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Marketing Trivia

Date post:25-Feb-2016
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Marketing Trivia. Logos. Slogans. Trivia. General Marketing. Jingles. General Marketing. 2. 3. 1. 4. 5. 6. General Marketing #1. What is a target market?. Who you are trying to sell the product to. $100. General Marketing. General Marketing #2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Marketing Quiz

General Marketing #1General MarketingWhat is a target market?Who you are trying to sell the product to.$100General Marketing #3In the 4 Ps, what does place refer to?General MarketingHow and Where you sell the product$500General Marketing #2General MarketingWhat are the four Ps of marketing?ProductPlacePricePromotion$400General Marketing #4General Marketing

What target is this ad aiming at?Parents$300General Marketing #5General MarketingHow do you calculate profit margin?Sales Price Production Cost$400Slogans #6What company advertises 5 faves in their slogan?Slogans$200T-MobileJingles #7What does every kiss begin with? Sing the jingle. What is the company, and what do they sell?Jingles$200Every Kiss Begins with KayKay JewelersGeneral Marketing #6General MarketingWhat are the two ways to sell a product to a minor?$300Convince the parent its good for the kid, or convince the kid and have them beg for it.JinglesJinglesJinglesJingles

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