 (B) Dagram 33 (B)

    cocuso, 12 . .5 may we e Back's es move, u Whie ca sl hope oclam some advaage, or a leas orce Back o play wh grea accuracy o maai he alace Reug o 12 .. d3

    3 Nbd2

    he has payed ohers here, u argeg he c4paw causes mos prolems.

    3 Qd5

    leraves ilusrae how dcul Back's posio ca ecome

    ) Rxg7 14 Nxc4 dxc2 15 Qxc2 (Diagram 33) as payed i A.Tadjerashi.Grei, Copehage 24, s he sor o posio Back mus ry o avoid a a loss His ceral paw ormaio has ee demoshed ad he oly major acor i he posio is his everasigly vulerle kg.

    b Give he prolems Black aces aer a lowig c4 o drop, 13 .. 5 woud seemsrae, perhaps eve esseia. Bu agas hs Whe ca aack o a ew od Black's prolems crease 14 a4! a6 15 ax5 ax5 16 Ra8 Qxa8 (or 16 . . .dxc2 Qxc2 Qxa8 18 Re1 hreaeg Qxh7 18 .. .Rxg7 19 Q5 Qa6 2 Qc5 Ke8 214 Rg6 22 Nh4 ad Back's poso s colapsg) 17 cxd3 cxd3 1 8 Qc Rg7 19c5+ Ke8 2 Qx5 ad wh Ra4 s comig ex, Back s realy srugglg.

    ) Fiay, 13 . .5? does help Black eher 14 Re3 g7 15 Nxc4 Qg8 16 Ne1 dxc27 Qxc2 ad Back was uae o solve he polem o hs weak kg i Cerig.Thiodeau, correspodece 1997

    4 Rx4

    lck's cere paws mus e emaed

    4 .Rxg (Diagram 34)

    6 1

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    an geus Weapns 1 e4 eS

    Diagram 3 4 (W) Diagram 35 (B)

    15 xd3

    15 Rc3? coas a accal faw 15 .Rxg2! 16 Kxg2 Rg8+ 17 K1 Bh3 (Goeler).


    15 . Rag8 16 g3 Qxd3 17 Rc3 QfS was V.KroffG.McDoad, coespodece21 The game's 1 8 3 was' ad, u I hk 1 8 Qa4 s eve sroge The ce

    ra paws have vashed ad, wh hs kg ackg ay ovous shee, Black so he ropes. For exampe, 18 .Rg4 19 Qa3+ Kd7 2 Re1 Kc8 (faly fdg someso of have, u..) 21 Rxc6 xc6 22 eS wh a promsg aack.

    16 R3 (Diagram 35)

    I seems sese o drve he quee from hs square I sopped afer 1 6 . .Qg6 17g3 Kf8 18 Qa4, sasfed ha Whe ejoyed a susaa advanage ased o hesame reasog gve he rece oes he oy ruy mpora feaure remag s Back's weak kg I dscovered ha Guma ad Bcker reached he

    same verdc, ad hey go o o gve some more varaos, cludg 16 . .Qd5 17Qe1 Rag8 18 g3 Rg4 1 9 Qe3 QfS 2 Re1 Kd8, whe he exchage sacrfce 21 Rxc6!xc6 22 eS s aga vey srog.

    I ay case ookg a he poso afer 16 Rc3 seems o me ha Whe has wohe opeg ale ad Black eeds o look more closely a aleaves earle o.


    I eleve ha 8 fxg7 s a excele choce for Whe he Max Lage There's agood chace of oag some advaage, or reachg a ucear poso whchs more fama o you ha your oppoe; a he very eas preses Back wha ew se of proems I wll e fascag o see wheher gradmasers w folow Mle's ead ad y o revve he Max Lage overheoad play


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Ch apter h ree

    Calming the omantics

    1 e4 es Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bcs 4 c3 Nf6 s d4 exd4 6 cxd4 Bb4+

    7 Bd Nxe4!? (Diagram 1) and 4 b4 Bxb4 5 c3 Bas (Diagram )

    Diagam 1 (W) Diagam 2 (W)

    The Guoo ao ad Evas Gam were ouar he soaled Roma erod', whe aakg a al oss was he sadard way of layg hess

    There are sl l a ew ou here who ke o go for he aak eve f voves


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Da ngerus Wea ns e4 e

    sculativ gamit lay Thi asoig is that oots wil uami ia with19th ctuy thoy ad mo ot tha ot wi go astay.

