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  • 1. Ritz-Carlton Hotel 1
  • 3. INTRODUCTION The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is luxurious, elegant and formal. They provide commendable customer services. Their motto is We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen. Employees have been trained in very precise standards and specification for treating customers. In the past Ritz-Carlton management approach use to be prescriptive and scripted but later on it was expected from the employees how to make guest happy by interaction to more natural, relaxed and authentic.
  • 4. Ritz-Carlton Focus
  • 5. QUESTIONS KEY POINTS1. Case information, Culture at Ritz- Carlton, Culture importance, and drawbacks of Culture.2. Challenges of Changing Culture, and Steps of maintaining new Culture.3. Kind of person happiest & successful, and how new employees learn culture.4. Points of learning for Other Organization about Organizational Environment.
  • 6. Question # 1 The information from this case, describe the culture at The Ritz-Carlton.Why do you think this type of culture might be important to a luxury hotel?What might be the drawbacks of such a culture?
  • 7. AnswerThe culture main focus is on luxury,comfort, style, hospitality and of course thecuisine.The main objective of the hotelmanagement is to give its customers aservice like kings and queens.
  • 8. Ritz Carlton as Organizational CultureCharacteristics Innovation & Risk taking - More Natural, Relaxed and authentic. Attention to detail precise standards and specification. Outcome orientation commendable customer services. People orientation Trainings. Team orientation Trainings of Groups. Aggressiveness Immediate customer services. Stability luxurious, elegant and formal.
  • 9. Importance of this CultureThis type of Culture is important because it hasinfluence on employees and it is associated with highperformance.Believing customer service is a must for a luxury hotelespecially when dealing with customers one of thereason a hotel can be name or rate as luxury is becauseof the service that people receive. It always good to beaddress as sir or madam it shows value to their clientsand hospitality, the way they treat people make itsuperb from the rest, people love attention and thishotel shows it all the way from different level such as bysmiling and treat people with respect warm and caring.
  • 10. Draw Backs of Such CultureThe drawback is the way they detail themselves it like ascripted (A particular system of entertaining) andrecitation (Oral delivery of prepared lessons) and a way itis good to be motivated but to what extent are one willingto go to make customers satisfy. It seems these peopleare playing a role of a robot it is an act and the show mustgo on.Since this kind of organizations culture depends on thecaliber of the leader, so the selection and succession isregarded as a critical variable and much time and effortshould be spend on them. Employees working in this kindof organization culture are reluctant to change and theyrespond to the changing environment by first ignoring thechange. Also this kind or organization culture is veryexpensive.
  • 11. Question # 2 What challenges do you think the company faced in changing the culture? What is The Ritz-Carlton doing to maintain this new culture?
  • 12. AnswerA challenge that may Ritz-Carlton faced ismaintaining and Stronger the Culture of theirSystem and implement the culture to theiremployees with detailed basic of the Culturesystem that Ritz-Carlton have.
  • 13. To Maintaining New Culture Ritz-Carltonmust be doing Planning Ritz Carlton establish appropriate the new culture with constrains decision making in management functions. Organizing Management provide degree of independence for employees. Leading They trained employees for degree of concern for job satisfaction. Controlling They made self-reliance on external or internal control.
  • 14. Question # 3 What kind of person do you think would be happiest and most successful in this culture? How do you think new employees learn the culture?
  • 15. AnswerRitz-Carlton objective is to serve its customers at far above theground and its employees should embed to execute their jobeffectively and efficiently with following qualities: Love to Interaction with Other Peoples. Like to tackle different situations. Have a great personality. Know how to communicate. Know how to entertain or serve the customers. Have quality of innovations. Observing other employees execution towards the guest.
  • 16. Employees that have qualities stated in lastslide can learn with the orientation relatedparticular Organizational goals.
  • 17. FOCUS ON HOW EMPLOYEES LEARNCULTURE Stories: luxurious, elegant and formal. Rituals: Committed to treat its guest like royalty. Material Symbols: Exemplary Customer Services. Language: We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • 18. Question # 4 What could other organizations learn from The Ritz-Carlton about the importance of organizational culture?
  • 19. AnswerThe Other Organization Can learn Manage to make their staff happy. Explorer employees potential. Make environment more flexible. Motivate staff for more effective and efficient performance. Maintain standards while changing the approach. Increased employee satisfaction. In time decisions Importance of customer services
  • 20. Thank You
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