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Dopow LED Indicator& Buzzer

Date post:07-Jun-2015
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Dopow LED Indicator& Buzzer Led Signal Lamp, led buzzer, LED indicator lights,LED indicator 1. Various Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue. 2. Diverse Design, Variety chances to choose. 3. Semi-Permanet, It's economical. 4. Great Appearance:It's contributes to apply in electronic equipments widely. 5. Visible in Various Sides: A several of projected designs.
  • 1. www. dopow. [email protected] com% nopowf%% T| ISIGNAL LAMP SERIES nopow s? fiEiI; TiExplanation of Type Designation(*: %$Z7%ftW$IExampIsI2T7LI& EEIEISN?I; %IT%I TIEiiII; nT>3. oooomag yag>Ioocd/ m2. "Li+NH55.Ii5I1L'I:20"/ o HIUVI/ I:I 1Ettii$, I?7HIEkCT1 >100. maI$iirIIi' 2.5kV(5$. ?1IgI.Imm Imam UI(75MQ_ 050MnIEI$$(AC) 5u~6uI-Iz ik 1. hi.i.EI.M!1IEIIF$i}.22 ' L. --" Pnamgm V "V "W ,I R I/ . 4% V W WV Aneo ZZDSIV , . NV W A060-22Ds/5l 350V AD60-22DSlW .AD6Dv22DSPage oss~ ,0 , / umr,mwAD6o1E%kTIJ .xSignal lamp series uununnju .I ._ 1r : : r .- r I scnpt: v..5 A .AD6U~22D/ R _-) AC/ DC Ac _ ~,I ' W W Au6o-22D/ G : ]_j E "27 V 3 mv AD60 22D/ V V Puomgm Aav 110v ' " 1 ., ? im'v, g:, m mv 220V NV AD60 22575/e ' A I .. V L aaov A950-22EF5 AD60~22BFS/ W /34 Jwlm.A71frA Paqe~OB6~ 3. xnupow AD601'. %'%l! T 3.5!]Signal lamp series; ; ma egg U ri Vi-li; 'F' 1 Photo D iptinn Voltace Ty olor ContouiAD60-22DFs/ R A Acioc Ac .W W AD60-22DFS/ G A .4,22 riasninginneaieiiann 24v asv 220v ADEMZDFS/ Y.AJ>t&emXl AEV imv V" W ADeo22ni= s/a A .aeuv 3 AD50Z2DFS Aneo-22m= s/w A (3 Ac/ Dc Ac .. = 1 EV l2V ,' Dgfja V V "W AD6022D/ B AA iii, K coIorLighl EV V ll 4 5 127v 220v W l V xxtiiimii L aaov iL, '_J ADBU-22DlB Circuilbveaker posllion Indicalor I . ..ni WiK? Sn'Kl)lliii~}l Ac/ Dc Ac AD6U~22WlD A/ a EV l2V 5f"9 24v 36V zznv .2 eosiiiqninqicaior ADsa_22w, N A ll:lI3HlllI! H>i:7~Xl W MW an 121v zzuv W 05 lsolalirig mg;swl| Cl| )l1Sl| IL}n SEW AD60-22W/ G [email protected] e A050-22W/ D Nvll/ Tl'l , wfii'. i.-ni Aoso-22F/ RA AC/ DC Q av izv Ac ADSD-22FlG1 .24v aav NV Lsolnvm ADsD2zF/ V A .n22 W UV 22m/Mm" WV "W ADBD22FlB A O 350V 380V j ADSMZF ADsn22i= iwA ADSU-SDDS/ R A AC/ DC .W W AC Anso-aims/ G A PI (lhlfwhl V V WV In is W WV Aneo-anus/ VA .45390 22nv WV WV AD603DDSlB A Q JBDV 380V 7 AD5Q,3gDs AD6U3DDSlW A Page 0s7 3 _.7siw? . men kmpow ADsof%J: T$IlSignal lamp series9} ng R at External dimensionsMe ii 2? #1 51 E ii In MODEL AND MEANINGADSO - W/ I071-iialif Design number Al +AD60-WIID1-AA AD60-WI201- AA aexmwnxx * aexmwaxx Red region I5 zone of luminosity Green region is zone of luminositylJ'F? i7T= H.lf:The following indicator symbols for your information. ll 4!!ii {ii ill (I) (C) (I) (I)mi ml w VU2 min ow HM mm-,2w Hm 12w'lnI mnne mme mmii MW mG @@@@[email protected], Wo Wm ww emu on .0/Mm on MU on K?II!ill ll (I) ill lib ill ill (I) (I) (I) M oW. omi mm on.0 onion mm (C) (I) (C) (I) (I) (I>
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