    I ths chat hav outid a to o Back o th 1s t ctuy, asdlagy o my ow wth which I hav scod wl

    I do't iv that Whi should al to otai ay advatag i hs ogs, athough som o th vaiatos a tcky you havt do you homwok. Il stat wth th ilustaiv gams that should wh you att o thmai ls.

    D Fitz V.Aad

    Frnr (pid 1999

    Ths gam was ayd at a tm wh th Wold's to ays stil lt that thyshoud al to a th Wod's st comuts Howv, hy w stati toid th goig had

    I mm adig a acdo ha Aad was woid aout h comu'skowldg i th mai lis o th Guoco iao ad askd Kasaov o his advc Kasaov tod hm to ay 9 . N5 to gt a good gam wthout havg toa much thoy. It wokd ik a dam, as you s low.

    1 e4 e 2 Nf3 N6 3 d4 exd4 4 B4 B 5 3 Nf6

    Th Guoco iao mov od is 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 c3 N6 5 d4 cxd4

    6 xd4 Bb4 N3 Nxe4 8 o-o Bx3 9 d NeS (Dagram 3)

    Diagram 3 (W) Diagram 4 (B)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Ca mn g h Rmant cs

    BEWARE! of blindly playing ino yor opponen's pet ines

    Vrous uhors hve d erg opos bou he compcos resul g rom . .B6. would persolly descrbe hem s heorecl d dgerous d despe he probbly h Blck s oky hel hve o ply he ype o posos hsoppoe s seekg All hs sress s ucessry becuse .. NeS bscly gvesBlck dece pw-up poso

    10 bx3 Nx4 11 Qd4 (Diagram 4) 1100

    hve oly ever plyed hs sod move bu here re coupe o lerves oe o whch s plyble oe o whch s o!

    seems h . .S 12 Qxc4 d6 s possbe s you wll see l er bu holdg o ohe exr pece wh 1 . Ncd6 however empg s deely ot recommeded.

    BEWARE! of greed going o yor head!

    ook ll he rouble Bck ges o 12 Qxg7 Q6 3 Qx6 Nx6 4 e1 Ne4 1Sd2 - ( 1S S 6 3 7 xe4 lso leves Whe wh l h e chces) 16 Nxe4Nxe4 17 xe4 S 18 e3 bS (M.Csse-M. er Nssu 1 4) wh cer dv

    ge or Whe who hs led deveopme d ckg chcesAlerves o 14 . Ne4 re worse 14 . . .K8 1S Bh6+ Kg8 16 eS Nde4 7 Nd2 1-BuerEchmde Kgsuer 188 s he sor o gme h jus ecourgesWhe pyers o keep ryg hese gmbsyle opegs. sed ccordg omy dbse 14 . . . Kd8 hs bee plyed over he bord or over 4 yers bu do beeve h s que redy or revvl 1 S BgS Nde8 16 xe8+ Kxe8 17e1 K8 8 Bh6 Kg8 eS Greco-Aoymous S.

    12 Qxe4 Nd6 13 Qd3 (Diagram 5)

    13 b6

    DANGEROUS WEAPON! Bla has an exra pawn and a solidposiion, whereas Whie is already srggling o find halfdeen ompensaion

    Blck c lso py 13 .. .Q6 here (see he heory seco or more dels).

    14 Ba3 Qf6 15 Qd4 Qxd4 16 Nxd4 Bb 1 Bxd6 xd6 1 Nf g6 19 Nxd6 Bxd 20

    fe1 Be6 21 f4 (Diagram 6)ECO cosders h Whe hs compeso or he pw. s rue h he welposed kgh sops Bcks rooks usg c8 or e8 u oherwse would be hhppy hd Whe us look wh hppes he gme


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    D ngeous Weo ns 1 e4 eS

    Diagram 5 B


    The ook is heading or 7.

    22 a4 Ra 23 Reb1 Rb 24 a

    Diagram 6 B

    Ate he sower 2 K2 Bak stas to take oo wih 2 R7 25 Ra3 R6 26 Rd

    K8 oowed y . Ke7.24.. b 25 4 b4 26 Ra4 b3 2 Ra3 R 2 Raxb3 Rxb3 29 Rxb3 R !

    Nauray no 29 Bx?? eause o 3 R3

    30 Nb

    I 3 Ra3, hen 3 . .K8 and ..Ke7 wi ead o Whie osing his paw.

