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ISLAM Founder: Muhammad b. 57O - 632 AD (also Mohammed, Mahomet) Islam--"submission" (to...

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  • ISLAM Founder: Muhammad b. 57O - 632 AD (also Mohammed, Mahomet) Islam--"submission" (to God) Practitioners called Muslims (submitters) Sacred Texts: The Qur'an (Koran) The Hadith ("traditions" of Muhammad and early Muslim leaders)
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  • Historical Background 7th Century Arabia Barbarism-warring tribes, settling in Mecca, trade Paganism--Polytheism and Animism--pantheon of gods with Allah, the Moon God and his three daughters at the top, lesser gods, jinn (genies, nature spirits) Month of Fasting in the cult of the moon god
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  • Historical Background Worship at the Kabah ("cube")--square stone temple in Mecca with 36O idols Pilgrimage to Mecca Prayer towards the Kabah in Mecca Superstition
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  • The Life of Muhammad Father dies before birth, "spiritualist" mother Orphaned at 5, shuffled around, raised by uncle Cave exploration Early vision--insides stirred Age 25-4O Marries Khadijah, becomes caravan owner
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  • The Life of Muhammad Age 4O Prophetic call--"The Night of Power" Muhammad's visions--temporal lobe epilepsy? Muhammad's doubt Demon possession? Mental illness? Suicide attempts thwarted by Gabriel
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  • The Life of Muhammad The Satanic Verses: Is it O.K. to worship Allah's 3 daughters? Flight to Medina (Yathrib)--success Caravan Looting and Pillaging Plundering of the Jews Defeat by the Meccans, Muhammad nearly killed at Uhod
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  • The Life of Muhammad Muhammad regroups, rebuilds Treaty with Mecca Conquest of Mecca The Character of Muhammad Charisma, diplomatic skills Social justice concerns
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  • The Character of Muhammad Temper Plunder, assassinations, reprisals, severe punishments Superstition Sexual appetite Zaynab Aesha Attitude towards women Muhammad vs. Jesus
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  • The Five Pillars of Islam 1. The Shahadah: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet." 2. Salat: Prayer towards Mecca 5x a day 3. Zakat (annual charitable tax on net worth) 4. Sawm: Fasting during Ramadan (Month in Muslim calendar)--no eating or drinking 5. Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca (at least once)
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