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Holiday season marketing checklist

Date post:16-Apr-2017
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Sales and Marketing Checklist for The Holiday Season

Here we go.

Sales And Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is the slow phase of the sales cycle that drift to the maximum, backed by the sound sales and marketing campaigns to capitalize on the shopping extravaganza of the revelers. This period of merrymaking and holiday enjoyment starts off with a lot of purchases and change in the buying behavior of the customers, with plenty of time from the buyers that extend through late December.

Precise Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing team needs to chalk out a precise marketing strategy, to capitalize on this extended holiday period, to boost the sales pipeline. The online buying is the norm of the day with all the shoppers moving on the various online platform to shop and bank upon the relevant discounts. With the ultra-smart phone in your hand, you can leverage on the seamless mobile shopping directly with the robust intuitive e-commerce site app.

Real-time Insight Into The Customer Data

With sales automation software like MS dynamics CRM and all new Dynamics 365, small to midsize businesses (SMBs) can get the real-time insight into the customer data info, on the sales trends and shopping habits during the holiday sales period of the year. On the basis of this, a clear impressive sales and marketing campaign can be planned to target holiday sales.

Sales And Marketing Checklist

The first and the foremost thing for the (SMBs) to do is to make a sales and marketing checklist, to tap on the holiday buying by the people. With the offer and discount on the products adding a tinge of happy buying multiplies the shopping experience, as the shoppers are rejoiced to buy more for family members, and friends from the particular online site.

Extending Business Hours And Festive Dcor

Extending business hours for offline retail stores and festive dcor are the other two things done, by the small business to drive holiday sales that double the customers engagements. Another factor that can enhance holiday sales graph is to target mobile shopping scenario, to make the most of the online buying.

Accelerate Digital marketing through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

This is another initiative that can be taken by marketers to promote the holiday offers online. In this way, online marketing efforts are multiplied with PPC campaign that boosts the overall ranking on the site. When, users click on the particular Ad they are directed to the specific page on the website. For this extra work need to be done with focused keywords to roll on the PPC ads. The main advantage for running PPC ad campaigns is to catch up with the online attention of the users towards the holiday sales.

Expedite holiday sales by running a social media promotion

The number of internet users plummeted to the 3.5 billion worldwide, so this is the most simplified way to do holiday sales promotion. You can start social media promotion on the dedicated website through December late for all the online promotion, to get connected to the customers through social media sites like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. You can run the Twitter campaign and create branded hashtags focused on promotional activities for the holidays.

Work on creating a content calendar

As a primary part of the digital marketing, you can engage the digital marketer into focusing, on the various content creation that would highlight all the holiday season promotional activities, on the newest offers on various specific products. You can plan blog posts, mailings, social media campaigns, and emails together. In addition, the line-up Blog posts, social campaigns, and emails should be scheduled on the priority list on your calendar at this time.

Focus on mobile and send holiday-themed emails

The sudden surge in the mobile phone use plummets as for the year 2017, it is expected to reach some 4,77 billion with a forecast of mobile phone users, to touch a five billion mark by 2019. With the sophisticated smartphone, the usage is enhanced as per a new research, people are accustomed to checking social media platforms consisting Facebook and Twitter 17 times a day. This is the best alternative to moving the complete focus on the mobile phone, for holiday sales by sending holiday-themed promotional emails capturing, on the new products for the winter season. By making use of compelling CTA (call to action) you can divert mobile customers to the final landing page on the website, this will enhance the overall engagement for the conversion of the lead.

Offer Free Gift with Purchase

The gift offering is the best option that can grow the craze of the eager customers, into buying your products increasing the overall sales graph in the slower winter months. This can be in the form of the gift card that stands to something like offering the customers additional nice incentives to entice customers.

Provide free shipping offers

Reinventing different alternatives in the form of free shipping can boost the sales in holidays extravaganza, as customers would delight at the idea of a good purchase without shipping charges. This will offer a competitive edge over others as the holiday sales will hike altogether. The basic thought of the buyers on an online purchase gets on the discounted product with waived shipping, so removing the shipping charges with getting you the influx of anxious customers willing to buy your products in an instant.

After Holiday sales

The mid of the December month can be great to clear out the sales by targeting online shoppers, with the above sales strategies. Holiday sales come with its own sets of benefits as the stock of the new products are sold sooner and faster with a balanced approach that also helps in clearing the inventory.

Reap The Extra Benefits Of Happy Holiday Extravaganza

The word, holiday trigger a sense of merrymaking at its best that brings a time span to rest, rejoice, revel at the top filled, with a plethora of fun activities that multiplies by the desired shopping. Holiday season comes and pass by but always brings a joy for the sellers and buyers returning profits and delight both ways. Youve got to get started with new ideas and innovative approach to begin your holiday marketing planning in the form of sales and marketing checklist, for the holiday season, to reap the extra benefits of happy holiday extravaganza.

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