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Date post:05-Dec-2014
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Experience from a "Upgrade, Unicode Conversion and dual stack split" project. This project was completed in less than three months. The database size was 1.4TB, Oracle DB running on Solaris. The landscape has four systems: Production like sandbox, Dev, Production like QA and Production system. This project was managed using existing resources. We didn't hire additional consultants. How did we do it? I'll present that story in this session. What is the benefit? You would definitely save dollars and time. In this session, I'll explain: 1) What is "Dirty Upgrade"? 2) Why is it better? and 3) How to do it? by Bala Prabahar
  • 1. Dirty Upgrade, Unicode Conversionand Dual Stack SplitBala PrabaharBAPS Software Consulting Services Inc.07/15/2011
  • 2. MOTIVATION SOL EP ECC SRM MAN Unicode and Single Stack Systems BWNon-Unicode and Dual Stack
  • 3. APPROACH BW SOL EP ECC SRM MAN 2 Unicode and Single 3 Stack SystemsBWNon-Unicode and Dual Stack UCC
  • 4. 1 UPGRADE Available Tools Processes Upgrade and Unicode Conversion Together (CU/UC) Upgrade first and then Unicode Conversion
  • 5. UPGRADE SAP EhPi: To upgrade from NW 7.0 to EhP1 for either ABAP or Dual but not for Java Stack. SAINT: To upgrade from NW 7.0 to EhP1 for SolMan JSPM: To upgrade from Java 7.0 to EhP1 SAPUp: To upgrade from Pre-NW 7.0 version to EhP1 (CU & UC is possible) Note: As of April 21, 2011, SAPehpi 7.10 is replaced by Software Update Manager (SUM), note 1251735.
  • 6. UPGRADE
  • 7. UPGRADE
  • 8. Step 1 Initialization Checks Performed ABAP or Java or Dual
  • 9. Step 2 Extraction EhP installation Key, Download Dir and DDIC password Packages are extracted to Transport Dir Kernel is copied to /EHPI/ABAP/EXENEW and /EHPI/ABAP/EXE
  • 10. Step 3 Configuration Stack.xml to /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in
  • 11. Step 4 Checks Last step of the Installation Preparion Prerequisites met (such as Disk space requirements) New tablespaces and additional space for existing TS Open or cancelled updates
  • 12. Step 5 Preprocessing REPACHK2 phase (lock the development environment) Shadow Repository creation Progress can be checked (/EHPI/ABAP/tmp/DBCLONE. Difference between SAPup and EHP installer SAPup Export media of the upgrade export DVDs EhPI -> Shadow tables from the basis tables of the original instance DD modifications ACT_UPG and SHADOW_IMPORT_INC
  • 13. Step 6 Downtime 1) Switching the table and the kernel ~ tables are renamed New kernel is copied 2) Table Conversion, main import and program execution PARCONV_UPG TABIM_UPG XPRAS_UPG
  • 14. Step 7 Postprocessing SGEN Background jobs scheduling
  • 15. Step 8 Finalization Ends the installation tool and SL Controller.
  • 16. UPGRADE
  • 17. UNICODE CONVERSION Options Considered Distribution Monitor Expdp/Impdp option SAPs export/import method
  • 18. ANXIETY SMIGR_CREATE_DDL Blog: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs?blog=/pub/wlg/24399 ORA-00600 Errors
  • 19. ANXIETY Contd
  • 20. ANXIETY Contd
  • 21. SCALABILITY Distribution Monitor Evaluate the system for "Drop before export/recreate after import" secondary indexes of less critical but large ODS tables. This way we could rebuild the indexes after turning over the system to business for validation.
  • 22. DUAL STACK SPLIT Export content from Dual stack Install Single Stack Import content into Single stack system
  • 23. Questions??? ????

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