    30 ... Rx4 31 Rb6 R2

    Whites kigside ow omes ude the osh

    32 Nd6 Kf 33 Rxa6 Bd 34 g3 Rg2+ 35 Kf1 Rxh2 36 Ra B6 3 N Rg2 3 Nb6Rxg3 39 Nxd+ Bxd 40 Rxd Ra3 41 Ra Rf3+ 42 Kg2 Rxf4 43 a6 Ra4 44 Ra+ Kg45 Kh2 h 0-1

    oes Whie have u ompesation o his pawn in this ine? I suspe ot. I ati my expeiee Whies ompensatio is suiien to give hm dawinghaes u o moe.

    Whie a ry 7 Bd2 insead o 7 3 as i n the oowing game

    D G.Lee G.FearBrii sh ham ionshi oqay 2002

    1 e4 e 2 Nf3 N6 3 B4 B 4 3 Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 xd4 Bb4+ Bd2 Nxe4? Diagram


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Ca m n g the Rmant cs

    Diagram (W) Diagram (B)

    he ma ook move s 7 . . .Bxd+, ad afe 8 xd dS 9 exdS xdS 1 Q3 Blakhas a hoe he an offe a epetto wth 1 . . .a5 1 1 Qa4+ 6; o sod fy hshod o dS wh 1 e7, when Whte has some pessue tha ompensates fohe solated paw

    I do't onsde Bak's posto to e ad ut pefe the game move, whh offes moe patal wng haes ad of ouse takes Whte out of hs omfotoe

    Bxb4 Nxb4 9 Bxf Kxf 10 Qb3 d!?

    good ty fo the advanage.

    have also payed the equa endgame afte 1 Kf8 1 1 Qx4+ Qe7 ad ted togd away, ut now oy eseve ths fo whe wat to e vey sod (see theheoy seto fo moe detas on ths move).

    1 Ne (Diagram )

    hs atua ook' move s possly a mpeson, ut few an esst the temptao of pushg Bak's kng aout!

    I osde 1 1 Qx4 Re8 1 to e moe pudent (as played a game fom heJZuketoW.tet Beslau math fom 187), whe play s aout equa afte Kg8 13 Re1 6 14 Q3 Be6

    1 .Ke6

    BWAR! .. of plaing yor ing on he wrong sqare!


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dangeo us Wea ons: 1 e4 eS

    1 1 .K6 s o du o 12 3, a s h kg boks h d8h4 dagoa ad oupsh aua a squa o h kgh

    12 Qxb4 c5! (iagram 9)

    iagram 9 (W) iagram 10 (W)

    Hg bak a h s h dyam opo Isad 12 .Q8 s payab, u

    h sug xhag o qus sms o gv oy quay o Bak, g 13Qx8 Rx8 14 3 Nd6 1 5 N3 N5 1 6 - 6 17 Rh1 Kd6, as N .RossomoW.Addso, U Champoshp, Nw Yok 1965.

    13 Qa3

    I had 13 Qb3? Qa5 a apd pay gam ad, wh Whs kg aso suk h, Bak soo ook oo. Isad 13 Qa4 s w m by 13 Qb6

    13 cx4 14 3 Qb6 15 0-0 K7

    Thag o vaua h kg o say. I a Bak a v osdmovs suh as 15 . . K6? o 5 . .R8, as Wh s ab o g a Baks kg

    16 b2

    My oppo jd 16 N5 baus o 16 . K6 (whh s mo ambous hah oquod ad o vy ovg vaao o vshs ha ous16 . . K6 17 N3 K7), a whh ukas adds 17 Nd3 B5 wh a dg o BakIsad 16 Rd1 s s (s h hoy so).

    16Re (iagam 10)



    AGEROUS WEAPO! With Black's kig ear to beig tuckeaway the hal-a-paw avatage is becomig impoat

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Ca m ng the Rmant cs

    17 Qb3

    Kas gvs 1 7 Nb3 d3 18 Rad 1 Bg4 19 Rxd3 Bx3 2 Rx3+ Kg8, wth a dg oBlack.


    Isad 18 Nxd2 al lows Black to ach a good dig a 18 ..Qxb3 9 Nxb3 R2

    1 Qx5+ Be6 19 Qh5+ Kg 20 x2 Qxb2

    Dmolshng hit's qsid

    21 3 Bxa2 22 Qa

    Black woud aso hav good wining chancs at 22 Nxd4 Qxd4 23 Rxa2 a6.

