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Roles & Responsibilities of Line Managers

Date post: 13-Jan-2016
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Roles & Responsibilities of Line Managers. Roles we play …. L eader Coacher, Mentor Trainer Counsellor. Staff Supervision. Earlier approaches Forceful Managing people Leading staff. Transformational. Leadership. Transactional. Leadership. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Roles & Responsibilities of Line Managers
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Line Managers

  • Roles we play LeaderCoacher, MentorTrainerCounsellor

  • Staff Supervision ...Earlier approachesForcefulManaging peopleLeading staff


  • Leadership...Ability to influence a group towards achievement of goals

  • Transformational Leader

  • Transactional Leader

  • Manager Vs LeaderAdministrationA CopyMaintainFocus on systemsRelies on controlAsk how and whenAccept the status quoShort range viewInnovationOriginalDevelopFocus on peopleinspires on trustAsk what and whyChallenges the status quoLong range vision

  • LeaderImaginationIntuitionInsight

  • To be an exceptional leaderHumility Competence ApproachabilityDiscipline Conviction

  • To be an exceptional leaderDecisiveness Knowledge Direction Clarity Charisma

  • Coaching,MentoringCoaching is"a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve through a variety of styles, skills and techniques, appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place"Processes that enable individuals to achieve their full potential

  • Mentoring is..."off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking"

    Performance Coaching & MentoringSkills Coaching & MentoringPersonal Coaching & Mentoring

  • TrainerIdentifying T&D needsArrangement of suitable trainingDevelopment plans & strategiesReview plansReinforcementFollow up actionImpact Evaluation

  • BenefitsIncreased job satisfaction Increased employee motivationIncreased efficiencies in processesIncreased innovation Enhanced company imageIncreased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods

  • CounselorCounselingany relationship in which one person is helping another person to better understand and solve some problem

  • People are helped toexpress themselves identify, sort-out, clarify their problem identify non-helpful patterns learn, more helpful coping skills identify and achieve goals

  • Need for counselingAngerAnxietyCodependenceDenialDefensesShame

  • BenefitsImproved communicationOptimum stress levelsDeveloped self esteem/imageOptimum conflict levelsImproved teamwork

  • ResponsibilitiesDeveloping positive attitudes and behaviour Identifying Training and Development needs Maintaining discipline

  • Identifying future potential of employees and career guidance Managing performance and providing performance feedback Identify employee needs and take necessary measuresWorking environmentWelfare facilities Recreational

  • Thank YouNishantha RatnayakeHS/MPPLHR Division - 605