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Hustle 101: Networking for Recent Grads

Date post:18-Oct-2014
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Hustle 101

Hustle 101

Networking for Recent College Grads#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsAbout MeCommunity ManagerRecordSetter.com

Co-Founder & PresidentNY Creative Interns

My Post-Grad Story#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsAbout YouNameWhere You Went/Go to SchoolWhat Youre Up to NowYour Summer Goal#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsWhat Well CoverWhat is Hustle?Why Going to Events is ImportantHow to Stand OutFinding Great EventsThe Art of Reaching Out#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsDefining HustleHustle 101: By @EmilyMiethner

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsMeeting People#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHaving Goals and Sharing Them#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsWhat Do You Have to Offer?#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHistory calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy.-Karl Marx#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHow to Stand Out Hustle 101: By @EmilyMiethner

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsMake Business Cards Include basic contact information Try Got Print, Moo Cards, Staples, your local designer, or DIY Be creative. Example: putting a list on the back with 10 people to follow on twitterand making sure the card gets into the hands of those people

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsDo Your Research Know everything about a company and employees when interviewing or at an event Connect with people you meet online and look for commonalities Find little ways to stay on their radar Twitter: retweets, favorites, #FF Blog: Write about them / interview them Email them interesting relevant news / articles

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsLook Great Online You control what people see when they look you up Experiment with lots of platforms, stick to one or two Compare yourself to others in your industry and people you want to exemplify

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsWhy Going Out Is ImportantHustle 101: By @EmilyMiethner

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns80% of Jobs are Filled Before Theyre Posted#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsIt is All About Who You Know This is an exciting opportunity to be ambitious and meet who you want to meet Find a method to keep track of your connections To do lists with follow ups Save email drafts Set Google Cal alerts Lists on Twitter, Facebook, etc

#RecentGradHustle // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns

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