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Designing for 5 types of Ecommerce Shoppers

Date post:31-Oct-2014
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Evidence-based user experience research is incredibly valuable to retailers. The Neilsen Norman group has been doing just that. When we found their "Designing for 5 Types of E-commerce Shoppers" post, we knew we had to give it our visual treatment. Enjoy!
  • 2. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, there are 5 main types of ecommerce shoppers. To increase your sales, you'll need to understand their needs well.
  • 3. PRODUCT FOCUSED I know exactly what I want. I am goal-oriented and I need the site to give it to me quickly.
  • 4. PRODUCT FOCUSED DO THIS: Provide easy access to previously purchased items for simple reorder Provide descriptive names and clear product images.
  • 5. PRODUCT FOCUSED DO THIS: A streamlined checkout to allow them to make purchases as painless as possible.
  • 6. BROWSERS I love spending time on your store to find inspiration. Im just looking, but Ill buy if I like what I see.
  • 7. BROWSERS DO THIS: Browsers want to see what's new, what's popular and what's on sale, Provide sharing widgets to allow browsers to share their favorite finds with their friends NEW
  • 8. RESEARCHERS I have a problem that your product may solve, but I'm not buying your product until I've thoroughly compared it with all the other options.
  • 9. RESEARCHERS DO THIS: Provide detailed product descriptions, excellent support and clear navigation. Researchers have high standards. Make sure your offering is superior to your competitors Convert Researchers into buyers by becoming a reliable source of information.
  • 10. Enable user reviews for social proof Use easy-to-edit shopping carts that retain products between visits. RESEARCHERS DO THIS:
  • 11. BARGAIN HUNTERS I love bargains. Show me a bargain and I'm there. I spend time looking for the best deals.
  • 12. BARGAIN HUNTERS DO THIS: Provide simple and accessible coupons
  • 13. BARGAIN HUNTERS DO THIS: Display sale items alongside full-priced inventory, as well as provide a clear section for discounted items. Do whatever it takes to make them feel like they're getting a bargain.
  • 14. ONE-TIME SHOPPERS I want to buy something, but I'm not super obsessed about the details. I have other things to do.
  • 15. One-Time Shoppers need to trust you quickly to provide you with their personal and financial information. Provide relevant company and contact information to allay their fears. ONE-TIME SHOPPERS DO THIS:
  • 16. These shoppers are unfamiliar with your site and your products Allow them to purchase without creating an account. They'll appreciate it, and be likelier to buy. ONE-TIME SHOPPERS DO THIS:
  • 17. Evidence-based user research is critical for customer acquisition. To learn about how word-of-mouth can further amplify your customer acquisition efforts, visit: ReferralCandy.com
  • 18. Crafted By: Source: http://www.nngroup.com/articles/ecommerce-shoppers/ http://www.nngroup.com/articles/long-sales-cycles-online/
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