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WindowsHandy shortcuts and file handling

OutlookCalendaring2Calendar viewView your (shared) calendarsSelect which calendars you want to view

Quick viewNavigate between days or months

Arranging viewsChange to day/week/month view

3Manage your calendarsCreate a new calendarRight click an existing calendarSelect New CalendarSelect folder

Delete an existing calendarRight-click an existing calendar > Delete Calendar

Open / share calendarSee LnL Share info with your colleagues

(Ex. 1)

4Appointments (1)= Scheduled activity

NewHome > New > New Appointment

Double-click or right-click on a (free) timeslot in your calendarSelect a range > right click > New Appointment

Basic informationsubject, location, start time, end time, all day event, body text

5Appointments (2)OptionsShow As: Free/busy informationAccessible information for others without sharing your calendar.

ReminderVisual notification with soundSet the reminder time before the start of the appointment (or meeting)

Recurrencee.g. team meeting every week

(Ex. 2)

6Meetings (1)= Scheduled activity (appointment) with invites to others

CreateHome > New > New MeetingConvert an appointment to a meetingClick Invite Attendees button in appointment window

Response optionsRequest responsesAllow new time proposals

(Ex. 3)

7Meetings (2)When sendMeeting is added to your calendar (as organizer)

Meeting is added to the calendar of your attendees (awaiting response)

Mail invite is send to your attendeesSee topic Respond to meetings

Responses are sent to the organizer (e-mail) if Request Responses is activated

8Respond to meetingsWhen a meeting is sendMail invite is send to every recipient

Possible responsesAccept

Tentative (maybe)

DeclineE-mail with invite is deleted and calendar item is deleted

Propose new timeIs sent to the organizerWhen accepted, all invitees will receive an updated invite requestPossible to auto suggest time

(Ex. 4)

9Edit and update meetingsDouble click an existing meeting

Update information

Send updated inviteA new e-mail with updated information is sent to your invitees.When you change the receipients:Send the update to changed attendees or to all

Cancel a meetingSend Cancellation

(Ex. 5)

10Propose new timeProposal is sent to the organizerWhen accepted, all invitees will receive an updated invite requestPossible to auto-suggest suited timeframe

(Ex. 6)

11Track meeting responsesOpen meeting > view the response pane

Open meeting > Show > Tracking

List of required and optional attendees and their responses

(Ex. 7)

12Scheduled viewWhenView free/busy information from other persons within the collegeSee free timeslots on shared calendars

Add AttendeesType name or select from the address bookSet optional or required

Add start and end time

View availability statusWhen not available -> possible to choose from the sugested times

13Tag and categorize itemsAppointment/meeting > Tags

Make privateYou are the only one who can see the appointment detailsEven if your calendar is sharedOthers can see free/busy info

Categorize Select meeting or appointmentCalendar Tools > Tags > Categorizee.g. vacation, absence, team meetingsSee LnL Outlook Miscellaneous


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