    22... Re2 23 Ra1 (iagram 11)

    iagram 11 (B)

    H Black has o id th gh way.


    iagram 12 (B)

    A 23 . . b6! I thogh that 24 Qa6 wold b anoyg, b kacs ponts ot that24 .. R8 25 Qxa7 Bd5 would b vy song

    23 a6?, o h oh had, ca b pad by 24 Nxd4 R4 25 Rd2

    24 Qb Bc4

    Back shod pay 24 . Ra8! 25 Rxd4 (ot 25 Nxd4? R1, o 25 Qxb7 R27 ad. Bc4) 25 .. .Qc6.

    25 Qxb7 Rae 26 Qxa7!At 26 Rc Back kps h advantag wt h 26. . Rc2 (b no 26 . .Rx2?? bcaso th coo 27 Kx2) 27 R R8 28 R7 d3.

    26.. R2e7 27 Qx4 Qx4 2 x4 Bx1 29 Rx1 (iagram 12)


  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Dageus Wea s e4 eS

    o Bl emee wth he o w b wh he w o oewg el deede hold be ble to dw.

    29 R7 3 3 h6 31 h4 Re 32 g3 R1 33 Rx1 Rx1 34 Kg2 K7 35 g1 Ke6 36h3 K 37 4 Ra1 3 K3 Ra3 39 Kg2 Ke4 4 e6 Ra7 41 4 R7 42 h3 K3 43

    K1 R 44 Kg2 Ke4 45 K1 Ra 46 Kg2 Rb 47 4 Ra 4 h3 Ra2 49 4 g 5hxg hxg 51 e6 Ra 52 g4 Re 53 3 Ke3 54 g7 R 55 Kg3 Ra 56 e6 Re 57g7 Ke2 5 R 59 g7! Ra

    hee o jo o Bl d3 3 g 4 g3

    6 Kg2 Re 61 h Ke3 62 Kg3 Ra 63 4 Ra1 64 xg Rg1 65 Kh4 K3 66 g6 Rxg467 Kh3 Rxg6 6 Kh4 Rg4 69 Kh3 Ra4 7 6 R4 71 h Rg4 72 6 Rg7 73 hRg4 74 6 R4 75 h R6 76 Kh4 Rg6 77 Kh3 YzYz

    ighting the Evans Gambithe otoo Ev mbt be o hve the Bl ee tht

    .Leygue GFear

    a dAgde 2006

    1 e4 e 2 3 c6 3 Bc4 Bc 4 b4 Bxb4 5 c3 Ba 6 4 ex4 7 o-o ge7 cx4 9

    ex x 1 Ba3 Be6 11 Qb3 (iagram 13)

    agram 13 (B) iagram 14 (W)

    11 Q7!

    Bb4 lo eobe; eg 2 Bb4 Nb4 13 3 N 1 4 Qb7 5 d ow

    ) M jdge 5 Q N4 1 Q+ e7 7 Q4 e8 to be equ, whee m

  • 8/20/2019 Dangerous Weapons 1 e4 e5 - Emms, Flear, Greet


    Ca m ng the Rman cs

    omute efes Whte, roaly due to Blaks slghly seue kg

    ) Afe 5 B5+ Kf8 6 Qa6 N3 7 Ra2 N6 (. lukLOstowsk, olsh eaChamosh 999), Blak heaes .B8, whh Whte faled o ote theaual game! Whe should otue wh 8 Be2! Nxd4 9 Rd2 Nxe2 2 Qxe2

    Qf6, whh Ma assesses as equal . Whle Blak lays . .g7g6 ad .Kg7 to soout hs hamoy, Whe has me o w ak the aw.

    1 b

    Ma que lkes Whtes haes afte 2 Ne5 Nxe5 3 Qx7 (Blak s ette followg 3 dxe5?! 4 Rd Q6! ) 3 Q8 (at hs jutue, al though 3 . . N6?!4 Bxe6 fxe6 5 dxe5 5 6 Qf3 R8 looks layale, Blaks kg s sll a olem)4 Bxd5 Qx7 5 Bx7 R8 6 Be4. But Blak the has 6 .. f5! ad aheves ofotale equaly wth 7 B2 N4 8 B5 B6

    1 Bx

    It seems a good dea to exhage wo as of mo ees

    13 x a5 14 3 xc4 15 xc4 6! (iagram 14)

    hs defeds g7, oves e5, ad gves the kg a oteal esae squae o f7

    16 Q3